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"K" Marriage Records
Abstracted from
Kent County Court Files

Kain, James (w) 26, Gaines, Kent Co., b. Upper Canada, occ. farming, and Sarah Mariah Breasley  (w) 23, Heisdale Co., 10 Dec., 1870, at Gaines, by Theodore G. Honk, J.P. Emry Breasley, Gaines, and Permelia Breasley, same place, witnesses. 6:105

Kaiser, Daniel (w) 26, Pierson, b. C.W. occ. Farmer, and Amanda J. Vurmar (w) 19, same place,  b. same place. 1 Jan., 1869, at Cedar Springs, by W.W. Johnson, Min., B. Fairchild, Cedar Springs, and F.P. Fairchild, same place, witnesses. 6:36

Kalmback, Gottfried (w) 26, Grand Rapids, and Anna Maaria Theresa Struike (w) 23, same place 7 June 1866, by J.L. Daib, Min., John Struike, and rose Ekert, witnesses. 5:22

Karim, Martimus B. (w) 38, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Druggist, and Susannah M. Boories (w) same place, b. same place. 26 June 1869, at Grand Rapids, and J.A.S. Verdier, same place, witnesses. 6:72

Karr, Joseph (w) 25, Grand Rapids, b. Ca. E. occ. Carpenter, and Proiode Joslin (w) 27, same place, b. Vt. 9 May 1870, at Grand Rapids, by Wm. J. Aldrich, Min., Horace Freeman, Grand Rapids, and Laura C. Aldrich, same place, witnesses. 6:86

Karrer, John (w) 23, Caledonia, b. Canada, occ. Farmer, and Elizabeth Kaupman (W) 21, same place, b. 10 Nov., 1870, at Caledonia, by N.B. Sherk, J.P. Michael Karrer, Caledonia, and Chas, M. Browne, same place, witnesses. 6:104

Karrer, Michael (w) 21, Caledonia, and Catherine Bent (w) 21, same place. 15 Apr., 1861, at Caledonia, by Theodore Nelson, J.P. Michael Currer, and Marion Currer, both of Caledonia, witnesses. 3:318

Karster, Henderick (w) 26, --, and Janna Rip (w) 20, ---, 10 June 1857, at Grand Rapids, by H.G. Klynn, Min., Mrs. Gysbert, and Haram Johomner, and others, witnesses. 3:58

Kater, Wm. W. (w) 23, Grand Rapids, and Sarah M. Marvin (w) 23, same place. 4 June 1863, at Grand Rapids, by J.W. Robinson, Min., W.F. Capen, and Mary E. Marvin, witnesses. 4:22

Kating, Pat (w) 38, Grattan, b. Ireland, Occ Farmer, and Mary A. Driscoll (w) 26, Grand Rapids,  b. same place. 22 Oct., 1867, at St. Andrews Church, by B.J. Werner, Pastor. Thomas Murphy, Grattan, and Mary Driscol, Grand Rapids, witnesses. 6:8

Keal, (Keates), Patrick (w) 33, Gratton, and Mary Carrigan (w) 24, same place. 16 Aug., 1858, by H. Rievers. Thomas Humphry, and Catherin Giles, witnesses. 3:155

Keech, Peter (w) 24, Grattan, b. Maddison Co., N.Y. occ. Farmer, and Ellen Jakeway (w) 17, b. O. 11 Apr., 1870, at Lowell, by L.S. Griggs, Min., L.B. Lull, Lowell, and M.M.Perry, same place, witnesses,. 6:86

Keech, Wm. H. (w) 28, Grattan, b. State N.Y. occ. Farmer and Jennie Carver (w) 22, b. Vergennes,  Kent Co., M. 14 Feb., 1869, at Vergennes, by Oliver J. Watkins, J.P. George White, Vergennes, and Adaline White, same place, witnesses.6:49

Keeler, Charles J. (w) 22, Grand Rapids, and Lauriann Frasier (w) 19, same place. 20 July 1851, by Benton C. Scoville, J.P. Nath'l Emery and Mary L. Emery, witnesses. 5:199

Keeler, David Luke (w) 29, Grand Rapids, and Jenette Noble Allen (w) 24, same place. 20 Oct., 1863, at Grand Rapids, by J.P. Tustin, Rector St. Marks. Emily P. Woods, and Mary W. Tustin, witnesses. 4:55

Keeney, George A. (w) 24, Paris, and Amelia M. Cross (w) 20, Grand Rapids. 24 June 1865, at Cascade, by D.S. Haviland, Min., Andrew J. Auble, and Amelia C. Auble, witnesses. 4:381

