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The Grand Rapids Study Club

The Grand Rapids Study Club was established on November 10, 1904, at the home of Mrs. Louisa Gaines.  This was the first African-American women's organization in Kent County. Its purpose was "to unite all efforts towards individual, home, and community betterment through study and civic cooperation in all things, which portends the advancement of all groups." In 1906, the club joined the National Federation of (Black) Women's Clubs. In 1907, it sent two delegates, Mrs. Nadena Goings and Mrs. Daisy Lacey to the  federation's national convention. In 1920, the club opened a savings account and began to make property investments. In 1935, a stately home at 427 James Avenue was purchased and became the headquarters for the Grand Rapids Study Club. In June 1980, the Grand Rapids City Commission designated the Study Club building an historic site because of the club's impressive history and because the building itself has historical significances. In 1979, the Grand Rapids Study Club celebrated its 75th anniversary.

Motto: Rowing, Not Drifting
Official Colors: Yellow and White


Members of the Grand Rapids Study Club ca. 1925:
L-R Back row: Lynn Corbin, Lucille Skinner, Hattie Pinckney,  Corinne Phillips, Harriet Loving, ___________,
Ethel Coe, Minnie Russau, Ida Patterson, Leona Robinson, Bernice Wilson.
L-R Front row: Esther Hill, Myrtle Lasha, Mable Gaines, Daisy Simmons, Grace Sims, Hattie Smith, Margaret Bannister.

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