Owing to their being Fourteen Batteries in this regiment, Kent County furnished some for all but principally for "B", "C", and "13", reference herein made:

Battery "B" was organized at Grand Rapids and was raised with the Second Michigan Cavalry, but did not go to the field with it. It was mustered into service of the United States on November 26, 1861 with one hundred ten officers and men.

It left the State for the filed in command of Captain Rose on the seventeenth of December, 1861, clothed and mounted, but without guns. This battery first met the enemy in the battle of Pittsburg Landing, April 6, 1862, where it became heavily engaged doing efficient work, but after a severe struggle, being attacked repeatedly by an overwhelming force, it was cut off from its infantry support, losing four guns with fifty two officers and men prisoners in the hands of the enemy. That portion, which escaped, formed with a Missouri Battery for a short period until organized in Nov. 1862. The officers and men made prisoners were exchanged, reorganized at Detroit, left for Kentucky, December 25, 1862.

During the first two months of 1863, served in Tennessee and Mississippi, where that portion which was attached to the First Missouri Artillery in 1862, joined it. During the remainder of the year, it was stationed at Bethel and Corinth.

In 1764, it participated in the action at Rome, October 26th; it rendered good service at Cave Springs, Georgia. During the year it lost eleven men by disease and five wounded. This battery participated in the battles of Turkey Ridge, Ala., Griswold, Ogechee, Savannah, June 14, 1865 it reported at Detroit an was disbanded.

Battery "C" was also organized at Grand Rapids in connection with the Third Michigan Cavalry but did not take the field with it. It was mustered into the service of the United States on November 28, 1861 with a strength of one hundred and nine officers and men, leaving December 17, 1861 in command of Captain Dees for the field of the western army. It took part in the siege of Corinth and the battle of Iuka, losing that year, one man killed, thirteen died and three prisoners. It marched from Corinth, Mississippi, Nov. 2, 1862, camping at Grand Junction of the Fourth and the eleventh marched to Davis Mill on the 29th., on section engaged the enemy at Lumpkins Mills, disabling two of the rebel guns and with the cavalry brigade, forced the enemy into their earthworks at Tallahatchie December 11, the battery was encamped at Oxford City, Mississippi; proceeded to LaGrange and returned to Corinth, January 7-1863 where it was stationed until May 15. The other section accompanied General Dodge on an expedition in Alabama, engaging the enemy cavalry at Town Creek, returning to Corinth on May 2nd. On May 15th, the entire battery proceeded to Memphis, Tennessee, where it formed part of the garrison until October 18, when it marched to Iuka and was there stationed. During 1864, this battery took part in the movement in Atlanta. From May 31, 1862 to March 21, 1865 it participated in nineteen battles. After three years of useful service it was mustered out at Detroit, June 22, 1865.

Battery "13" was organized at Grand Rapids and was mustered into the service of the United States on the twenty eighth of January, 1864, with one hundred sixty officers and men on its rolls. It left Grand Rapids February 3rd. arriving Washington, D. C. on the 7th. It went into camp near Washington, D.C. where it was employed in perfecting itself in drill until the fourteenth of May when it was ordered to Fort Slemmer, D.C. During the remainder of the year, it was stationed at this fort and in fortification into neighborhood of Washington. July 11th. And twelfth of July 1864, it assisted in the defense of Fort Stevens against the attack of General Early’s forces.

On the first of November 1864, it was stationed in the fortifications of Washington being attached to Harden’s division and was doing garrison duty in Maryland, assisting the thirteenth N. Y. Cavalry in suppressing guerillas and otherwise maintaining peace in that section.

After the assassination of President Lincoln, it scoured the country in quest of conspirators and succeeded in capturing Judd and Arnold. Subsequently the battery was dismounted and placed on garrison duty at Fort Reno which post it evacuated by order of June 19th. Left for Jackson where it arrived for muster out, paid off and disbanded.

It had upon its rolls during its term of office, two hundred and fifty seven men and officers, losing thirteen by disease.

Private Amiot Joseph E      
  Annis De Forrest S. F      
Private Barber William O. E Died Lakeside (Kent.  
  Barnes Lewis H. 13      
  Beasley Thomas D. C      
  Beckley Everette A. E      
  Bigelow Levi H. E      
  Biggs William L      
  Boyer John E      
Private Casewell John S. G      
  Chamberlain Felix 13      
  Chamberlain Jabez 13      
  Champion James D. G      
Lieut. Chenney William J. E      
Private Chilson Newman I      
  Cole Benjamin R. E      
  Collison Almon E. E      
  Crowley Jeremiah G      
  Curtis Sylvester B      
Lieut. Dean Frederick J. 13      
Private De Vries De Vries E      
Major Ely John J.   Died 12/1/08 Fulton St. 4-10
Private Fenton Samuel A      
Sergeant Frink Charles W. E      
Corporal Hilton Henry E      
Private Holmes Andrew E      
  Holt Charles F. E Died Cascade (Kent  
  House William H. K      
  Hughes Joseph E. E      
Lieut. Jewett George D. 13      
Private Johnson Joseph B      
Private Kelsey Thoron A. E      
  Kerr James I      
Private Lewis Jacob E      
  Lewis James E Died Snow Cem. (Kent.  
  Lewis John E " Fulton St. 9--3
  Lowry Samuel B. E      
Private Marham Bradley L      
  Mc Connell Daniels W. D Died Greenwood (Sparta  
  Miller John C      
  Mills Silas 13      
Private Page James L      
  Pickard Lorenzo D. 13      
  Pierce Warren H. B      
  Porter Curtis B      
Private Quigley Joseph M. E Died S. O. H. M-14
Private Replogle Abraham 13      
  Replogle Henry 13      
  Richmond Albert A. 13      
  Roberts William H. 13      
  Robertson Charles B      
  Rounds Joseph B      
  Rouse William H. B      
Private Shepherd James O. 13      
  Simmons Henry B      
Corporal Smith William E      
Private Sours Edward S. I      
  Sours Lawrence I      
  Steadman Benjamin F. I      
  Stillwell Cyrus E      
  Stoddard George S. A      
  Stone Alfred W. E      
  Stowers Ashley P. L      
  Stowers Wesley L      
Private Tallman Levi P. D      
  Tann Andrew J. G      
  Tenney James A. E      
  Thompson William C      
  Totten Samuel C. 13      
  Towers Erastus W. 13 Died S. O. H. N-51
Corporal Uppinear James E      
Private Verstay Charles E Died N. O. H. 4-122
  Verstay Cornelius E      
  Verstay Ira E Died S. O. H. E-12
Private Wallace William C      
  Webber John P. E      
Corporal Webster Horatio E      
Private Wheeler John R. E      
  Whitford Rufus B      
  Whitney Solomon E      
  Wilkinson Almon C. A      
  Williams Levi L. C      
  Wilson Madison H. K Died Sand Lake (Kent  
  Wise David L      
  Wood George A. B      
  Wyle Henry H. A Died Idlewild (Kent  
  Wyman Orsinus 13      

Transcriber: Allison Rapson
Created: 7 February 2007