Kent County Marriages 1841-1851

Marriages from 1841-1848 taken from the Grand Rapids Enquirer.

Marriages from 1848-1851 taken from the Grand Rapids Eagle.

(This record was transcribed from the same book that contains the 1845-1870 marriage abstracts and the WGA extracts of the 1930s.)


Sept 8 at Walker, Henry C. Smith and Jane Ann Moon


July 10 at GR, W.H. McConnell and Eunice Hopkins, both of Mount Morrie, Livingston Co., N.Y.

Sept 7 at Paris, David F. Laraway and Irene A. Guild, both of Prais

Oct 25 at Byron, Ira S. Hatch of GR and Mary P. Rogers, only dau. of Jacob of Byron

Dec 1 Samuel D. Barr and Henrietta C. Pratt both of Paris


Jan 29 Isaac D. Davis and Sophia A. Reed both of Paris

Mar 17 at Walker, Benjamin Luce of GR and Marion S. Hill of Ada


July 14 at Grandville, Elisah G. Gale of GR and Caroline Hill of Grandville

Dec. 4 at Walker, Sullivan Armstrong and Mary C. Sheldon


Jan 1 Orson A. Withey and Louise Johnson

Feb 8 at Paris, Amos Rathbone and Amanda Carver

Feb 12 at GR, Dr. Melancthon Freeman of Grandville and Mary Stewart, dau. of the late Nehemiah Hathaway

Feb. 16 John W. Cook of Grandville and Julia A. Westlake of Walker

April 21 E.D. Barnes of Grand Haven and Mary Ann Luce of GR.

(She died May 28, 1846, aged 21.)

June 11 at Walker, Aaron Konkle and Caroline E. Brooks of Walker

June 18 at GR, Henry Tuttle and Charlotte Clark

July 11 at Grandville, James Patterson and Lucretia Cramm, both of GR

Oct 22 at Courtland, Almon Thompson and Sarah Ann Davis


Dec. 31 John E. Guild and Maria M., dau. of Widow Andrews, both of Paris.

Dec. 31 Abram T. Andrews and Marion L. Guild, dau. of Edward Guild, both Paris

Sept 27 John Luther and Mary Ann Farmer

Oct. 10 Chas. F. Richmond of Ada and Eliza J. Baird of Ada

Oct. 14 Avery Brace and Louise Simons, both of Walker

Oct. 16 Almon Ward (died Feb. 15, 1847, age 25) and Mary Ann Clarke, both of [?]

Nov. 5 Capt. Abijah Luce and Violetta Davis, both of Paris

Oct. 20 Henry B. Yale and Isabella Knowland, both of Paris

Nov. 16 Benjamin Hanchett and Susan A. Martindale

Nov. 25 Chas. W. Hathaway and Mary Tracy, both of GR

Dec. 8 Isaac Stebbins and Charlotte Patterson, both of GR


April 21 at Walker, John P. Hanchett Jr. and Lydia Jane Clark, both of GR
May 16 Henry H. Roberts and Mary Burrall, both of Grandville

Nov 29 Harvey P. Yale and Mary E. Lyon

May 3 Benjamin Smith and Sarah F. Rathbun, both of GR


Feb 23 Charles C. Rood and Sarah B. Brainerd, both of GR

Mar 23 Nelson Davis and Hannah J. Bailey, both of this village

Mar 26 James D. Lyon and Emily A. Hathaway

July 4 in Paris, Miner Patterson and Sally Ann Spaulding

Aug 17 in Wyoming, Augustus Niles of Byron and Helen, (dau. of Cyrus and Phebe) Jones

Oct. 8 James Foote of Paris and Eliza Freeman of Wyoming

Dec. 3 in Gaines, James S. Reynolds and Arvilla Kelley


July 12 Cyrus C. Bemis and Adelaie M. Johnson

Aug 30 Lucius A. Thayer and Helen Stanford

Dec 25 at Grand Haven, Ottawa Co., W. Kellington and Aletta Teeple


Mar 1 in Walker, D.C. Britton and Lucretia Bemis

Mar 17 in Walker, John Watson and Elizabeth H. Roberts

April 14 Howard Jennings of Paris and Mary E. Wheeler of GR
May 12 James N. Davis and Sarah A. Nickles, both of GR

July 7 J.M. Stanley and Julia Campau

July 14 in Cannon, G. L. Lawrence and Lucina Miller, both of Plainfield

(Eagle of Aug 26, dates of marriage not given), Levi Miller of Alpine and Maryette E. Clayton of Wright

Sept 12 Alfred B. Turner and Mary Jane Tuttle, both of GR

Sept 17 Robert P. Sinclair and Julia H. Allen

Oct. 14 Daniel McConnell and Elizabeth, dau. of Hon. Edward Mundy


Jan 14 Chas. M. Tuttle and Eliabeth Stayt, both of GR

Jan 1 Ransom C. Luce of GR and Sarah H. Gregory, formerly of Danbury, Conn.

Feb 1 Zimi W. Burnham and Sally Patterson of Paris

Feb 18 in Lansing, K Rathbun and Sally Ann Pratt of Paris

Mar 16 in GR, Samuel M. Dunlap and Frances L. Seymour

Mar 16 Rodney C. Sessions of Dorr, Allegan Co., and Rosannah Kelly of [?]

Sept 9 George Clinton Moreton of Chicago and Charity Jane Rathbun, dau. of Charles, in GR

Oct 9 in Gaines, Smith Clark and Lydia Hammond, both of Gaines

Oct 16 in Plainfield, Peter S. Clark and Huldah Brownell

Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
Created: 13 December 2002