Keeney, James H. (w) 24, Paris, and Mary I. Pelton (w) 20, Byron. 25 Dec., 1863, by Jaems L. Child, Min., Eliza H. Child, and Lydia A. Whittington, witnesses. 4:82

Keeney, Lafayette (w) 25, Alpine Twp. and Lavina Chapman (w) 23, same place. 13 Aug., 1864, at Grand Rapids, by B.A. Harlan, J..P. Wm A. Harlan, and Geo R. Pierce, witnesses. 4:160

Keeney, Wm. H. (w) 31, Grand Rapids, b. Truxton, N.Y. occ. Carriage Maker, and Anna E.  Dewey (w) 21, same place, b. Canada. 20 Apr., 1868, at Grand Rapids, by C.B. Smith, Min., Eli T. Harrington, Grand Rapids, and Geo. S. Turner, same place, witnesses. 6:17

Keeney, William H.H. (w) 23, Vergennes, and Elvira M. Kennedy (w) 20, same place. 16 Mar., 1864, at Vergennes, by Walter White, J.P. J.B. Sabins, and Wilson Church, witnesses. 4:171

Keeney, Wm. M. (w) 31, Grand Rapids, b. Truxton, N.Y. occ. Carriage Maker, and Anna E. Dewey (w) 21, same place, b. Canada. 20 Apr., 1867, at Grand Rapids, by C.B. Smith, Min., of the Gospel. Eli T. Harrington, Grand Rapids, and G.S. Turner, same place, witnesses. 6:17

Kehoe, John (w) 26, Grand Rapids, b. Ireland, occ. Farmer, and Catherine Doyle (w) 23, b. same place. 29 Aug., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by J.C. Pulcher, Pastor St. Andrews. Patrick Cavenaugh, Grand Rapids, and Margaret Doyle, same place, witnesses. 6:60

Kelder, Peiter (w) 30, Grandville, and Wisske Hoan (w) 25, same place. 25 May 1867, at Grandville, by M. Rickintveld, Min., J. Vinkemulder, Grandville, and H. Eisengo, same place, witnesses. 5:151

Keller, Christian (w) 25, Caledonia, b. Waterloo, Canada, occ. Carpenter, and Barbara Schaerfeld  (w) 21, b. Woolwich, Canada. 14 Nov., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by J.L. Daib, Lutheran Min., Peter Weber, Grand Rapids, and C. Julius Faenger, same place, witnesses. 6:68

Keller, Henry Joseph (w) 24, Grand Rapids, and Mary Leiteldt (w) same place. 23 Oct., 1860, by Francis H. Cuming, Rector St. Marks' Church, Grand Rapids. Adolphus Leiteldt, and Charlotte Cuming, witnesses. 3:278

Kelley, Chas. W. (w) 29, Gaines, b. Orleans, N.Y. occ. Farmer, and Carrie Solomon (w)  20, same place, b. Ganes. 28 Sept., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by Andrew J. Eldred, Min., Amos Colborn, Byron, and Moses Rosenberger, same place, witnesses. 6:62

Kelley, Daniel (w) 20, Lowell, and Sophia Parrot (w) 19, same place. 29 Aug., 1858, by John Fairchild, Min., Bradford Canfield, and David Clime, witnesses. 3:141

Kelley, Francis (w) 24, Gains, and Mahala T. Baker (w) 20, Hopkins, Allegan Co., 1 Jan., 1861. at Grand Rapids, by S.S.N. Greeley, Cong. Min., R.A. Alger, and E. Smith, Jr., witnesses. 3:482

Kelley, Henry (w) 29, Gaines, b. same place, occ. Farmer, and Rosamond R. Rouse (w)  19, b. Watertown, Wis., 5 Nov., 1868, at Paris, by J. Butterfield, Min., Henry M. Rouse, Paris, and Wm. H. Rouse, Grand Rapids, witnesses. 6:31

Kelley, James (w) 22, Grand Rapids, and Ellen Flood (w) 20, same place. 27 Oct., 1862, at Grand Rapids, by J. Kindekens, Pastor St. Andrew's. Thomas Flood, Grand Rapids, and Margret Flood, same place, witnesses. 3:514

Kellogg, Titus (w) 37,Vergennes, and Miss Mary Ann Walker (w) 24, same place. 29 Apr., 1865, at Paris, by Eld. E. Hoyt, officiating. Charles Kellogg, and Catharine Hoyt, and Sarah L. Geiger, witnesses. 4:298

