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Grand Rapids Hospitals
The Female Union Charitable Association, later the United Benevolent Association, opened a hospital in 1848.  Ten years later, the society bought a home for orphans near LaGrave Ave. and Oakes Street. They named it the Orphans Asylum Association. Other homes were eventually opened. In 1886, a hospital was added and in 1916 that hospital was moved to the site at Wealthy St. and Plymouth Ave. and named Blodgett Hospital.

~ United Benevolent Association ~

About 1872, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, at the urging of its pastor, Rev. Samuel Sharp, established a home for destitute members and others. This home was temporary as members, Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Fuller, donated a permanent place. In 1875, the larger home was opened and in 1876, a medical staff and house physician was added. Soon, the home became a hospital. In 1887, another member, Richard Butterworth, offered the site at Michigan Street and Bostwick Ave. NE. for construction of  a 65-bed hospital. This hospital was Butterworth Hospital.

~ St. Mark's Home ~

In 1893, the Most Rev. Henry J. Tichter, bishop of the Grand Rapids Diocese, asked the Sisters of Mercy to come to Grand Rapids to open a hospital here. He gave them a home at 225 Lafayette Ave. SE. that had been donated by the McNamara family. The 15-bed hospital was named St. Mary's in honor of Mary McNamara.

~ St. Mary's Hospital ~

Today, Blodgett Hospital and Butterworth Hospital have merged to become Spectrum Health with several campuses throughout the city. St. Mary's remains at its location though it now encompasses several blocks.  Other hospitals in the area are Metropolitan Hospital, Kent Community Hospital and Mary Free Bed Hospital.

Spectrum Health
Downtown Campus
(Formerly Butterworth Hospital)
100 Michigan St. N.E.

Spectrum Health
East Campus
(Formerly Blodgett Hospital)
1840 Wealthy S.E.

St. Mary's Hospital
200 Jefferson S.E.

Kent Community Hospital
750 Fuller Ave. N.E.

Metropolitan Hospital
1919 Boston S.E.

Mary Free Bed Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
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235 Wealthy S.E.

Burleson Sanitarium (Hospital)
The following link connects you with information on the Burleson Sanitarium, a tribute to Dr. Jack Burleson by his grandson, Paul M. Conrad.


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