DIED IN BATTLE – Sgt. Charles Cunningham
(Grandville Ave. Record, July 19, 1918 – Pg. 1)

Sergeant Cunningham A Hero

Sgt. Charles Cunningham with the 126th Regiment, over in France has given up his lfe for his country’s cause and one more red star must be added to the city’s service flag. He proved himself a hero in standing off nine Huns being terribly wounded in the fight from which he never recovered.

Word was received at the home of Miss Emma Osinga, 1101 Sheridan avenue of his death on June 3rd.

Preparations were being made to give him a royal welcome as he was expected to recover and a letter just received told that he had been granted a years furlough.

Mr. Cunningham was decorated with the French cross and the first Grand Rapids boy to receive this honor; he had also been recommended for the American cross.

Like others he has been laid away in foreign soil; a wooden cross to replace the American cross now in silence marks his final resting place.

He leaves a mother, Mrs. Augusta Cunningham, and a sister, Mrs. S. Williams residing on Lafayette street.

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