The Second Michigan Cavalry was organized by Colonel Francis W. Kellogg of Grand Rapids, then a member of Congress, authority being given him by the Secretary of War, subject to the approval of the Governor of the State. The regiment was rendezvoused at Grand Rapids. Its recruitment was completed October 2, 1861, having on its muster rolls, one thousand one hundred and sixty three officers and men.

This regiment left its rendezvous, in command of Lieutenant Colonel William C. Davis of Detroit, on November 14, 1861, taking the route to St. Louis, Missouri, and on its arrival was stationed at Benton barracks, where Gordon Granger, then a captain in the U. S. army, who had been commissioned a colonel, took command. Soon after it joined the army under General Pope taking part in the operations at and about New Madrid and Island Number Ten, having skirmishes with the enemy at Point Pleasant, March 9 and at Tipton, the same month. It was actively engaged in the investment of the island, which finally led to its surrender.

After the capture of the island, it moved with the army under Pope to Farmington, Mississippi, and being in the advance, it met the rebels at Pine Hill, May 2nd and at Monterey ob the third, and at Farmington on the fifth.

During the siege of Corinth, it was engaged in scouting and picket duty in that vicinity and in the surrounding country, accomplishing much hard service.

Colonel Granger having been promoted a Brigadier general, Captain Philip H. Sheridan who charge at once and was soon in the saddle, engaged in spirited fight at Boonville, on of the brightest minor battles of the war.

On the fourth of March, 1864, the regiment arrived at Calhoun and at Cleveland on the 12th. In the 29th of March, 326 of the regiment re0enlisted and were mustered in as veteran volunteers. On April 14, these veterans left Cleveland for Michigan and at arrival at Jackson were furloughed for thirty days.

The regiment was mustered out a Macon, Georgia on August 17, 1865 and discharged at Jackson on the twenty sixth, it having took part in seventy general engagements.

Corporal Arnold George L. E      
Private Arnold Joseph B. C      
Sergeant Austin Nelson F. C      
Private Averill George B. F      
Sergeant Averill Henry F      
Major Babcock Charles P.   Died Fulton St. 6-35
CORPORAL Barber Levi C      
Private Barnard Martin W. F      
  Bailey William A      
Lieut. Beach Valentine E Died Canonsburg (Kent)  
Sergeant Beeman Joel S. F      
Private Blanding Charles D. D      
Sergeant Bolton Francis B      
Private Briggs Barney W. C Died Rockford (Mich)  
  Briggs Samuel H. H      
Farrier Brooks Samuel N. H      
Lieut. Brown Thomas A. C      
Private Brown William C Died Grandville, Mich.  
  Butler Edward F      
Corporal Carlisle Martin V. F      
Private Chamberlain Frank F      
Corporal Chapin Thales I. F      
Private Chase Edgar B. F Died Casnovia Cem.  
  Cheesbro William J. F      
  Cook John C. F      
Lieut. Corlis John S. D      
Private Davies Marion D      
  De Graw Osborn F      
  DePuey Theodore J. D      
  Dingman Kenzie E      
Corporal Dixon Thomas F Died 10/8/16 S. O. H. E 15
Chaplain Drew Francis   " Fulton St. 1 9
Private Dunham Charles C      
Captain Dickenson Simon W. E      
Corporal Edmonds John D. E      
Lieut. Fenton Lewis K. E      
Bugler Finch Anson E      
Sergeant Finney Jacob J. F      
Private Fox Erastus J. F      
Ferrier French Andrew J. C      
Private Gardner Julius F Died Greenwood (Sparta.)  
Sergeant Gill Buel C      
Veterinary Surg. Godley Elder        
Private Goodman Samuel D      
Captain Gordon Alphonso E. D      
Lieut. & ADJT. Gould Henry L.        
Corporal Grant Alfred C Died M.S.H. 7-18-2
Private Haas Benjamin F. C      
  Hadden James H. C      
Veterinary Surg. Haight Peter        
Sergeant Hall Seymour N. F      
Private Harrington Nathaniel C. F      
Ferrier Harrison William H. E      
Private Hawkins William D      
  Heaton James F      
Surgeon Henderson Charles S.   Died 1/16/84 Fulton St. 1-30
Private Henshaw Charles J. C      
Hospital Steward Henshaw Henry H. C      
Private Herren David E      
  Hildreth William C. I Died Grandville, Mich.  
  Hogan Michael K      
  Horning William G. F      
Corporal Howard George D      
Adjutant Hoyt Edwin A.   Died 9/3/99 S. O. H. P 60
Private Huntley Jonathan C      
Private Irons Henry D Died Oakwood (Lowell)  


