Attention! Boys in Blue

Hd. Qrs. Michigan Boys in Blue!

Detroit, October 4th

The following is the uniform and equipments adopted for the Michigan Boys in


Hat--Soft oval black felt; black band edged with blue; brim bound with the same.

Cape--Dark blue or black.

Medal--White metal, blue embossed border, with silvered center of appropriate design, made expressly for our use.

Lights--Chinese Lanterns, or the ordinary torch. The former are recommended, as they are cheap and clean.

The hat and medal can be furnished by Mr. Geo. B. Kelley, wholesale hatter, of this city, who has had samples made, by request, for our use.

The hat is recommended instead of a cap. It is neat and will be serviceable.

The Chinese Lantern can be had of Messers. Wm. Phelps & Co., of this city, who have ordered a large number for our use.

The hat, medal and lantern will be furnished at a trifle above cost.

All organizations are urgently requested to equip at once.

R. A. Alger, President

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