Kelton, Isaac J. (w) 20, Moonsocket, R.I. b. Providence, R.I. occ. Gentleman, and Julia  E. Withey (w) 25, Grand Rapids, b. Alpine, Kent Co., 22 Feb., 1870, at Grand Rapids, by J. Morgan Smith, Min., Lucy Sand , Grand Rapids, and David M. Whorter, same place, witnesses, 6:76

Kenan, Oscar N. (w) 26, Galesburg, Ill., b. Sandusky, O. Occ. Farmer, and Margaret Ockes (w) 21, Grand Rapids, b. Bedford, Pa., 28 Dec., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by A.J. Eldred, Min.,  Herman Ockes, Grand Rapids, and Lucy J. Ockes, same place, witnesses. 6:138

Kendall, Charles F. (w) 23, Grand Rapids, and Mary E. Richmond (w) 23, same place. 17 Sept., 1866, at Grand Rapids, by J.P. Tustin, Rector St. marks' Church. George Kendall and F.D. Richmond, witnesses., 5:71

Kendall, John C. (w) 22, Grand Rapids, b. same place, occ, Merchant, and Florence H. Messmore (w) 20, same place, b. Rockford, Ill., 22 Nov., 1870, at Grand Rapids, by Josiah Phelps, Min., Isaac E. Messmore, Grand Rapids, and John Kendall, same place, witnesses. 6:97

Kenedy, Alonzo (w) 21, Otisco, Ionia Co., and Louisa Beach (w) 24, Keene, Ionia Co., 3 June 1866, at Vergennes, by A. Mosher, J.P., Frank Smith, and Jane Beach, both of Keene, witnesses., 4:452

Kennet, Enock J. (w) 25, nelson, b. Star Co., O. occ. Farmer, and Margaret E. Rogers (w) 24, same place. b. Elkhart Co. Ind. 26 Apr., 1870, at Cedar Springs, by J.G. Graham, Min., Hannah M. Graham, Cedar Springs, witnesses. 6:92

Kenney, William (w) 21, Plainfield, and Delia M. Danforth (w) 18, Grand Rapids. 7 Apr. 1860, at house of Sanndeis, Esq., Plainfield, by Robert Wood. Rector Christ Church. Robert F. North, and Martha Kenney, witnesses. 3:289

Kent, Joseph C. (w) 23, Grand Rapids, b. Holland, Erie Co., N.Y. occ. Clerk and Mary A. Parish  (w) 18, Walker. b. Hanover, N.Y. 15 Sept., 1867, at Walker, by Daniel Bush, Min., Walson Parrish, Walker, and Sophronia Parrish, same place, witnesses. 6:7

Kent, William (w) 24, Grand Rapids, b. Williamstown, Ingham Co., occ. Farmer and Alice Mitchell (w) 24, same place, b. county Almah, Ireland. 4 Aug., 1867. at Plainfield, by G.S. Cintes J.P. Damet Hays, Plainfield, and Bridget Hays same place, witnesses. 6:5

Kenyon, Crandel A. (w) 24, Plainfield, and Miss Ann E. Rykert (w) 19, same place. 25 Jan., 1866, at Res. of Huldah W. Rykert, at Plainfield, by D. Engle, Min., Sanford E. Rykert, Plainfield, and Sarah A. Kenyan, Ithaca, N.Y. witnesses. 5:5

Kenyon, George W. (w) 32 Wyoming, b. Fabins, N.Y. occ Carpenter, and Emma F. Bosworth (w) 16,  same place, b. Kalamazoo. 11 Sept., 1870, at Wyoming, by J. Morgan Smith, Min., Emily C. Bosworth, Wyoming and Elsie J. Bosworth, same place, witnesses. 6:96

Kerby, Edward W. (w) 22, Troy, N.Y. and Sarah Elizabeth Hall (w) 20, Grand Rapids. 28 Aug., 1866, at Grand Rapids, by J.P.Tustin, Rector St. Mark's Church. W. Davis, and R. Davis, witnesses. 5:57

Kerr, Alexander (w) 22, Grand Rapids, b. Scotland, occ. Sailor, and Anne D. Mowatt (w) 21, b. same place.
18 Aug., 1868, at Grand Rapids, by James J. Martin, J.P. Martin Manning, Grand Rapids, and Mary Manning, same place, witnesses. 6:31

Ketbbe, Mathew (w) 24, Sparta, b. Brant, C.W. occ Farmer, and Abie Taylor (w) 16, b. Cayuga Co., N.Y. 22 Aug., 1869,at Sparta, by Henry Cogshall, Min., S.E. Van Antwerp, Sparta, and Edia Eddy same Place, witnesses. 6:67

