Furniture City Post No. 258
American Legion, Department of Michigan
427 Houseman Building

The Post Constitution and By-Laws were adopted at the annual meeting
October 11, 1924

There was a financial statement for the part of 1923 through part of 1924.  One of the things that this post did was promote Boxing Shows and Tournaments.  They did well with this enterprise.  Their total receipts for the year 1924 were $6,920.51 and their total disbursements were $,2725.47.  The name of their yearly booklet was "The Log".

1924 Officers

Commander Robert Bennett
Vice-Commander Ray Clark
Adjutant Edward J. Harvey
Finance Officer Hugh McMillan
Sargent-At-Arms Theo A. Lundberg
Historian Glenn Garman




Allen, Roger

Citizens 51-944

463 Houseman Bldg.

Allgier, C. J.

Citizens 63-275

812 Fairview Ave. NE

Annatoyn, E. V.

Citizens 62-617

312 Lyon St. NE

Applegate, George H.

Citiznes 68-386

272 Henry Ave. SE

Avery, Frederick D.

Citizens 68-381

529 Madison Ave. SE

Banister, Lester C.

Citizens 26-466

18 Fuller Ave. SE

Barnhart, D. S.


435 Cherry St. SE

Batts, Harold

Citizens 64-138

126 Madison Ave. SE

Bek, R. J.


848 Sheldon Ave. SE

Belknap, John H.

Citizens 21-198

953 Maxwell Ave.

Benedict, E. R.

Citizens 51-645

253 Lexington Ave. NW

Bennett, Robert H.

Citizens 62-832

444 Pleasant St. SE

Berry, Chas. W.


262 Richards Ave. NW

Blacklock, Hugh N.


26 Fuller Ave. SE

Blickley, Walter


606 Parkwood St. NE

Bonfield, Gordon B.


1251 Sherman St. SE

Booth, Ted

Citizens 22-574

1454 Wilcox Park Drive SE

Borgman, Carroll L.


851 Madison Ave. SE

Bowen, W. A., Jr.

Citizens 51-148

562 College Ave. SE

Bower, J. M.

Citizens 62-845

709 Hawthorne St. NE

Bradfield, Charles Holt

Citizens 34-172

1601 Lyon St. NE

Briggs, Wm M.


Comstock Park, Michigan

Brock, Walter


211 Park St., North Park

Brower, Gerald M.


740 Clancy Ave. NE

Bulkeley, Ralph W.

Citizens 67-415

223 Morris Ave. SE

Burgstahler, albert E.

Citizens 4173

600 Valley Ave. NW

Burson, Earl


1816 College Ave. SE

Bylsma, Gerritt


630 Bates St. SE

Cantile, E. H.


569 Cody Ave. SE

Carstens, R. D., Jr.

Citizens 64-770

202 Michigan St. NE

Caukins, Park J.

Cittizens 22-222

110 Fitzhugh Ave.

Champion, Joseph C.


701 Ionia Ave., NW

Clark, Lynn F.


822 Union Ave. SE

Clark, Melvin J.


635 Cambridge Blvd

Clark, Ray


333 Charles St. SE

Clark, Robert H.


3rd Floor, G. R. Nat'l Bank Bldg.

Collins, James E.


1111 Ionia Ave. SW

Cook, A. J.

Citizens 69-246

Room 713, Y. M. C. A.

Cunningham, F. B.


2045 Wealthy St. SE

Curtis, E. C.

Bell Main-3633

Sparta, Michigan

Curtiss, Chas. L.


940 Lafayette Ave. SE

Dallavo, W. D.


215 Stuyvesant Apt.

Damoth, Arthur F.

Citizens 4301

731 Lafayette Ave. SE

Daniels, Anthony J.


339 Woodmere Ave. SE

Daniels, Thal. Leon


339 Woodmere Ave. SE

DeBoer, George

Citizens 4658

604 Neland Ave. SE

Decker, Clarence E.

Citizens 4201

1425 Bates St. SE

DeHaan, Barney J.


931 Humboldt St.

DeYoung, John H.

Citizens 54-033

848 Broadway Ave.

Dickinson, William Judd

Citizens 68-212

536 Coit Ave. NE

Doerr, L. C.

Citizens 31-069

2245 Francis Ave. SE

Dooge, B. Russell


561 Gladstone Ave. SE

Doyle, Hugh J.


641 Leonard St. NE

Dykema, Martin


245 Ann Street

Dykstra, George


862 Oakland Ave. SW

Eaton, J. M.


645 Coit Ave. NE

Emmons, Fred

Bell Main-2440-J

1135 Powers Ave.

Erhardt, G. J.

