Abby W. Lucas
(Grand Rapids Eagle - 1863)

Died in this city, on the 3rd instance, after a protracted illness of fifteen months, Abby W., wife of Rev. H. Lucas, aged 56 years.
Mrs. Lucas had been a member of the Church of Christ for twenty-nine years; having made a profession of faith in Limington, Me. Afout two years from this time she became connected with the Church in Monument, Mass., of which her husband was then pastor. In 1849, she removed to Michigan, where she has resided until her death. For eleven years she had been a member of the Firs Congregational Church of this city.
She was hoepful of her recovery till a few weeks before her death. But when her physician announced to her that she could not get well, she received the word as calmly as if it had been about the most ordinary event of life. With the greatest composure she set herself about the preparations for her departure, even choosing the pallbearers for her funeral. During the last weeks of her sickness, her thoughts were principally upon Christ. Her trust in Him appeared especially prominent the last days of her life. In the intervals of her extreme bodily suffering she was engaged much of the time in singing and repeating favorite hymns and passages of Scripture which speak of the Savior. Often did she repeat that passage, "But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." On the morning of the day before she died, she sang the hymn to the tune in the Plymouth Collection, "All is Well". The same day when a company of Christian friends around her bedside sang, at her request, the stanza,...........She remarked that "There were angels in the room for she could see them". - her face irradiated with heavenly joy, her powers of speech so palsied by death, only the words, "O my Savior!", could be distinguished. From this her mind sank away into unconsciousness, till she fell into the quiet and peaceful slumber of death.

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