Ketchum, Eugene B. (w) 28, Grand Rapids, b. N.Y. occ. Farmer, and Jane Wilber (w) 26, Wyoming, b. Byron. 2 July 1867,at Wyoming, by Silas Powell, J.P. Hobart Coolrim, Wyoming, and Angaline Coolrim, same place, witnesses. 6:3

Keyes, Rev. H. H. (w) 32, Paris, and Julia A. Solomin (w) 21, Gaines. 26 Oct., 1866, at J. Keyes, Kent Co., by Rev. J. Keyes, Pastor F. W. Baptist Church. Ollie L. Keyes, and Rosalthea E. Tabor, witnesses. 5:79

Keys, W. E. (w) 24, Wyoming, and Madeline S. Solmon (Johnson) (w) 19, same place. 24 Nov., 1860, at Wyoming, by A. Beach, Min., James V. Johnson, Wyoming, and Ellen S. Pettibone, Grand Rapids, witnesses. 3:313

Kibbolal, John (w) 28, Wyoming, b. Ireland, occ. Farmer, and Julia Demmin (w) 16, b. Conn., 16 May 1869, at Wyoming, by Silas Powell, J.P. John A. Powell, Grand Rapids, and Asenath Powell, Wyoming, witnesses. 6:57

Kiefer, A. J. (w) 24, Grandville, and Loretta E. Hickman (w) 22, same place. 25 Dec., 1861, at Grandville, by  James A. McKey. Jane Davidson of Byron, and Mrs. J.A. McKey, of Grandville, witnesses. 3:410

Kiefer, Andrew J. 30, Grandville, b. Pa., occ. Miller, and Martha Cramer (w) 22, same place b. N.Y. 21 Nov., 1868, at Grand Rapids, by A.J. Eldred, Min., Elizabeth D. Eldred, Grand Rapids, and O.R. Wilmarth, same place, witnesses. 6:32

Kieffer, S. (w), Walker, and Mary S. Phillips (w) 25, same place. 24 Dec., 1865, at Grand Rapids, by L.W. Earl, Min.  H. C. Hogadone, and Phebe Hogadone, witnesses. 4:415

Kiel, Stephen H. (w) 34, Grandville, and Elje (Ettie) S. Vandeveen (w) 30, same place. 17 Apr., 1860, at house of W.A. Honbolt, by W.A. Honbolt, Min., Zan G. Nieringer, and Bode J. Hammunger, witnesses. 3:300

Kilalmer, Joseph (w), ---, Thornapple, Barry Co., and Harriet Smith (w) ---, same place. 27 Apr., 1860, by Daniel K. Fox, J.P. Alphonso A. Fox, and Betsey Ann Fox, witnesses. 4:76

Kiney, Francis M. (w) 20, Bowne, b. U.S. occ. Farmer, and Mary E. Case (w) 15, same place,  b. same place. 16 Aug., 1870, at Caledonia, by Levi White, J.P. Phebe A. White, Caledonia, and Malinda White, same place, witnesses. 6:96

King, J.J. (w) 24, Cascade, and Lydia J. Green (w) 19, Grand Rapids. 1 July 1866, at Cascade, by John F. Procktor, J.P. No witnesses. 4:469

King, Minor Augustus (w) 21, Cascade, b. Brockland, Jasper Co. M. occ. Farmer, and Caty Mary Cole (w) 18, b. Antrim Shiwasia Co., 22 Feb., 1869, at Cascade, by John T. Proctor, J.P.  Phebe A. Gone, Cascade, and A.B. King, same place, witnesses. 6:47

King, Thomas A. (w) about 26, Grattan, and Amanda Aldrick (w)about 33, same place 4 May 1864, by P. Aldrich, Min., Isaac Cusser, and Phebe Mason, witnesses. 4:299

King, Thomas F. (w) 22, Greenville, b. Oakland, Michigan, occ. Farmer, and Eliza J. Gleason (w) 21, same place, b. Alleghany, N.Y. 25 Apr., 1868, at Spencer, Kent Co., by Henry Watson, J.P. Henry Peasley, Oakfield, and Caroline Peasley, Montcalm, witnesses. 6:24

Kingin, Oliver T. (w) 23, Courtland, and Annie M. Austin (w) 21, Cannon,  14 Jan., 1864, at Laphamville, by James F. Judson, J.P. James Collins, Plainfield, and Emeline Kingin, Algoma, witnesses. 4:115

