Buy Farm For Asylum

(Article in the G. R. Press, Thursday, December 15, 1910 –
the beginning of Pine Rest Hospital.)

Reformed and Christian Reformed
To Care For Insane

Cutler Place in Gaines Secured at $18,000 and Association
to Own and Operate Will Be Formed.

Because they believe the state’s asylums for insane are lacking in furnishing a Christian environment for its inmates, members and officials of the United Reformed and Christian Reformed churches have purchased a site and a building to be used for the purpose of providing a better religious training and general improved conditions for the insane. The deal had been considered for a long time and came to a close last night when the farm belonging to F. D. Cutler in Cutlerville, Gaines Township, was purchased. The price paid was $18,000. The project was in charge of a committee comprising Rev. J. Jongbloed, pastor of the Cutlerville church, Klaas Bakker and Cornelius Munsma of this city.

The tract comprises 174 acres and upon it sands the old family homestead of three stories. It contains sixteen rooms. The property was owned by F. D. Cutler and his ancestors since before the Civil War. It is the purpose to use the house for a main asylum building. Around it cottages will be built. In the cottages will live the insane patients in company with their families it us understood. They will lack nothing of the joys of home life and may lived at peace while receiving the treatment which may result in their being restored to sanity.

An association is expected soon to be formed and incorporated by the pastors and laymen of the Reformed and Christian Reformed churches who are at the head of the movement. While primarily under the supervision of the Holland churches patients of other churches will be admitted. C. C. Schaafsma is financial agent for the project and he is attempting to secure members for the new association and arouse popular sympathy in the movement which will result in greater effectiveness in the work to be done.

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