The Third Michigan Cavalry was organized under Colonel Francis W. Kellogg at Grand Rapids, left the rendezvous, November 28, 1861 with 1163 officers and men for St. Louis, Missouri. During the first year of its service, the regiment lost one hundred four men by disease, seven on the field, forty five wounded and fifty nine prisoners. During the same period, it captured three Lieut. Colonels, three majors, thirteen captains, nineteen lieutenants and twelve hundred forty nine privates. The year, 1863 was a year of continued duty for this command. During 1864 & 5, it garrisoned at Brownsville, scouted along the line of the Memphis & Little Rock railroad, foraged in the vicinity. At Brownsville, the regiment erected complete winter quarters and stables so neat that they attracted so much attention as to result in a change of its name from "Brownsville Station" to Michigan City". Only three percent were on the sick list. In the spring of 1865, it went by the way of New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama and after the surrender of the latter place, it was employed on outpost duty until the end of the war, scouting about the southwest for about a year when it was ordered home where on March 10, 1866, it disbanded at Jackson, Mich.

Private Beebe David R. F      
  Bowler Morris H      
  Bragg Elmour E      
Captain Cantine William W. B Died 1902 Alliance, Ohio  
Private Chase William A. F      
Corporal Collins Martin J. L      
Captain Dickenson William H. L      
Quartermaster 1st.Bn. Douglas Chauncey C.        
Sergeant Dobson Thomas H      
Private Dole Samuel E. H      
Major Foote Obed H.   Died 6/2/70 Fulton St. 5-14
Corporal Haynes George I      
Quartermaster 3rd.Bn. Hopkins Mortimer L.        
Wagoner House Ansel C. B      
Ferrier James Henry I      
Adjutant Jennie Lansing K.        
Quartermaster 2nd.Bn. Jewell Henry        
Private Kenney James F      
Private Mann John J. Band      
  Mills Edgar W. M      
  Moll Cornelius F      
Private Porter John E. Band Died 2/8/98 Hillsdale, Mich.  
  Potter Wallace E      
Private Rapalye Erastus Band      
Sergeant Roberts Richard H Died 3/29/00 Oakwood (Saginaw)  
Lieut. & Quartermaster Yates Adrian   Died Greenwood B-23

Transcriber: Allison Rapson
Created: 7 February 2007