Kingin, Olliver T. (w) 18, Courtland and Betsey Shaduck (w) 18, same place. 14 Sept., 1859, by Harey H. Kingin. Dr. Charles M. Holden, Courtland, and Elizabeth Holden, same place, witnesses. 3:229

Kinkasd, Charles (w) 28, Grand Rapids, b. N.Y. occ. Cooper, and Anna Bragg (w) 25, same place, b. Canada W. 19 Sept., 1870, at Grand Rapids, by C. Spooner. Mrs. C. Spooner, Grandville and Nettie Spooner, same place, witnesses. 6:92

Kinny, John (w) 30, Croton, Newaygo Co., b. Ireland, occ. Farmer, and Catharine Norton (w) 23, Grattan, b. same place. 20 Apr., 1867, at St. Patrick's Church, by Rev. P.J. McManns. Pastor, Grattan. James Norton, Grattan, and Catherine Norton same Place, witnesses. 6:9

Kinsey, Jacob (w) 28, Gaines, and Mary J. Whitford (w) 24, Paris. 14 Jan., 1866, at Linas Whitford's, by Rev. J. Keys, Pastor F.W.B. Church. Esther Kensery and Emily Wallace, witnesses,. 4:385

Kinyon, Esq., Job. W. (w) 55, Lowell, and Mrs. Hannah M. Murray (w) 33, same place. 23 Apr., 1865, at Lowell, by Danforth L. Eaton, Min., C.R. Perry, Lowell, and Octavia Eaton, same place, witnesses. 5:106 - 5:94 (2 records) 5:94 gives one wintness as Antoine Eaton.

Kip, Dendert (w) 20, Grand Rapids and Hendrick Duesman (w) 18, Grand Rapids. 2 Jan., 1861, at W.A. Honholt's residence, by W.A. Honholt, Min., of the Ref. Dutch Church. Marinus Haite, and Hendric, Kienda, Grand Rapids, witnesses. 3:306

Kirchermann, Andreas (w) 30, Grand Rapids, and Margaretta Wagner (w) 19, Salem, Allegan Co.,  14 Jan., 1864, by J.A. Daub, Min., Peter Blain, and Anna Both, witnesses. 4:219

Kirtland, Harris (w) 20, Salem, Allegan Co., and Polly McKinney (w) 18 Byron. 11 July 1863, at yoming, by Silas Powell, J.P. Lucinda Cole, and Sarah M. Raszel, witnesses. 4:33

Kitchen, James (w) 29, Wayland, Allegan Co., occ. Farmer, and Elizabeth Alger (Beeden) (w)  39, same place. 6 Nov., 1864, at Gaines, by John E. Wood, J.P. Nancy Wood, and Andrew Wood, witnesses. 4:230

Kitchen, James (w) 39, Wayland, Allegan Co., Farmer, and Elizabeth Alger (Beeden) (w) 39,  6 Nov., 1864, at Gaines by John E. Wood, J.P. Nancy Woods, and Andrew Woods, witnesses. 6:77

Kitench, Ziba E. (w) 26, Wyoming, and Harriet Bennete (w) 25, same place. 4 Nov., 1862, by E. VanNorman, Wesleyan, Min., Morris Bennete, and B.R. Van Norman, witnesses. 3:496

Kitts, James H. (w) 21, Nelson, and Sarah Jane Offen (w) 16, same place. 26 Feb., 1865, at Nelson, by Brownell S. Simmons,  Nicholas Kitts, of Nelson, and Justus Offen, same place, witnesses. 4:436

Klanderman, Gerrit (w) 27, Grand Rapids, and Hendereka Gospberg (w) 33, same place. 25 Apr., 1867, by C.Vander Meulen, Min.,  Anthony Winnink, Grand Rapids, and Cornelius Gardinier, same place, witnesses. 5:149

Klare, or Klase, Jan (w) 24, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Blacksmith; and Maaike  Berghuis (w) 20, same place, b. Same place. 15 Jan., 1868, by R. Duiker, Min., Dutch Ref. Church. Wm. Spanger, Grand Rapids, and Arend Berghugd, same place, witnesses. 6:22

Klies, Peter (w) 29, Holland, Ottawa Co., and Kate Luten (w) 21, Grand Rapids, 27 Nov., 1863, at Grand Rapids, by J.W. Robinson, V.D.M. Minerva S. Robinson, and Margette Robinson, witnesses. 4:44

Klingman, David (w) 29, and Mary Ann Klapen Hine** (w) 20, --. 13 Sept., 1860, at Ganis, byJ.A. Hamjmond, J.P. John Klaphen Hine, and Mary Klaphen Hine, Kent Co.,, witnesses. 3:263
(**Per family this surname should be Klopfenstein not Klapen Hine.)