Citizens 21-902

862 Calvin Ave. SE

Feland, Caldwell

Citizens 62-895

353 College Ave. SE

Fenn, Edw. L.


531 Glenwood Ave. SE

Forbes, David A.

Citizens 62-463

650 Hawthorne St. NE

Force, Clayton I.


349 Sycamore St. SE

Freeland, Forrest D.


2308 Ferry Park Ave., Detroit, Michigan

Frueh, Fred C.


308 Monroe Ave.

Fuller, Otis L.


900 Cottage Grove SE

Gamble, Gordon R.


529 Fairview Ave. NE

Garman, Glenn G.


1964 Horton Ave. SE

Geldersma, Dewey

Citizens 68-448

33 1/2 S. Division Ave.

Giblin, Patrick H.


731 Oakland SW

Gilbert, W. G.

Citizens 22-704

618 Ethel Ave. SE

Gildersleeve, Don L.

Citizens 67-259

141 Union Ave. NE

Goethel, Herbert O.

Citizens 22-649

900 Calvin Ave. SE

Golden, Alex P.


1020 Bates St. SE

Goldner, Claude L.


965 Cherry St.

Goodspeed, Harrison


575 Madison Ave. SE

Greenfield, Fred


134 Michigan St. NW

Grinnell, Henry L.

Citizens 22-461

315 Rosewood SE

Gross, Jas. W.

Citizens 51-656

1302 Ashland Ave.

Haan, Jacob A.


111 Summer Ave. NW

Hacker, W. D.


1310 Wealthy St.

Hall, A. Vivian


348 Logan St. SE

Hamelehle, Roland


719 Broadway Ave. NW

Hammond, Eugene J.


219 Lane St. NW

Harvey, Edward J.

Citizens 54-974

753 Atwood St. NE

Hasely, Chas. Francis


214 Prospect Ave. SE

Hawkins, Ed. B.

Citizens 22-272

649 Giddings Ave.

Hayes, Terry J.


264 Spencer St. NE

Hebard, Chas E., M. D.

Citizens 72-338

215 Ashton Bldg.

Henry, Dan

Citizens 24-871

455 Lakeside Drive

Herron, Harold C.

Citizens 66-415

554 Crescent St. NE

Heyman, Morris A.


317 Union Ave. SE

Hibbard, John D.


621 Windsor Terrace SE

Hicks, Russell


304 Madison Ave. SE

Hillman, Lemuel S.

Citizens 62-665

330 Fulton E.

Himmler, Carl Wm


293 Rosewood Ave. SE

Hodgins, Louis F.

Citizens 33-435

135 Fair St. SE

Holwerda, Jack


1042 Wealthy St. SE

Holwerda, Peter


720 Delaware St. SE

Hoogerhyde, Jack

Citizens 36-319

914 Oak Hill St. SE

Hoogesteger, Ford

Citizens 66-294

1116 Widdicomb Ave.

Hooker, John


276 Lincoln Ave., Holland, Michigan

Hooton, G. B.


Y. M. C. A.

Horton, Francis W.


243 Wealthy St. SE

Hoxie, Clarence L.


1223 Plainfield Ave. NE

Huizenga, Henry


439 Beacon St. SW

Hull, Wm B.


315 Rosewood Ave.

Hummel, Peter

Citizens 23-577

438 S. Division Ave.

Johnson, Arthur L.

Citizens 36-529

823 Lafayette Ave. SE

Johnson, Arthur W.

Citizens 53-512

123 Earldon Ave. SE

Johnson, Stewart L.


246 N. Division Ave.

Jones, L. B.


342 Page St. NE

Judd, Siegel


10th Floor, Michigan Trust Bldg

Kazinski, Budd F.

Citizens 65-831

938 Arianna St. NW

Kerwin, L. Gerald

Citizens 69-555

229 Calkins Ave. SE

Kirkbride, Joseph E.


22 Buckley St. SW

Knapp, Clifton B.

Citizens 34-110

45 Brown St. SW

Knoll, C. H.

Citizens 4214

627 Valley Ave. NW

Koning, Chas. W.


4228 Second Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla.

Korecki, Walter


1019 Turner Ave. NW

Krombeen, John

Citizens 32-848

1810 Lafayette Ave. SE

Kusterer, Milburn J.

Citizens 69-833

32 Union Ave. SE

Kuyers, Harry D.


American Legion Hospital, Battle Creek

Labinski, Paul G.


882 Innis St. NE

Lawson, H. A.


Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co.

LaHuis, Casper


31 Holland Ave. NE

Leece, Wm T.


223 E. Hill St., Huntington Park, Calif

Leishman, Ben H.

Citizens 65-013

231 Union Ave. SE

Leitch, Earl D.


