Mrs. Melinda Brown Obituary
(Grand Rapids Eagle - 22 June 1858)

On Friday night last, Mrs. Melinda Brown, wife of Avery Brown, Esq., of Alpine.
The deceased removed from Geneseo, New York, to her late residence, many years since. She was a most devoted wife, a fond mother, a kind neighbor, a true friend, a meek and exemplary Christian. She had been afflicted a long time with a cancerous affliction, and went, not long since, to New York city, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Luce, of this city, and her brother, William Hatch, Esq., of Batavia, New York, through whose liberality she was enabled so to do, for medical treatment. While there, she underwent a most painful, operation, but one which was apparently so entirely successful, that strong hopes were entertained that her system was entirely relieved of the evil under which she had been suffering. But is was a delusive hope. It soon afterward showed it was preying upon her very vitals. Its melancholy result we have seen. Her funeral was attended on Sunday morning by a very large concourse of relatives and friends, from her immediate neighborhood, from this city, and elsewhere. The services were held at Mr. Brown's residence, being conducted by the Rev. Dr. Cuming of this city. She, with her sisters, were among the first fruits of this clergyman's ministry, while he was settled in early life at Rochester, New York. Though upward of a quarter of a century has elapsed since she was received by him into the Church of Christ, and though while she lived in Michigan, she lived at too great a distance to attend the church of her choice, her attachment to it never diminished. Believing that she had embraced "the faith once delivered to the saints," and belonging to the "church as built upon the foundations of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone," she desired not to change her position. During her last hours she experienced intense suffering, but she complained not, being sustained by her religious faith, and gently departing at last, with these words upon her lips, "Thy kingdom, come, Thy will be done."

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