Klumpp, William (w) 26, Grand Raven, Ottawa Co., and Margaret Schwartz (w) 19, Dow, (Dorr) 9 March., 1861, at Ohio House, Grand Rapids, by Francis H. Cumming. Rector, St. Marks Church,  Grand Rapids. Valinteen Richtie, and Christopher Kusterer, witnesses. 3:353

Klys, John (w) --, Grand Rapids, and Johanna Minderhout (w) --, same place. 13 Dec., 1859, at house of W.A. Honbolt, by W.A. Honboult, Min., William Klys, Grand Rapids, and Hairn Guthery, same place, witnesses. 3:283

Knapp, Sylvester (w) 58, Galen, N.Y. b. Oneide Co., N.Y. occ Farmer, and Mrs. Ellen M. Hinman  (Kimball) (w) 38, Lowell, b. Vermont. 26 Nov., 1868, at Lowell, by J.M. Fuller, Min., Arvine Peck, Lowell, and B. James Peck, same place, witnesses. 6:36

Knapp, Willett (w) 24, Marshall, b.C.W. occ. Mechanic, and Martha Virginia Delong (w) 22, Grand Rapids, b. Ohio. 18 Sept., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by Andrew J. Eldred, Min., Chas. Borden, Grand Rapids, and Almira Belknapp, same place, witnesses. 6:63

Knickerbocker, Cyrenus (w) 51, Cascade, b. N.Y. State, occ. Farmer, and Ann Quigley (Ann Hall) (w) 25, Walker, b. England. 17 Aug., 1867, at Walker, by Isaac H. Quigley, J.P. Mary A. Quigley, of Walker, and Elizabeth Jordley, same place, witnesses. 6:3

Knickerbocker, Walter (w) 27, Montcalm, Montcalm Co., and Mary Hait (w) 21, Oakfield. 7 Dec., 1857, by Robt. Wood, Rector of X Church, Plainfield. Ezra Hait, Eliza Munroe, and William Cain, witnesses. 3:210

Kob, Eire (w) 36, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Laborer, and Atje Vos (Kiel) (w) 36, Grandville, b. same place. 1 Apr., 1869, at Grandville, by M. Kiekintveld, V.D.M. Jan Vinkemulder, Grandville, and Hendrik Koster, same place, witnesses. 6:49

Koenig, Georg (w) 25, Newaygo Newaygo Co., (King in the English Language), and Maria Hacker (w) 19, Leighton Twp. Allegan Co., 28 May 1867, by J.L. Daib, Min., Emanuel King and Carl Hacker, witnesses. 5:160

Kolstein, Hendrick (w) 45, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Workman, and Jetge ---- (w) 54, b. same place,  25 Aug., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by R. Duiker, Min., A. Duiker, Grand Rapids, and G. Duiker, same place, witnesses. 6:60

Konkle, Frank (w) 32, Grand Rapids, b. N.Y. occ. Bookkeeper, and Mary Ella Comstock (w) 20, same place, b. Cheshire Co., N.H. 6 Dec., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by J.P. Tustin, Rector St. Marks.  A. B. Turner, Grand Rapids, and A. M. Nichols, same place, witnesses. 6:70

Kooiman, Jacob (w) 28, Wayland, Allegan Co., and Nellie Loring (w) 19, Grand Rapids. 7 Oct., 1861, at Grand Rapids, by Wm. E. Grove, J.P. S.S. Chipman, and M. Van Blois, both of Grand Rapids, witnesses 3:381

Koon, Lewis L. (w) 33, Grand Rapids, and Jane Smith (w) 34, same place.  2 Apr., 1864, at Grand Rapids, by J.W. Robinson, V.D.M. William Vander Heyden, and Emily E. Vander Heyden, witnesses. 4:127

Koon, Shuman J. (w) --, Lisbon, and Mercy Marie Chubb (w) --, 21 Feb., 1864, at Lisbon by Elder E.W. Norton, officiating. Lorenzo Chubb, and Ann Norton, witnesses. 4:75

Koon, John (w) 41, Otisco, Ionia Co., and Gertrude Platen (w) 34, same place. 11 Nov., 1858, by Rev. H. Rievers. William Shrewer, and Margaretta Platen, witnesses. 3:154

