We, the subscribers, comrades of Custer Post, No. 5 of Grand Rapids, Department of Michigan, Grand Army of the Republic, do hereby subscribe to the Rules and Regulations for the government of the Grand Army of the Republic, as revised by the National Encampment, Boston, mass., May 11th and 12th, 1871, and to any revisions or alterations that may hereafter be legally adopted in accordance with the provisions of the present Rules and Regulations; also to such Rules and Regulations or By-Laws, as have been or may hereafter be legally adopted by Custer Post, No. 5, of Grand Rapids Department of Michigan, Grand Army of the Republic, for their government.

Fraternity Charity Loyalty

Officers For 1887

Post Commander Charles W. Atkins

S. V. Commander Freeland Grey

J. V. Commander Milo G. Randall

O. of D. Edward Racine

Chaplain Charles A. Robinson

Adjutant John C. Klyn

Quartermaster Dayton S. Peck

O. of G. Frank Shoemaker

S. M. Charles L. Mowrer

Q. M. S. Patrick Kearney

Senttinel Wm H. Miller



Meetings held the Second and Fourth Thursday Evenings, 66 Pearl Street

Membership 335

Visiting Comrades are Welcome

Commander Alfred M. Apted

S. V. Commander Orrin P. Huntley

J. V. Commander Albert C. Jackman

Adjutant Joseph O. Bellaire

Quartermaster Julius Rathman

Surgeon William A. Wilson

Chaplain Elisha O. Stevens

Officer of the Day Edward Racine

Officer of the Guard Freeland Gray

Sergeant Major Lamont H. Dewey

Q. M. Sergeant Alios Rasch

Sentinel A. L. T. Bush

Drummer Wilber F. Dickerson

Finance Committee Charles P. Collin, J. A. S. Verdier, Walter A. Palmer

Relief Committee Wilson Jones, Charles S. Smith, Thomas Dixon

Cemetery Committee Marshall T. Kennon, Alonzo D. Brooks, Freeland Gray

Committee on Conference W. R. C. George E. Judd, Francis Lalone, Andrew A. Price,
               Peter W. Runnion, George Cook

Social Committee Theodore C. Putnam, William A. Clark, Elisha N. Johnson


Commander Walter A. Palmer

Senior Vice Commander Dr. J. B. Griswold

Junior Vice Commander A. B. Bartlett

Adjutant A. B. Coffinberry

Quartermaster Charles P. Coffin

Surgeon Dr. Erastus H. Cummings

Chaplain Elisha O. Stevens

Officer of the Day James W. Bigelow

Officer of the Guard Thomas H. Peacock

Sergeant Major William B. Bostock

Q. M. Sergeant Edward J. Keats

Sentinel George E. Judd

Outside Sentinel William Tait

Color Bearers H. W. Stevens and P. W. Runions

Drummer Eli Kahler

Finance Committee Alfred M. Apted, Cemper F. Idema, Theo. C. Putman

Relief Committee Wilson Jones, Thomas Dixon, Fred A. Thiebeaud

Cemetery Committee Charles W. Dipple, Joel McLenithan, John E. Cooper

Social Committee Dr. Erastus H. Cummings, Alonzo B. Carrier, George Pringle

Committee on Conference with W. R. C. Elisha H. Johnson, J. A. S. Verdier, Peter W. Runions,

Wm Bierbower, Solon W. Baxter

Committee on Memorial Day George E. Judd, Dr. J. B. Griswold, C. P. Coffin, Wm B. Bostock,

J. O. Bellair

Transcriber: Evelyn Sawyer
Created: 21 June 2002