List of the Catholic Indians in the Mission of Grand River
John W. McGee, The Catholic Church in the Grand River Valley: 1833-1950, Grand Rapids, 1950. Pages 48-50.

Individuals are listed with their Christian and Indian names as well as their age.

Date of Reception: June 20, 1833
Their Abode: The Rapids of the Grand-River

Lewis Mckatewaji     60 yrs.
Dennis Odachidowan     39 yrs.
Francis Migissinini     35 yrs.
Charles Animikwaam     20 yrs.
Joseph Omichikwado     10 yrs.
Susan Bidikamigokwe     36 yrs.
Charlot Nigans     23 yrs.
Mary Ann Ginan     26 yrs.
Anthony Kanodinichkam     7 yrs.
Peter Kabina     9 yrs.
Paul Makategin     12 yrs.
Sophy Midachikwe     13 yrs.
Lewis Missasangwe     5 yrs.
Michael Kagijikwaam     6 yrs.
Mary Biechkang     12 yrs.
Mary Ann Panabikwe     30 yrs.
Andrew Jegonebi     4 yrs.
Joseph Sagatchiewe     2 yrs.
Lewis _______     1 1/2 yrs.
Job Tchingwachi     17 yrs.
John Baptist Manitoken     16 yrs.
Julia Obimisseokwadokwe     6 yrs.
Angelica Midasan     3 yrs.
Mary Pindigajiwe     48 yrs.
Antonia Waonokwe     18 yrs.
Dominic -------------     1 yr.
Michael Abinossigima     8 yrs.
John Baptist Jawanissi     1 yr.
Augustin Kagigechkawa     25 yrs.
Simon Neianakwad     13 yrs.
Mary Ann Wasseiabanokwe     1 mo.
Mary Manikwadokwe     7 yrs.
Catherin Kewiatchiwanokwe     4 yrs.
Mary Ann Agomowe     13 yrs.
Sophy Kiwedinokwe     14 yrs.
Angelica ------------     53 yrs.
Marget Cossingokwe     3 yrs.
Nancy Omiskwanakwadokwe     15 yrs.
John Baptist Makateokwad     6 yrs.
William Osaschkobinessi     12 yrs.
George Eioniwaching     13 yrs.
Mary Ann Madjiianikwadokwe     14 yrs.
Mathilde Akwemigissikwe     19 yrs.
Agatha Pejigijigokwe     22 yrs.
Mary Ogijidjissan     7 yrs.
Magdalen -----------     8 yrs.
Alexy Pien     18 yrs.
George ------------     5 yrs.

Date of Reception: June 23, 1833
Their Abode: Machkigong

Peter Awanichkam     32 yrs.
Michael Wemitigonigwigan     20 yrs.
John Baptist Jeganebi     23 yrs.
James Tegwassang     19 yrs.
Mary Odamikawabanokwe     50 yrs.
Mary Ann Kakanositekwe     42 yrs.
James Bidassige     11 yrs.
Anthony Mamiogima     30 yrs.
Joseph Osaokwaam     15 yrs.
Paul Kagigekwaam     10 yrs.
Sophy Nawikitchigamikwe     12 yrs.
Amable Saganakwado     6 yrs.
Mary Obamibabanokwe     52 yrs.
Agatha Achkibadanakwadokwe     20 yrs.
Mary Louisa Wawassaanokwe     41 yrs.
George Onwadinichkam     24 yrs.
Anthony Wabigwanebi     1 yr.
Sophy Jawanaamkwe     13 yrs.
Catherin Omiskwanakwadokwe     14 yrs.
Elizabeth --------------     6 yrs.
Louisa Majinkwe     70 yrs.

Date of Reception: June 26, 1833
Their Abode: Pere Marquette

Francis Papangibissan     56 yrs.
Angelica Wajimiige     42 yrs.
Agatha Pindigajiwe     3 yrs.
Lewis Kabeoma     32 yrs.
Mary Kwekiokwe     20 yrs.
Catherin Ogiwan     3 yrs.
Sophy Osawanobikwe     13 yrs.
Mary Ann Wenijichikwe     7 yrs.
Paul Wewindanakwad     28 yrs.
Charles Naknse     1 yr.
Joseph ------------     3 yrs.
Amable Sagima     5 yrs.
Peter Sissibianakwad     4 yrs.

Date of Reception: September 20, 1833
Their Abode: Machkigong

Mary Ann Mosonekwe          28 yrs.

Date of Reception: September 22, 1833
Their Abode: The Rapids of the Grand-River

Mary Ann Pindigajiise     50 yrs.

Date of Reception: October 30, 1833
Their Abode: The Rapids of the Grand-River

Henry ________     6 yrs.
Patrick _______     4 yrs.

Date of Reception: November 3, 1833
Their Abode: The Rapids of the Grand-River

William Matchiodewe     3 yrs.

Date of Reception: November 3, 1833
Their Abode: Machkigong

Joseph Naogijig     18 yrs.
Lewis _________     4 mo.
Mary Osibikwe     7 yrs.

Date of Reception: November 5, 1833
Their Abode: The Rapids of the Grand-River

Mary Kiwegabawikwe     46 yrs.

Pupils in attendance at the Catholic Mission at Grand River in 1833:

Indian Scholars:

Francis Migissinini     Paul Makategin
Job Tchingwachi     Simon Neianakwad
George Eioniwaching     Nibinissi
John ----------------     Charles Animikwaam
William Psaschkobinessi     Antonia Waonokwe
Michael Abinossigima     Mary Ann Aginowe
Joseph Pmichikwado     Mary Manikwadokwe
Anthony Kanodichkam     Sophy Midachikwe
Michael Kagijikwaam     Julia Obimisseokwadokwe
Andrew Jegonebi     Mary Briechkang
Harry --------------     Magdalen ------------------
John Baptist Makteokwad     Mathilde Akwemigissikwe
Patrick ------------     Mary Ann Madjiianikwadokwe
Peter Kabina     Josepha Bidassige

American and Canadian Scholars:

Olive Guile     Kate Lincoln
Alvira Guile     Denesile Carmel
Lucy Guile     Emilie Marsac
Luther Lincoln

This book has a great deal more information and is very interesting as a whole. It is available at the Grand Rapids Public Library as well as at Central Michigan's University Library. Permission to reprint this material from McGee's book, was granted us by the Grand Rapids Catholic Diocese, who now owns the book.  Father Morrow, archivist, states that there were some typos and such and all materials should be followed up.

My deepest thanks to Father Morrow for his aid in this material as well as contributions he has made to other materials at this site. ~RA

Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
Created: 28 July 1999