Kos, Connder (w) 30, Grand Rapids, and Bondowina Wpoppers (w) 24, same place. 3 June 1867, by C. Vander Neulen, Min., Jacobus Pleave, Grand Rapids, and Cornelius Gardenir, same place, witnesses. 5:156

Koster, Hendrik (w) 56, Grandville, b. Netherlands, occ Laborer, and Aallien J.A. Van Eerden (Postma) (w) 51, Grand Rapids, b. same place. 24 Mar., 1869, at Grandville, by M. Kiekentveld, V.D.M. G.J. Muleler, Grandville, and Pieter Z. Wart, same place, witnesses. 6:49

Koster, Johann Christian (w) 46, Grand Rapids, b. Prussia, occ. Farmer, and Christiana Sophia Samson (w) 20, same place, b. Wurtemburg. 17 May 1870, at Grand Rapids, by J.L. Daib, Min., Marla Damson, Grand Rapids, and Wiliam F. Damson, same place, witnesses. 6:85

Kotris, William (w) 21, Grand Rapids, and Gertz Pottma (w) 22, same place. 25 Sept., 1864, by C. Vandermeulen, Min., Franz Van Driel, Grand Rapids, and Gert Damean, same place, witnesses. 5:35

Kotvis, Johannes (w) 28, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ Merchant, and Carrie De Ruyter (w) 27, same place, b. same place. 7 July 1869, at Grand Rapids, by C. Vander Vean, Min., William Kotvis, Grand Rapids, and Gietje Kotvis, same place, witnesses. 6:72

Koz, Pieter (w) 27, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Workman, and Neelt Je Krygen (w) 25, same place, b. same place. 10 Jan., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by R. Duiker, Min., D. Kryger, Grand Rapids, and A. Duiker, same place, witnesses. 6:53

Kraft, Valentine (w) 24, Grand Rapids, and Maria Barbora Hersnan (w) 16, same place 5 Dec., 1866, by J.L. Daib, Min., Frank Towner, and Maria Gurman, witnesses. 5:102

Kramenberg, W. (w) 25, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. Laborer, and Epke Koning (w) 18, same place, b. same place. 3 Aug., 1870, at Grand Rapids, by R. Duiker, Min., Dutch Ref. Church. S. Kervink, Grand Rapids, and A. Duiker, same place, witnesses. 6:89

Krause, Christian F. (w) 46, Walker, b. Kanthareck, Prussia, occ. Common Laborer, and Fredericke Schmidt (Schulmeister) (w) 39, Grand Rapids, b. Suchen, Mucklenburg, Schweim. 4 Sept., 1867, at Grand Rapids, by J.L. Daib, Lutheran Min., Ludwig Schulmeister, Grand Rapids, and Helena Schulmeister, same place, witnesses. 6:4

Krause, William (w) 49, Grand Rapids, and Mrs. Maria Eigenbrod (widow) (w) 48, same place,  1 Jan., 1866, by J.L. Daib, Min., Solomon Heyer, and Carl Urtiss (?) witnesses. 5:13

Kreen, Kristed (w) 25, Waller, and Mina Wetfleet (w) 36, same place. 27 July 1866, at Walker, by Daniel Bush, Min., Marion M. Bush, of Walker, and Azubah M. Bush same place, witnesses. 5:44

Krekel, Frederick (w) --, Grand Rapids, and Lina Mittelmier (w) --, same place. 26 July 1863, by W. Achenback, Pastor German Lutheran Church. Gottfried Kalmbach, and Karotine Krekel, Grand Rapids, witnesses, 4:48

Krentzer, Conrad (w) 28, Ashland, Newaygo Co., b. Germany occ. Farmer, and Elizabeth Schafer (w) 20, Grand Rapids, b. same place. 4 June 1868, at Grand Rapids, by J.L. Daib, Min., Henry Bremer, Grand Rapids, and Conrad Krentzer, Sr., same place, witnesses. 6:20

Kridler, John (w) 21, Grand Rapids, b. Trumbull Co., O. Occ. Lawyer, and Lovina Sabin (Wedje) (w) 25, same place, b. Grand Rapids. 8 Mar., 1870, at Plainfield, by Wm. Hyser, J.P. Mrs. James Burnes, Plainfield, and Catherine Shrots, Cedar Springs, witnesses. 6:79

Krieg, Michael (w) 30, Tyrone, b. Germany, and Barbara Zenlugg (w) 20. 5 May 1867, at Tyrone, by J.M. Armstrong, J.P. Jacob Smith, Tyrone, and G.W. Hoper, same place, witnesses. 6:23

