The Fifth Michigan Cavalry was raised under authority given by the War Department of Colonel Joseph T. Copeland of the First Michigan Cavalry with the sanction of the Governor. Its rendezvous was at Detroit and was mustered into the service of the United States, August 30, 1862. It left it rendezvous on the fourth of December, 1862 with orders to proceed to Washington, having a strength of eleven hundred forty four officers and men.

It ha been subjected to a long delay in procuring arms and equipments, and finally had to leave only partly armed, but fully equipped, mounted and clothed.

A battery of light artillery was raised in connection with this regiment, classed as the Ninth Michigan, originally known as "Daniels", but was afterwards designed as Battery I, First Michigan Light Artillery.

This regiment carried on its rolls during its service 1998 officers and men. Its casualties in 1863 were twenty three died in action, thirty nine wounded in action, forty died of disease with one hundred missing, mostly taken prisoners. In 1864, seventy six died in actions or of wounds, one hundred seventeen wounded in action, thirty three six died of disease, fourteen missing in action and one hundred ninety four taken prisoners.

This command was ordered west with the Seventh Michigan Cavalry to report at Fort Leavenworth and was mustered out there June 22, 1865, reporting at Detroit eight days later for discharge and disbanded at once.

Lieut. Beckwith William G. B Died 3/25/18 S. O. H. B-38
Corporal Blackford Martin B      
Sergeant Hall Elias B Died Fulton St. 12-14
Private Parish Philetus C      
Lieut. Rogers Hanson H. B Died 10/25/94 S. O. H. K-74
Private Van Berg Charles B      
Private Wines Henry S. L      

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Created: 7 February 2007