Naval Recruitment Enlistment 26 Apr 1941

Chief Water Tender Oscar Nelson, naval recruitment officer, announced Saturday the enlistment of 13 west Michigan and five Grand Rapids men. The enlistment brought the total number of men signed by the local recruiting office to 304 since last July.

Men enlisted are

Charles T. Brown, 19, Grand Haven, MI

Lewis E. Hyde, 18, 110 Ridgewood St. SE

Russell Kelley, 18, Muskegon, MI

Phillip C. Koob, 24, Ludington Ave.

----- Nelson, 18, Cadillac, MI

Jasper L. Peasley, 19, Manton, MI

Fred M. Allison, 17, North Muskegon, MI

John L. Vandonkelaar, 17, Muskegon, MI

William E. Segar, 17, Muskegon

Willard L. Hawes, 17, White Cloud, MI

Leo M. Everkleeft, 20, 1159 Lafayette Ave. SE

Arend M. DeBruyn, Jr., 18, R#1, Grand Rapids, MI

Richard G. Sheler, 17, 950 Allen Rd. SW

William J. Casey, 18, 924 Dorchester Ave. SW

Ralph S. Osborn, 22, Muskegon, MI

Clarence L. Kurtz, 18, R#4, Muskegon, MI

James E. Bowers, 17, Muskegon, MI

Leroy W. Gannon, 17, Muskegon, MI

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 19 Sep 2005