Krifft, Alpheus C. (w) 38, Caledonia, and Pirmillia R. Gleason (w) 23, same place. 20 Mar., 1859, by Charles C. Linsley, Min., Alonzo Blackmore, and Emily Blackmore, witnesses. 4:238

Krinzinga, Jacob (w) 37, Grand Rapids, and Gezina Rotmans (w) 36, same place. 1 May 1864, by C. Van Dere Meulen, Min., Gerrit Dalman, Grand Rapids, and Leenderd Vis, same place, witnesses. 4:243

Krith, Alexander (w) 26, Grand Rapids, b. Canada occ. Clerk, and Isabella Melville (w) 23, b. Scotland. 24 Dec., 1869, at Grand Rapids, by R.S. Goodman, Pastor. Mrs. R.S. Goodman, Grand Rapids, and Elizabeth Stewart, same place, witnesses. 6:84

Kroffts, Alpheus C. (w) 38, Caledonia, and Parmelia R. Gleason (w) 23, same place. 20 Mar., 1859, by Charles c. Lindsley, Min., Alonzo Blackmoor, and Emily Blackmoor, witnesses. 3:198

Kromer, Augustus (w) 28, Cannon, and Miss Mary M. Osmer (w) 16, same place. 23 Dec., 1858, by S.B. Smith, Min., C. Hartwell, M.E. Kromer, and L.G. Smith, witnesses. 3:156

Kryger, Korwerd (w) 27, Grand Rapids, and Lakoba Marte (w) 22, same place. 6 Nov., 1865, by C. Vander Mulen, Min., Yan Marte, and Jacob Kryger, both of Grand Rapids, witnesses. 4:366

Kudder, Henry (w) 21, Byron, b. Pa., occ. Farmer, and Lizzie a. Wilson (w) 21, same place, b. Byron. 1 Jan., 1869, at Paris, by Hiram H. Allen, J.P. James Van Aukin, Grand Rapids, and Lucy O. Van Aukin, same place, witnesses. 6:38

Kuiffin, William C. (w) 21, Lowell, and Celestia Ann Dawson (w) 22, Keene, Ionia Co., 28 May 1859, at Lowell, by Robert Hunder, J.P. C.A. Kuiffin, and Almyra Kuiffin, witnesses. 3:196

Kuiper, Daniel (w) 26, Kent Co., and Jannetje Enhover (w) 22, same place. 17 Sept., 1857, by K. Van Den Bosch, Min., Behrend de Vlieger, and Verend de Graaf, witnesses. 3:183

Kuiper, Kirk (w) --, and Adrianna Benjamine (w)--, 26 Apr., 1865 at Dutch Ref. Church, Grand Rapids, by W.H. Van Leeuwen, Min., Jan Gelock, and Barned de Graaf, witnesses. 4:356

Kukar, Martin (w) 27, Grand Rapids, and Bathanea Schutkatts (w) same place. 3 May 1867, by C. Vander meulen, Min., Yan Schut Ratts (?) (Schutkatts), Grand Rapids, and Mellern Jeaker, same place, witnesses. 5:148

Kunst, Pieter (w) Grand Rapids, and Neeltzi Slootemaker (w) 23, same place. 26 Oct., 1866, at Grand Rapids, by W. H. Van Leuwen, Min., M. Slootemaker, and Teunder Surgt, witnesses. 5:45

Kurizenga, Jacob D. (w) 37, Grand Rapids, and Gezina Van Braak (w) 36, same place. 1 May 1864, by Vander Meulen, Min., Gerrit Dalman, and Sunderd Vis, at Grand Rapids, witnesses. 4:229

Kurvink, Thomas (w) 24, Grand Rapids, b. Netherlands, occ. workman, and Janna de Jagor (w) 25, same place. b. same place. 11 May 1868, at Grand Rapids, by R. Duiker, Min., B.D.E. Vlieger, Grand Rapids, and J. Noordewier, same place, witnesses. 6:18

Kustera, Jacob (w) 39, Grand Rapids, and Christine Kalmback (w) 38, same place. 28 June 1860, by John V. Tahrans, Min., Jacob Blickle, Grand Rapids, and Christine Kustera, same place, witnesses. 3:250

Kuyger, Jacob (w) 26, Grand Rapids, and Joanna de Graen (w) 21, same place. 5 Apr., 1867, at Grand Rapids, by C. Vander Meulen, Min., Frans Van Drile, and Andirus Esteld, witnesses. 5:127

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