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Grand RapidsArea Council for the Humanities

Voight HouseVictorian Museum

NortonMound Historical Site

Ada CoveredBridge, Fallasburg CoveredBridge & Historic Bridgesof Grand Rapids

John Ball ZooHistory
Including information on John Ballhimself.

Historyof Dutch Emigrants - The Dutch Emigration Trilogy 

History of the GrandRapids Bar Association and the Law Library

History of Kent CountyMedical Society

Historyof Blodgett Hospital

History ofthe Grandville Fire Department

FM4: Michiganand Grand Rapids Furniture History

History ofFurniture Manufacturers
From the Public Museum ofGrand Rapids.

History of Robinette's Fruit Farm

History ofthe Bissell Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan

History of the G.R.Area YMCA

"StuffAbout Michigan" from the Michigan Historical Center
Includes a brief history of the Great Lake State, Michigan FAQ,famous Michiganians, Michigan counties with year of organization andsource of county name, state symbols, governors and more. Transportation

Michigan Women's History

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