Golden Wedding Anniversary

(Grandville Avenue Record, April 20, 1917 Pg. 1)

Mr. and Mrs. John Hesselink of 560 Ten Haaf court celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last Friday. Relatives and friends called to congratulate them and the children presented them with a purse of gold in the sum of $75.

Mr. and Mrs. Hesselink were born at Angerlo, in the Province of Gelderland, Netherlands. They came to Grand Rapids in 1888, and located on Ten Haaf court, where they have lived ever since in the same home, now modernized to make life pleasant. Both are in the prime of life, Mr. H. being 83 years of age, and Mrs. H. 75 years.

There were fourteen children born to them eleven of whom are still living. Ten are daughters: Mrs. Terdiandusse and Mrs. Meurs of New Port Beach, California; Mrs. M. Blackport of Sheridan avenue; Mrs. DeWinter of Jenison; Mrs. DeHammer of Grandville; Mrs. Linderman, Mrs. F. VanDomelen, Mrs. Demmink, all of Grandville avenue; Mrs. G. Demmink of Union Street. G. J. Hesseling (sp), the only son, of Grandville avenue. It was a most happy gathering and as they parted they recalled the days gone by.

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