The Sixteenth Michigan Infantry, originally known as Stocktonís Independent Regiment was organized at Camp Backus, Detroit, by Colonel Thomas B. W. Stockton of Flint, under direct authority from the Secretary of War and took the field as such, the officers for sometime being without commissions, but finally, in order to make their status legal, it was found necessary to have commissions from the State of Michigan for them which they received. Numerical designation of the regiment was given at the same time.

The regiment in command of Colonel Stockton left for the field in Virginia on the sixteenth of September 1861 with a total of seven hundred sixty one men on its rolls.

In February 1862, a company was mustered into service at Detroit with Kin S. Dygert as Captain, known as Dygertís Sharpshooters, which was designated on the rolls and records as the First Independent Company, attached to the Sixteenth, serving with the regiment until the close of the war.

The Sixteenth encamped at Hallís Hill, Virginia during the winter of 1861-2 and in command of Colonel Stockton moved to the Peninsula under Mc Cellan in March following, and belonged to the Third Brigade, First Division, Fifth Corps, in which it served during the entire war.

This regiment served in fifty one general engagements from the siege of Yorktown, April 4, 1862 to Petersburg, Virginia, April 3, 1865 and was discharged at Jackson, July 25, 1865.

Private Almy David O. G Died 3/5/36 M. S. H. 7-24-5
  Andrews William B. E Died    
Private Bailey Virgil A. C Died Greenwood (Hadley)  
  Brackett Robert J. E      
  Briggs Silas M. I      
  Burns Michael B      
  Buttrick Charles R. I      
Private Chapman Lorenzo K      
  Chapman William E      
  Cheyne Janest D      
  Cheyne Robert D      
  Cole Bradley D      
  Cooper Solomon W. I      
Private Davidson James G      
  De Kraker Louis K      
  Dexter James L. I      
Private Ellison Benjamin W. G      
Corporal Evans Myron B. B      
Private Foster Charles B      
Private Gattis Hiram I      
  Gillfilling Joseph E      
  Gillott George H. A      
  Grey Benjamin F      
Private Haynes Stephen A      
  Hennesey Cornelius 1 S.S.      
  Herman William C      
  Hestler Christ C      
Private Johnson Joseph G      
Private Kent Albert I      
  Kerr Malcomb I      
Corporal King Thomas I      
Private Kline John W. E      
Private Lobdel LeRoy 1 S.S.      
  Long John R. 1 S.S.      
  Love George A. F      
  Loren Sebastian B      
  Lucas Alfred A      
Private Mack Patrick K      
  Massey Henry R. C      
  Meade Lorenzo L. K      
  Miller John A      
  Moffitt Lester C. I      
  Mosher George D. A      
Captain Nellis James J. I      
Private Nichols Charles A. I      
Private OíBrien John E      
Private Plumb Bryon 1 S.S.      
  Pranchard George B      
Private Robinson William G      
Private Small William C      
  Stocking Merritt D. G      
Private Teeple Albert B      
  Teeple Soneca K      
  Totten Joseph G. A      
Private Wade John 1 S.S.      

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Created: 7 February 2007