911 Fairmount St. SE

Lesperance, Edward

Citizens 61-580

110 Grand Ave. NE

Lewis, Harry


32 Lowell Ave.

Leyde, Harold Quin


812 Kalamazoo Ave.

Lockerby, Arnold


F. W. Kramer Motor Co.

Lockhart, Art J.


627 Atwood St. NE

Lockley, Geo. Joseph


346 Hampton Ave. SE

Loftis, Wm H.


1534 Tamarack Ave NW

Lubetsky, Samuel S.


436 Ethel Ave. SE

Luckey, Chester A.


1935 Prospect Ave. SE

Lundberg, Theodore Axel

Bell M-1610

117 Hastings St.

Lundberg, Wm L.


1406 Tamarack Ave.

Lupton, Walter H.

Citizens 33-072

1257 Cass Ave. SE

Macauley, Glenn Powell

Citizens 51-333

1743 Russell Ave. SE

Macauley, H. M.

Citizens 51-333

2314 Francis Ave. SE

MacDonald, Harold


1326 Sherman St.

MacDonald, Wallace L.


504 Sheldon Ave. SE

Macmillan, Hugh

Citizens 54-623

640 Union Ave. SE

MacNeil, Cameron K.


201 Norwood Ave. SE

McGinnis, E. Donald


28 Dale St. NW

McKay, John D.

Bell s-2050

48 Banner St. SW

McNerney, M. C.


Pantlind Hotel

Majchrzak, A. J., Jr.

Citizens 68-985

1226 Fourth St. NW

Markoff, C. P.

Citizens 4258

1050 Calvin Ave. SE

Mazurkiewicz, August E.


249 Valley Ave. SW

Mellema, Ben


1121 Quarry Ave. NW

Merrill, Ralph K.


901 Broadway Ave. NW

Michell, Young A.


1057 Madison Ave. SE

Miller, Earl K.


826 Calvin Ave. SE

Miller, James A.


RFD 1, City

Miller, Sidney A.


610 Ottawa Ave. NW

Mosher, Fred

Citizens 36-726

1038 Jefferson Ave. SE

Mott, Manvil

Citizens 69-040

336 Scribner Ave. NW

Muir, Boyce K.


209 Monroe Ave.

Munro, Leo N.


43 S. Albany St.

Murphy, Francis


66 Ottawa Ave. NW

Newby, Thomas


515 Lafayette Ave. SE

Newkirk, Arthur S.


321 Gunnison Ave.

Noel, Celest J.


Wyoming Park

Nolan, Thos. F.


1022 S. Division Ave.

Northrup, Cecil Arthur


712 Fairview Ave. NE

Oates, Spencer T.


211 Youell Ave. SE

O'Brien, Thomas Francis


4537 Spruce St., W., Philadelphia, Pa

O'Donald, William A.

Citizens 66-195

325 James Ave. SE

O'Donnell, John


2258 Lake Drive SE

Olds, Dewey


146 1/2 Gold Ave. NW

Oudersluys, Neil M.


22 Dale St. NW

Panfil, Stanley Walter


159 Lexington Ave.

Pantlind, Fred Z.


402 Lafayette Ave. SE

Perkins, Ellis V.

Citizens 69-766

1841 Horton Ave. SE

Peterlonis, Victor J.


357 Madison Ave. SE

Pipp, Walter C.


15 Union Ave. SE

Platt, Fred M.

Citizens 64-815

214 E. Fulton St.

Plaat, Peter F.


1025 Sheridan Ave. SW

Plumb, Walter F.


351 Rosewood Ave.

Plunkett, C. P. (Rear Adm-Honorary)


Navy Yard, New York City

Posner, August Carl


917 Ionia Ave. NW

Post, Bert F.

Bell M-3056

254 Diamond Ave. SE

Powell, Delbert A.

Citizens 69-409

756 Morris Ave. SE

Powers, William T.


429 Brainard Ave. NE

Proos, John M.

Citizens 31-059

636 Worden St. SE

Prosser, Thomas J.

Citizens 65-669

317 LaGrave Ave. SE

Radcliffe, Chas. H.

Citizens 67-076

239 Union Ave. SE

Rathbone, A. D., IV

Citizens 21-659

317 Briarwood Ave. SE

Read, John Thomas

Citizens 32-650

1907 Francis Ave. SE

Rief, Paul C.


25 Porter Block

Rivers, Norman Ralph

Bell S-2460

16 Shelby St. SW

Robertson, Gilbert M.

Citizens 21-669

353 Benjamin Ave. SE

Robinson, Ernest A.


237 Washington ST., c-o G. R. Overland

Rose, Charles E.

