The Twenty First Michigan Infantry was organized at Ionia, leaving September 12, 1862 for Cincinnati, Ohio under Colonel Ambrose A. Stevens. The muster roll contained one thousand and eight names of me and officers, the entire regiment participated in the battle at Perryville, October 8, 1862, in which it lost one killed, twenty three wounded and three taken prisoners.

The command reached Nashville, November 10, 1862, remaining at the place until the further advance of General Rosecran’s army of Murfreesboro. Sone River sustaining a loss of seventeen killed, eighty five wounded and thirty seven missing, a total of one hundred thirty nine. The regiment remained at Nurfreesboro being used as picket and guard duty for forage trains until July 24 when it advanced on Tullahoma. During August, it was stationed at Cowan and Anderson Station, on the Nashville and Cumberland railroad. Subsequently it occupied Bridgeport under General Lyttle, who commanded the brigade to which the Twenty first was attached. On September 2, the regiment crossed the Tennessee and advanced with the corps of Major General Mc Cook to Trenton, Georgia from whence it crossed the mountains to Alpine, thirty miles from Rome, thence mad a forced march toward Chattanooga, between the mountain ranges, coming into line of battle of Chickamaugia, September 19. On the day following, it participated in the Chickamaugia battle sustaining a loss of one hundred seven. After this battle the command moved into Chattanooga and was attached to the First Michigan Engineers and Mechanics under General Isreal Smith. During the year 1863, the losses were two hundred twenty one.

Up to June 11, 1864, the regiment labored with the Engineer corps near Chattanooga. September 27, it resumed the duties of an infantry brigade, serving with Rosseau in pursuit of the rebel General Forrest.

The Twenty First Michigan closed its service in North Carolina, March, 19, 1865 returned to Michigan and was disbanded at Detroit, June 22, 1865.

