The Fourteenth Michigan Infantry was organized and rendezvoused at Ypsilanti under the direction of Colonel Robert P. Sinclair of Grand Rapids.

The muster in the regiment was accomplished on the thirteenth of February 1862, having on its rolls nine hundred and twenty five officers and men.

This command moved from Ypsilanti on the seventeenth of April, having been detained in the state on account of delay by the Untied States in payment of the regiment.

It was ordered to the Western army and took up its line of March by St. Louis joining the army at Pittsburg Landing soon after the engagement at the point.

It was in General Pope’s army in the advance on Corinth, Mississippi and during April and the entire month of May participated in the siege of that place and on May 9th was engaged with the enemy at Farmington.

The record of this regiment from Farmington, May 9, 1862 to Bentonville, North Carolina, March 20, 1865 was exceedingly brilliant.

The regiment was mustered cut at Louisville, Kentucky, July 18, 1865 and disbanded at Jackson, ten days later.

Private Adams James B      
  Albertson Richard I      
  Annis Alexander C. F      
  Barry Edward G      
Private Bessey James I      
  Blain Joseph R. F      
  Blumrich Richard A. D Died 8/12/33 Greenwood P-105
  Brace Calvin F. E      
  Brearley Amos H      
  Briggs Simon L. E      
  Bromley Oren B. B      
  Brown James B Died 1/1/64 Columbia, Tenn  
  Butler William F      
Private Carleston William T. E      
  Carmichael Neil B      
  Carlton Edward B Died St. Andrews 2-36-5
  Cheney Zerah V. E " S.O.H. L-52
  Clough Frank H. F      
  Conlon Patrick B      
  Cook Joseph N. D      
  Cooley John N. B      
Sergeant Coon Cyrus F. F      
Private Copeland Joseph A. F      
  Cramer John E      
  Crotty Sarchfield E Died 2/24/03 Oakwood Cem, Muskegon  
Corporal Cuddihy William B      
Sergeant Davis James N. H Died Greenwood I- 26
Private Denny Stephen B      
Chaplain Donahue Thomas B.        
Corporal Eby Jacob F      
Private Egan Charles B      
  Esvelt Kommer I Died 1/20/33 Fulton St. 12-9
Private Fisher Conrad E      
Corporal Fitzpatrick Jeremiah B      
Private Fitzpatrick James B      
Sergeant Flynn Christopher C      
Private Fogarity Martin B Died St. Andrews 1-108
  Fowler Jesse F      
Captain Frawley Thomas F      
Private Frost William D. E Died 3/13/31 Greenwood D-14
Sergeant Gahan Patrick M. B      
Private Gahn John B      
  Gilmore Henry D Died    
  Glopper Cornelius G      
  Gorman Joseph B      
  Grey Thomas F      
Private Hall Edmund F      
  Halsel Elijah E      
  Heeman Dennis B Died St. Andrews (Old) 2-28-1
  Hefferon James B      
Fifer Horton Jesse M. F      
Private Ingell Zadok A. F      
  Ingraham Aaron F      
Private Jaqua Charles D. E Died Rockford, Mich.  
  Johnson Joseph D. B      
  Johnson Salem F      
  Johnson William F      
Captain Kelley Patrick C      
Private Labonta Peter C      
  Leffingwell Henry H. D Died Fairplains C-82
  Lockwood John W. E      
  Lucas Hiram F      
Captain Magill Arthur E. K      
Private Markham Bradley F      
Corporal Marshall Joseph E Died 3/13/95    
Private Maxfield Allen D. F      
  Mc Cormack John B      
Corporal Mc Crath Lewis B Died    
  Mc Donnell James B " St. Andrews (Old) 2-37-2
Private Mc Donnell Michael H      
  Mc Inerey James B Died 3/2/98 St. Andrews (Old) 1-10-5
Sergeant Mc Inerey John B " 10/27/00 " " 1-10-5
Private Mc Namara John B " " " New 2- 8-4
  Meeker Jacob E      
  Migley Delbert F      
  Monahan Frank B      
  Monroe Albert B      
  Morehouse Philo F      
  Morman Sebastiar K      
  Mosher George E      
Sergeant Mullany Patrick B      
Private Murphy Michael B      
Captain Nixon Edward S. F      
Private Nobles Charles I      
Private O’Donnell John K      
Corporal O’Shea Daniel B      
Private Otterbacker John B      
Captain Pew Alfred B      
Lieut. Pheily William G      
Private Plumb Elcanah D. B      
Lieut. Porter Calvin C. F      
Corporal Quinn Christopher B      
Private Raymond Albert B      
  Rose Henry I      
  Rounds Henry C. E      
Private Salisbury David F      
  Shields John B Died St. Andrews (New) 2-9-6
  Shyer Henry B      
Lieut. Sinclair Alexander P. K Died 7/22/97 Salt Lake City  
Colonel Sinclair Robert P.   " 3/30/86 S.O.H. K-40
Private Snyder Charles E      
  Spaulding Andrew I Died Solon Center Cem.  
  Spencer Almon B      
  Squires Jason R. C      
  Stringham William H. C      
Hospital Std. Sumner Samuel H. D      
Private Thomas Calvin F      
  Thomas Lewis D. D      
  Tiffnay Alval E      
  Turner George W. D      
Private Van Leuwen William H. B Died 10/10/29 S.O.H. P-17
Private Wagner Peter F      
Captain Walsh Patrick B      
Private Webster Charles B. D      
  Whipple John E      
  Whitney Henry F      
Lieut. Whitney Windous H. D      
Private Willson Otis D. E      
  Willson William B      
  Winchester James J. E      
  Winters David H. H      

Transcriber: Allison Rapson
Created: 7 February 2007