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Evening Press Newsboys' Band of 1900

The predecessor of the Grand Rapids Press, in 1896, started a band selected from its newsboys. Their leader was Frank Wurzburg, well-known to Grand Rapids. It was one of the first, if not the first, newsboys' band in this country. By 1900, at the time of this picture, it had developed into a real organization.

The names of the members are given by number as follows:
1. Frank Wurzburg, Director
2. John Konvelinka
3. Ed Haldaman
4. George Langlands
5. George Smith
6. Fred Matzdorff
7. Carl Meyer
8. Frank Plass
9. Herman Schaubel
10. Harry Sanford
11. Archie Goss
12. Herbert Conlon
13. William Mannerstrom
14. Bert Hildreth
15. Albin Norblad (became Governor of Oregon
the latter part of December, 1929)
16. Arthur Boon
17. Manny Gilbert
18. Roy Teeven
19. Hugo Smith
20. Menlo Quigley
21. Arthur Thomas
22. George Simmons
23. William Mc Kay
24. William Nevins
25. Oscar Mannerstrom
26. Fred Christie
27. James Welsh
28. George Welsh
29. Oscar Christie

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Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst

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