[an error occurred while processing this directive] Mayors of Grand Rapids: 1924-2005

1924    Elvin Swarthout
1930    John D. Karel
1934    William Timmers
1936    Tunis Johnson
1938    George W. Welsh
1949    Stanley J. Davis
1950    Paul G. Goebel
1954    George Veldman
1956    Paul G. Goebel
1958    Stanley J. Davis
1964    C. H. Sonneveldt
1970    Robert Boelens
1971    Lyman S. Parks
1976    Abe L. Drasin
1984    Gerald R. Helmholdt
1992    John H. Logie
2002    George Heartwell


If you need further information, you may phone the Mayor's secretary at (616) 456-3168.
Mayor's Office, 300 Monroe Ave. N.W. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503 (1999)

Rose D'Archangel
Secretary to the City Manager
Mayors 1850-1926

Document Source: Mayor's Office, City of Grand Rapids Michigan
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