Civil War Record of Buel(l) Gill
and Kent County Marriage Record of Buell Gill and Mary Zelner

GILL, Buell (w) 24, N. Brownville, b. Ohio; occ. farmer, and Mary ZELNER (w) 19, Gaines, b. Canada.  27 Dec. 1868 at Grand Rapids by Jas. H. Ross, M. E. Church.  Ab'm MERRIFIELD, Grand Rapids, and Charlotte MARTIN, same place, witnesses.  6:36 - 6:50 (2 records) 6:36 - Buell Gill b. N. Brownville, 6:50 - Buell Gill b. Ohio

GILL, Edmund H. (w) 20, Caledonia, and Melissa A. HOLLY (w) 17, Gaines.  16 Feb. 1867 at Eber Moffit's, Kent Co. by Eld. Jasper Moffit, licensed preacher.  M. A. MOFFITT, Caledonia, and Hannah O. MOFFIT, same place, witnesses.  5:147

Buel Gill was born in Trumbull County Ohio, and lived in N. Brownsville Kent County at the time of his enlistment, and later at the time of his marriage.  I know this from the army records (see page 1 of attached Army Record for Buel Gill).  I'd like to donate this information to the site, with my contact information attached, in hopes that somewhere someone down the line might be researching these gentlemen and contact me.  How can I do this?

Contributor: Darlene Rabe-Kerr
Created: 5 April 2011