Judge Holmes
Grand Rapids Evening Leader - 18 June 1891

The Funeral of Judge Holmes will be Held This Afternoon

All the forenoon today the old homestead of Judge Holmes on Barclay street was thronged with old friends of the departed jurist who called to pay their last respects and look for the last time upon the face they knew and loved so well. The remains are dressed in black and lie in a rich black broadcloth casket. Upon the familiar face is an expression of content which is almost a smile. The bier is covered with pansy blossoms, interwoven with ivy and the parlor where the body lies is filled with flowers and floral tributes. Conspicuous among them are two large beautiful pieces, a wreath and a gates-ajar of white roses with the words "Police Department", in blue.
The services this afternoon will be at 4 o'clock, with Rev. Dr. Campbell Fair officiating. The honorary pall bearers will be Messrs. T. D. Gilbert, N. L. Avery, Henry Spring, Dr. Shepard, Dr. Wooster, George Allen, Judge Grove and Mayor Uhl. The active bearers will be from the Masonic fraternity, who will conduct the services at the grave.

The Bar Take Action

A largely attended meeting of the Bar association was held in the circuit court room this morning to take appropriate action upon the death of Judge Holmes who had the esteem and respect of the entire legal fraternity. The meeting was called to order by Hon. J. C. Fitzgerald and Judge Grove was invited to preside, while Dwight Goss was chosen secretary. Brief addresses were made by Hon. J. C. Fitzgerald, George P. Wanty, M. H. Walker, H. B. Fallass, W. W. Taylor, Hon. L. D. Norris and Wm J. Stuart, all of a eulogistic nature bespeaking the high regard in which deceased was held. Judge Grove appointed as a committee to drat suitable resolutions: Co. A. T. McReynolds, Hon. E. S. Eggleston, and Hon. L. D. Norris, representing the older members of the bar and George P. Wanty, M. H. Walker, N. A. Earle and Frank B. Hine of the younger members. The committee will meet tomorrow afternoon at Mr. Norris' office to draw up the resolutions and they will be presented in the various city courts and in the supreme court next week upon days that will be named for the purpose.

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