Citizens 21-109

1612 Sherman ST. SE

Rose, Forrest James


502 Jefferson Ave.

Rounds, Lewis W.

Citizens 63-296

619 Lyon St. SE

Ruoff, Chas. W.


707 Prince St. SE

Rutledge, Fred C.

Citizens 26-717

1111 Sherman St. SE

Ryan, Frank


744 Evergreen

Rybarsyk, Steve


949 Innes St. NE

Ryskamp, Walter

Citizens 36-401

RFD 10, City

Sadon, A. R.


441 Michigan Trust Bldg

Schlientz, William F.

Citizens 22-879

1217 Hope St. SE

Schawe, Rolland H.


R.R. No. 4, Grand Rapids

Schulte, Frank Joseph


109 Gold Ave. NW

See, Howard R.


1207 G. R. Savings Bank Bldg

Seibel, Frank A.


529 Richmond NW

Sewrey, Forbes S.


P. O. Box 342, Omaha, Nebraska

Shannon, Harold Daniel


231 Union Ave. SE

Shireling, John L.

Citizens 53-015

861 Caulfield Ave. SW

Siegel, Arthur L.

Citizens 68-721

124 Monroe Ave.

Simons, E. A.


833 Geneva

Skeels, Rex Richard


415 Brainard St.

Slade, Prentice

Citizens 69-594


Slager, Martin VanBuren

Citizens 23-296

502 S. Prospect Ave.

Smith, Burton McK

Bell So. 1860

30 Home St. SW

Smith, Cleo R.


Kent County Jail

Smith, Darwin O.


1548 Plainfield Ave. NE

Smith, Frank G.


1129 Second St. NW

Smith, Ray N.

Bell So. 94-W

847 Oakdale St.

Smits, Paul A.


900 Scribner Ave. NW

Somes, Dexter

Citizens 36-536

226 Jefferson Ave. SE

Spafford, Ernest Allen


1924 Horton

Stevens, Donald Owen


227 Dickinson St. SW

Stites, Edward L.

Citizens 36-536

123 Fair St. SE

Stone, George L.

Citizens 71-977

Stone-Hoult Furniture Co.

Stuart, Barry


38 Prospect Ave. SE

Sutton, Clifford G.

Citizens 66-755

143 Goldsboro Pl. NE

Swaab, Irving L.


83 Monroe Ave. NW

Swanson, Arnold R.


1023 Michigan Trust Bldg

Swarthout, Donald G.

Citizens 4548

227 Union Ave. SE

Taylor, Clifford R.


Pantlind Hotel

Taylor, Edward F.


823 Dunham St. SE

Thorne, Chase


98 Monroe Ave. NW

Tierney, Harry J.

Citizens 76-731

517 Leonard St. NE

Tomaszewski, Michael A.


349 Lexington Ave.

Trepke, Frank J.


1318 McReynolds Ave. NW

Utley, F. Hugh

Citizens 69-560

213 Antisdel Place, NE

VanderMeer, Sybrand


216 Travis St. NE

VanderVeen, Louis


959 Fairmount St. SE

VanKammen, Isaac J.


368 Benjamin Ave. SE

VanPoortfliet, Thomas V.


1218 Plainfield Ave. NE

VerHulst, Anthony

Citizens 36-687

1249 Jefferson Ave. SE

Vinkemulder, Bert


2121 Towner Ave.

Vinkemulder, H. Blake

Citizens 66-312

623 Windsor Terrace SE

Vinkemulder, R. P.


716 Morris Ave. SE

Vonk, Henry F.

Citizens 32-339

701 Watkins St. SE

Vos, Harold J.


601 Coit Ave. NE

Waters, Tom


College and Fulton St.

Wattell, Louis Edw.


1129 Baldwin St. SE

Whalen, Dr. John M.


354 Sheldon Ave. SE

Wikstrom, Nils O.


232 Hollister Ave.

Wiley, Howard H.


419 Highland Ave. SE

Wilkinson, Geo. S.


221 Calkins Ave. SE

Williams, Gerald W.

Citizens 68-116

431 Lafayette Ave.

Wood, Bruce A.


1535 Plainfield Ave. NE

Wood, Vincent R.

Citizens 22-026

1206 Sherman St. SE

Woodruff, Lee Mackie


322 College Ave. SE

Wosinski, Eddie Ketchel


707 Eleventh St. NW

Wren, Richard H.   1312 Lafayette Ave. SE
Wright, Arthur G.   1645 College Ave. SE
Yardley, W. G. Citizens 26-223 142 Carlton Ave.

Location of Book: Grand Rapids Public Library,  MKG 369 F98

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 01 September 2003