1890 Memorial Report -- Kent County
By Thomas D. Gilbert
Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society Historical Collections, Vol. XVII.
Lansing, Michigan: Robert Smith Printing Co., State Printers and Binders, 1892, pp.131-132.
  • Mrs. Foster Kelley, of Gaines, died March 16, 1889.
  • Mrs. Alonzo Platt, M.D., of Grand Rapids, died April 19, 1889.
  • Mrs. Caroline N. White, of Grand Rapids, died June 21, 1889.
  • Mrs. Frank Van Driele, of Grand Rapids, died Oct. 7, 1889
  • Mrs. James M. White, of Walker, died March 17, 1889.
  • Mrs. Reuben E. Davis, of Wyoming, died Nov. 20, 1889.
  • Mrs. Obed H. Foot, of Grand Rapids, died Feb. 18, 1889.
  • Thomas Smith came to Grand Rapids, Aug. 5, 1856, died March 6, 1889 aged 69 years.
  • Ichabod L. Quimby, died March 21, 1889.
  • Wright L. Coffinbury came to Grand Rapids in June, 1846, from Ohio. He was a civil engineer for the city several years. Died March 25, 1889, age 82. [For a more extended notice see p. 131 vol. 14 Pioneer and Historical Collections.]
  • John Ederson came to Grand Rapids in 1840. He was a farmer, and lived on his farm on West Bridge street hill until his death Feb. 28, 1880 aged 73 years.
  • Emos R. Huntly came to Grand Rapids in 1857, and died April 16, 1889, age 62 years.
  • James Muir, a native of Scotland, came to Grand Rapids in 1851. A man of sterling integrity. He was an invalid for many years; held the office of collector of the second ward from its organization until he was compelled by failing health, about 1888, to resign. He died Jan. 15, 1889, aged 86 years.
  • Hiram H. Allen came to the territory of Michigan in the year 1830, and to the Grand river valley in 1838; settled on a farm where he lived to the time of his death; was justice of the peace many years. Died Jan. 1, 1890, aged 86 years.
  • William I. Blakely came from Buffalo, N. Y. in 1837; was a carpenter by trade; held the position of Deputy U. S. Marshal about 1840; was supervisor of the third ward of Grand Rapids for several terms, also held other offices of trust. Died June 16, 1889, aged 79 years.
  • George W. Doge came to Grand Rapids in 1849; was an ornamental plasterer. Died July 26, 1889.
  • Anson N. Norton came from Mount Morris N. Y. in 1857; was sheriff of Kent county two years; was one of the contractors who paved Monroe Street with the cobble stone pavement, the first street paved in the City of Grand Rapids. Died at his home near Grandville, Aug. 7, 1889, aged 68 years.

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