Private Alconback Daniel C. B      
  Alden John S. B Died 1/20/90 Hastings, Mich.  
  Aldrich DeWitt B      
  Aldrich Hiram P. B      
  Anderson Thomas B      
Private Bailey John L. E      
  Bailey William L. E Died 7/24/01 Greenwood C-12
  Bannister Holton G. E      
Captain Barr Albert E. B      
Corporal Barry Edward B      
Private Beach William I      
Corporal Beardsley William L. H      
Private Beede Franklin H Died Garfield C-233
Captain Belknap Charles E. H " Greenwood E-61
Corporal Bennett Sherman O. B " 8/19/63 Louisville, KY  
Colonel –Lieut. Bishop Loomis K.   " 10/13/24 N.O.H. 8-97
Sergeant Blanchard Charles D. G      
Private Blanchard Walter D. H      
  Blood Oscar T. G      
  Brackett Albert B      
  Bradford Leonard J. E      
  Bradley William F      
  Brainard Reuben W. H Died 11/18/13 Garfield C-125
Lieut. Bright Benjamin D. E      
Corporal Brink Loren H      
Private Brooks Thomas H Died Wayland, Mich.  
Corporal Brown Joseph E      
Private Buckley Lewis I      
  Burgess Cyrus M. H      
  Burroughs Sanford E      
Wagoner Bullen Francis W. G      
Private Campbell William L. F      
Sergeant Carlton Robert B Died Oak Grove 2-33
Private Carlton William T. H      
  Carpenter Chauncy B. E Died Fulton 8-18
  Carroll Joseph B " S. O. H. B-41
Corporal Carey William E      
Captain Cavanaugh James B      
Private Chamberlain John H. A      
Sergeant Chase James S. H      
Major Chase Seymour        
Private Chester Elijah B      
  Christiansen John H Died 5/19/06 N. O. H. 10-47
Corporal Church Lucius E. H      
Sergeant Clackman Joseph H. H      
Corporal Clark Albert B. B      
Private Clark Addison E      
Sergeant Cleveland John B Died Bailey, Mich.  
Private Clyde Elias E      
Sergeant Congdon Warren H. H      
Private Cooley John N. B      
  Crakes George S. I      
Private Crammer John E      
  Crawford Thomas F      
  Curtis Charles H. I      
Private Davis George W. B      
  Davis Truman C      
Sergeant Dawson Herman B Died Oakwood (Lowell)  
Private Dean Prouty J. H      
  Dennis William H. D      
  Dennison Marshall E. B      
Sergeant Deyo William E      
Corporal Douglas Robert H      
Private Dunevan John G. H      
Lieut. Dunham Edward E      
Captain Eaton Charles W. A Died Fulton 1-23
Private Edmonds Benjamin F      
Private Fairchilds Eleazer B      
  Fairchilds Horace E      
  Finney James H. B      
  Fitch Dwight C. H Died 2/27/04 Greenwood Q-57
Lieut. Foote Allen R. B      
Major Fox Benton D.        
Private Fox Thomas E. E Died 5/19/95 Dayton, Ohio  
  Fuller Bethuel W. H " 5/15/95 N. O. H. 7-104
  Fuller George H      
Private Gibson Charles R. B      
  Gibson William I      
  Glann John B      
  Gould Nathaniel F      
Private Hall Oscar H Died 3/23/13 Greenwood C-42
  Hall Sylvanius C. D " 12/15/62 Nashville, Tenn.  
  Hardy Benjamin C B      
  Havens Nathaniel D      
Private Heisel Joseph E      
  Hemmingway Gabriel F      
  Hemmingway Moses S. D      
  Hoffman Hugh I      
  Houchfalen Francis H      
Corporal Hunt Willard E      
Corporal Jaqua Nelson H      
Musician Jeffords Mortimer L. B Died S. O. H. J-104
Private Johnson Dwight H " Middleville, Mich.  
Sergeant Johnson Ezra D. B      
Private Johnson Horace I      
  Johnson William H      
  Jones Charles W. H      
Corporal Jones William H. H Died 1/10/27 S. O. H. B-42
Private Kent Albert E      
  Keser Joseph E      
Sergeant Kingsvury Gaius P. B      
Private Kingin Olivr T. H Died Chapel Cem. (Kent)  
  Kremer Russell H      
Private LaBarge Benjamin E      
  LaBarge Stephen E. B Died Martin Cem. (Kent)  
  LaBarge William B      
Sergeant Lampman James H      
Private Lockwood Stephen F      
  Loomis Alvin C. H      
  Lovejoy Benjamin F. E      
Lieut. Lyon Sandford A Died N.O.H. 10-104
Private Lyon William A. B      
Private Manker Henry I Died Bowne (Kent)  
  Mapes Jesse E      
  Mapes Thomas J. B      
  Marsh Philetus S. E      
  Martin James H. B Died Martin Cem (Kent)  
  Mc Connell John S. E      
  Mc Donald Andrew B      
  Mc Ewan Patrick B      
  Mc Kenney William H. H Died Winegar Cem (Kent)  
  Mc Lane David C. E      
  Mc Lane John H. E      
  Mc Namara James A      
  Mc Namara Martin D Died St. Andrews 2-37-6
Private Mead Edward I Died Dutton, Mich.  
Sergeant Medler Charles S. H      
Private Morgan Walter A. F Died Ashley Cem. (Kent)  
Corporal Morris Roy T. B      
Private Mouton James C      
Corporal Murphy Michael H      
Private Newman John W. E Died Whitneyville Cem.  
  Newson Horace S. E      
  Newson William A. E      
Corporal Nichols Henry C. F Died Chapel Cem. (Kent)  
Private Nippress William H. I      
  Nixon Walter M. B Died Englishville (Kent)  
Private O’Brien Thomas F      
  Ohler Adam H      
Private Palmer Alexander A. H Died Winegar Cem. (Kent)  
Corporal Palmer George F. B      
Private Palmer Mortimer L. H      
  Palmer Waldo W. H      
  Parker Charles F. I      
Corporal Patterson Addison L. E      
Private Patterson James M. B      
  Parrott Clement B      
  Peakes Samuel L. E      
  Pecks Devastus A      
Assist. Surg. Perry Charles R.        
Private Pile John F. B      
  Playter George K. A Died Idlewild Cem. (Kent)  
  Plumb John   " E. Nelson " "  
Sergeant Porter Sabine E      
Private Potter Benjamin F. B Died 3/12/92 Fulton St. 6-19
  Potter Joseph C. E " Fairplains J-11
Captain Prince Arthur C. E " Greenwood I-37
Private Randall Milo G. B Died Fulton St. 1-26
Corporal Reed Gibson D. B      
  Reed Lyman H. B      
  Reed Thomas E. B      
  Richards Francis B Died N. O. H. 10-161
  Robbins George E      
Corporal Rolf Alva A. B Died Oakwood Cem. (Lowell)  
  Robinson Edgar C. I " Cascade Mich.  
Private Robinson Nathan C. K      
Private Robinson Rufus I      
Captain Robinson Rupert R. C      
Private Rouse Samuel E      
Sergeant Roys John E. H      
Private Sabien James O. F      
Lieut. Sage David B. H Died Rockford, Mich.  
Private Sawyer Charles F. B      
  Sayles Alonzo W. I      
  Schoffer Theodore B      
  Scott Mellon J. H      
  Scranton Albert H. H      
Lieut. Sears Charles F. H      
Private Shaddock Horton H      
Wagoner Shaw John C. I      
  Shepherd Lawrence B. F Died Ashley Cem. (Kent)  
Private Shepherd Warren B      
  Smith Alva J. B      
Captain Smith Edgar W. D Died 10/16/63 Chattanooga, Tenn.  
Drummer Smith Louis S. E      
Private Smith Peter K. E      
  Smith Phillip F      
  Smith Walter C. D      
Sergeant Sneaden Herman W. E      
Corporal Starke Myron I      
Private Steadman Devillo B      
  Steadman Joseph B Died Englishville (Kent)  
  Stebbens Andrew J. B " 6/10/07 Greenwood I-19
Corporal Stekettee Peter H " N. O. K. 1-30
  Stephenson George I      
Private Stevens Nathan B. F      
  Stow Christopher E      
Private Taylor Edward L. H      
  Taylor George E. B      
Sergeant Thomas John M. H      
Private Thomas William H. H Died Cannonsburg (Kent)  
  Topping Charles T. B      
Captain Turner Alfred B. E Died 1/9/93 Greenwood K-30
Private Van Stein James I      
Private Wakeman Clark W. F Died Ashley Cem. (Kent)  
  Walling Charles W. H      
Wagoner Washborn James H Died Cascade Cem. (Kent)  
Corporal Webster Hiram E      
Private Welch Andrew E      
  Wheeler Joseph G. E      
Sergeant Whipple Alfred I      
Private Whipple William B. D      
  Whitbeck Benjamin D Died Sand Lake Cem. (Kent)  
Corporal Widdicomb Henry E      
Drum Major Wilcox Lewis E.        
Private Wileman Frederick S. D Died N. O. H. 10-186
  Williams George W. E Died Alaska Cem. (Kent)  
Lieut. Wilson Robert I      
Private Wilson Solomon F      
  Winegarden Isaac B. B      
  Wood Pomeroy H      
Private Zeizenfuss David J. F Died Chapel Cem. (Kent)  

Transcriber: Allison Rapson
Created: 7 February 2007