Penclubbers Provide Leadership

For Evangeline Home Drive

Compassionate Grand Rapids is being asked to act as benefactor in a campaign which will contribute to the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of a segment of this community, members of which would not receive this attention but for the activities of one of our United Community Services.

The beneficiaries of this campaign will be unwed mothers and their expectant children. The institution which makes their protective care its special mission is the Evangeline Home and Hospital which operated by the Salvation Army.

The Home has been extending a guiding hand to unwed mothers and young women separated from their husbands since 1888. The present building of the Evangeline Home has been operated by the Salvation Army since 1912. It is located at Fulton Street, East and Fuller Avenue. Since its opening it has rendered its service to 7,585 patients.

But time has left its mark on the structure during the more than half century of its existence. It is now operating under provisional licenses as it fails to meet standards set up by the Michigan Health and Welfare Department and the Fire Department. These provisional licenses will expire this coming July unless construction of a new building is begun. In addition statistics indicate the need for larger and more adequate, modern facilities, both in the Home sections, and Hospital Department. Modifications to meet the required standards have been found impractical and the property can not be sold, as it was deeded to the Salvation Army for the purpose of caring for unwed mothers. The answer to the problem obviously is that a new building must be erected.

The Social Planning Division of the United Community Services comprised of prominent business and professional leaders who are knowledgeable in this field of service and who are interested in the future welfare of the community, has made a thorough evaluation and survey of the project. After exhaustive study this division has approved the program and has recommended it to the resident of this area. In addition several industries and leading business firms as well as many individual citizens have indicated their substantial support.

The group actively conducting this campaign for funds is headed by Penclubber John D. Hibbard as General Chairman. Committee associated with Mr. Hibbard largely are made up of fellow Penclubbers. Penclubbers also dominate advisory committee to the Salvation Army and the Home.

The proposed new construction will provide fifty-five Home beds, five convalescent beds, and twenty bassinets.

Grand Rapids is being asked to contribute $850,000.00. With citizens giving according to their means. It is emphasized by Chairman Hibbard that as the result of the many years of community service that have been rendered by the Salvation Army here, Grand Rapids is a better place in which to live. Donors can share in the inspiring work of rebuilding lives, caring for those in need and aiding spiritual rebirth, Mr. Hibbard added.

The solicitation phase of the campaign began in February and will continue through April.

When completed, the Home and Hospital will possess facilities which will enable the Salvation Army to provide its confidential, specialized service to the unmarried, expectant mothers more efficiently. With security, spiritual guidance and medical care the key points of this service. Evangeline Home and Hospital is licensed by the Welfare Commission of Michigan as well as the Michigan Department of Health. It holds memberships in the American Hospital Association, American Protestant Hospital Association, Michigan Hospital Association and the Michigan Welfare League. It has forty-five Grand Rapids physicians on its consulting staff.

Its affiliations include: Grand Rapids Board of Education (Homebound Program); Blodgett Memorial Hospital, Butterworth Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital and various county and private placement agencies.

Services the Home renders are: an accredited school program, recreation -- occupational therapy; vocational planning; psychiatric -- psychological education; case work counseling; religious counseling; and wage home placement, if indicated.

Among the Hospital services rendered are: out-patient clinic (prenatal care) confinement, adoption plans, if desired; continuation of counseling services; research; counseling with unmarried father and parents where indicated.

A spokesman for the D.A. Blodgett Home for Children declared "We need the Evangeline Home." A Bethany Christian Home spokesman said, "We depend on the Evangeline Home for housing girls of the Reformed Faith."

Serving on the campaign leadership’s various committees are Penclubbers, Wallace M. Chamberlain, George W. Richel, Frederick J. Vogt, Henry J. Van Wolvlear, and Chairman Carl H. Morgenstern, who comprise the Executive Committee along with John D. Hibbard, Sr., who is also the Campaign General Chairman. Serving as Campaign General Vice-Chairman is Penclubber Glenn Ferrey. Other members who head campaign committees are: H. Samuel Greenawalt, Advance Gifts; LeVant Mulnix, Jr., Special Gifts; Herbert R. Boshoven, Arrangements; Preston Miller, Finance: Carroll K. Streeter, Co-Chairman of General Gifts.

Working with our Club members are James Crosby III, Co-Chairman for General Gifts and H. Mike Hahn, Publicity Chairman.

Penclub Members on the Advisory Board are, Ferrey, Chairman and Miller, Treasurer. Others are Penclubbers Carson O. Donley, Robert B. Mackey, John D. MacNaughton, Jr., Mulnix, William W. Peterson, Willard Schroeder, Lewis W. Tinkham, J.C. Van Dyke and Wayne H. Young.

Serving alongside our Penclub members on the Advisory Board are Secretary Jay Vander Molen; Kenneth Bergmann, Dr. William Bethune, William A. Johnson, Mrs. Charles Miller, Jr., Jordon Sheperd, Mrs. Robert Smith and Gordon B. Wheeler.

The Advisory Council of the Salvation Army Evangeline Home and Hospital has Penclubbers Hibbard, Chairman; John Uhl, Miller, Tinkham and Bernard Brouwer. Other council members are Wheeler, Robert Smith and Brice McMillen.

Brigadier Olin Brigman is Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army and Major Pearl Merchant is Superintendent of the Evangeline Home and Hospital.

Transcriber: Barb Jones
Created: 24 December 2009