Sergeant Irwin David D " Boynton (Byron)  
Sergeant Jackson Edwin H. D      
Corporal Johnson Samuel D      
Lieut. Jones Abraham I      
Private Justin George F      
Private Knickerbocker Decatur E      
  Knight Henry F      
Sergeant Lemoreaux Joseph W. F      
Lieut. & Adjt. Lee George   Died 10/29/67 New Orleans, La.  
Corporal Lewis George R. F      
Private Light William W. I      
Bugler Loomis John H. F      
Corporal Lovell Nathan E      
Liuet. Lyon Darwin B. D Died 8/5/62 Fulton St. 2-6
Regimental Q.M.Serg. Martin William B.        
Sergeant Mason William R. F Died Mason Cem. (Kent)  
Lieut. Mc Cray Steward B. D      
Private Mc Cullough James M. F      
Corporal Mc Daniel William B. E      
  Mc Intyre Uriel B. C      
Private Mc Lain David C. D      
  Mc Namara Patrick C      
Ferrier Mc Naughton Alexander E Died Finley Cem. (Kent)  
Sergeant Mc Naughton John J. D " Bowne Cem. "  
Lieut. Miller Shirk F      
Corporal Moody Watson D. E      
  Morey Alonzo M      
  Myers Andrew P. D      
Private Nash Daniel L. D      
Bugler Nichols William M. C      
Private Ohler Jacob B      
Corporal Pardee Wayne F. W. D Died Bowne Cem. (Kent  
  Parker Ezekiel D      
Captain Peck Arvine F      
Private Peck Horace F      
  Peck Mander W. F Died Pine Hill (Kent)  
  Peck Munson F.        
Sergeant Peck Philo T. F Died River Bend (Kent)  
  Perkins Francis M. F      
Private Philo Fitch F      
  Pickett Lucius W. E      
  Pickett Minor E      
  Post Joseph E      
Corporal Post Lansing E      
Sergeant Post Philip E
Private Post William E Died 12/2/98 Rockford, Mich.  
  Powers Michael H. F " M. S. H. 4-11-31
  Preston Samuel C. C      
Private Rassic William H. F      
Lieut. Rathbun Hugo B. D Died Fulton St. 6-20
Private Reinshagen John C " Rockford, Mich  
Saddler Richards Luther L      
Private Rosegrant Edward C      
Lieut. Ross Duncan D Died Bowne, (Kent)  
Private Rowe William E. M " Fulton St. 9-37
Private Sabin James E. F      
  Sailors Alexander C      
Corporal Sawyer Joseph B. I      
Captain Schuler Peter S. H      
Major Scranton Leonidias S.   Died 10/5/89 S. O. H. K-98
Private Shaw Eugene T. D      
Bugler Skinner Frank F      
Private Skinner Lafayette E      
  Sleight George D. C Died M. S. H. 7-20-2
  Smith Charles T. F      
  Smith Jacob        
  Smith Ozro J. C      
  Snider Paul F      
  Snyder John K      
Lieut. Snyder John G. C Died    
Private Sours William P. H      
  Spaulding Isaiah C Died Courtland (Kent)  
  Stinson Washington L. F      
Lieut. Tenney William F      
Private Thompson James M. D      
Corporal Thurston John F      
Private Tibett Hiram H      
  Totten Samuel C. C      
  Trill David P. C      
  Tubbs Kenneth W. F      
  Tuttle Abram S. F      
Private Utter William D      
Private Van Amburg Eugene D      
Corporal Van Lieu William F      
Private Van Valkenberg Daniel W. C      
Hospital Steward Watkins Orestus        
Sergeant Wason John C      
Adjutant Weber Peter A.   Killed 7/14/63 Falling Waters  
Sergeant Wells Daniel D      
Private Wells Daniel G. C      
  Welsh John F      
  Wendover Henry F Died Oakwood (Lowell)  
  Westerhouse Henry H      
  Wheeler William W. F Died Pine Grove (Kent)  
Lieut. & Adjt. Whipple Henry C.        
Regimental Q.M.Serg. White Robert A.        
Ferrier Whitney George B. H      
Private Williams Daniel B      
  Williams Reuben M Died Pine Grove (Kent)  
Bugler Wilson Charles G. F      
Private Wilson Merritt F      
  Wilson William M      
Corporal Winegar Burdick M. F Died Oakwood (Lowell)  
Private Winters David M. C " Ada Cem. (Kent)  
  Winters John M. C " S. O. H. E-12
  Wood Clayton C. C      
Sergeant Wood George D. F      
Private Wood Leonard C      
  Wyman John K. C      
Private Young Truman E      

Transcriber: Allison Rapson
Created: 7 February 2007