Death of Prominent Pastor
(Article from Grandville Avenue Record, May 2, 1913, Pg. 1)

Rev. Joldersma Passes from Life

His Service

It is with regret and sadness, to those who knew this man in life time that they are called upon to chronicle his departure. Although not unexpected, his long illness had prepared all to hear of his death. Through his death we all lose a valuable man in church work as well as in all the duties of life. He as a man well know, like and respected. His services in the founding of the two churches in this district will stand among his best efforts. The Fifth Reformed church and the Grace Reformed church are object lessons what one man can do. Were they not started when he started them, perhaps there never would have been two such prosperous church societies. Rev. Joldersma was one of the most prominent pastors of the Reformed church in America and his death will not only be felt here, but all over the country. He was the first pastor of the Fifth Reformed church and at that time erected the edifice that now remains on Church street. Later on he was pastor of Grace Reformed church on Caulfield Avenue. During his career he has been frequently called to other prominent churches.

In 1899 he was called to the office of superintendent of the western missions, in which office he served the church at large with telling results.

During his career Rev. Joldersma had also received flattering calls from the Presbyterian church, but he always decided to remain with the Reformed church.

Rev Joldersma was also interested in the Holland U.B.A. home on Fulton street, and last year when the new home was built he received a legacy of $5,000 from one of his old parishioners of Rochester for the home.

The present Trinity church, of which he was the pastor, had grown so large that the congregation decided recently to build a new church edifice. It was of great sorrow to Rev. Joldersma that he could not witness the completion of the new church, and it was with unlimited perseverance that he continued his work, the last Sunday collapsing in the pulpit. He realized the end was near, however, and has his affairs arranged to the minutest detail.

He is survived by a widow and two sons, Dr. R. D. Joldersma of this city and one small son, R. H. Joldersma. His father-in-law Rev. J. Duiker, one of the oldest pastors in the Reformed church, resides in Holland. Three of his brothers-in-law are also pastors in the Reformed church.

The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the Second Reformed church on Bostwick Avenue. Dr. G. J. Kollen of Hope College and Hon. G. J. Diekema officiated.

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