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Mail Carriers of 1885
Kent County Michigan

Free delivery system by mail carriers was established in Grand Rapids September 1, 1873. The original force consisted of five men, namely, John Sonke, Raymond McGowen, E. W. Bignell, C. L. Shattuck and J. F. Lamoreaux. Their pay was $600 for the first year, increased to $700 for the second year, and to $850 for the third year and thereafter.

This picture was taken in 1885 when James Blair was Postmaster, during the first term of the administration of Grover Cleveland.

This picture has been cut in half in order for easier loading. In the first half, the mail carriers are:

Left to Right,
Front Row:
  Supt. Aaron L. Sibley
  John Sonke
  Julius Ceaser
Second Row:
  Chas. W. Dolan
  E. N. Cronan
  Herman Paterson
  Chris Mc Nally
Third Row:
  Mr. Richmond
  Earnest Sigler
  Wesley Jones
  Sam Harding
  John Risedorph
  Ranson Reed
  Daniel Clark
Last Row:
  John M. Hendricks*
  George Kline, clerk
  Mr. De Young

*Mr. Hendricks, who is still living (April 1, 1947) and was given a gold certificate of life membership in the National Association of Letter Carriers, having served for fifty consecutive years at the time of his retirement.

In the second half of this picture, there are:
Left to Right:
First Row:
  W. S. Berry
  Herman Warrell
  Supt. Aaron L. Sibley
Second Row:
  C. Moore
  Alec Mc Donald
Third Row:
  Unknown, Janitor
  Harry Wilson, clerk
  Mr. Richmond
  John M. Hendricks

Document Source: Files, Grand Rapids Public Library.
Location of Original: Grand Rapids Public Library
Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst

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