Postmasters and Officers-in-Charge (1832-2003)
Grand Rapids Post Office
Kent County, Michigan

Name Title Date Appointed Notes
Leonard Slater Postmaster 12/22/1832 Post office name changed to KENT
on September 1, 1836
Darius Winsor Postmaster 09/01/1836  
Alfred D. Rathbone Postmaster 07/11/1838  
James M. Nelson Postmaster 09/04/1841  
James M. Nelson Postmaster 02/06/1844 Name changed back to GRAND RAPIDS
on February 6, 1844
Truman H. Lyon Postmaster 04/09/1845  
Ralph W. Cole Postmaster 03/26/1849  
Truman H. Lyon Postmaster 03/25/1853  
Harvey P. Yale Postmaster 09/29/1857  
Noyes L. Avery Postmaster 03/27/1861  
Charles H. Taylor Postmaster 08/24/1866  
Solomon O. Kingsbury Postmaster 03/11/1867  
Aaron B. Turner Postmaster 04/09/1869  
Peter R. L. Pierce Postmaster 03/19/1877  
James Gallup Postmaster 12/19/1878  
Heman N. Moore Postmaster 12/20/1882  
James Blair Postmaster 09/29/1885  
George G. Briggs Postmaster 03/20/1890  
Thomas F. Carroll Postmaster 03/09/1894  
Loomis K. Bishop Postmaster 05/05/1898  
W. Millard Palmer Postmaster 01/24/1912  
Charles Holden Acting Postmaster 06/05/1914  
Charles E. Hogadone Postmaster 11/04/1914  
Robert G. Hill Acting Postmaster 07/28/1923  
Robert G. Hill Postmaster 01/03/1924  
Aaron E. Davis Acting Postmaster 08/28/1929  
Aaron E. Davis Postmaster 10/16/1929  
Frank C. Jarvis Acting Postmaster 10/31/1933  
Frank C. Jarvis Postmaster 03/29/1934  
Ernest A. Sackerman Acting Postmaster 11/30/1946  
Arthur W. Hamilton Acting Postmaster 08/31/1948  
Arthur W. Hamilton Postmaster 08/18/1949  
Martin E. Chirgwin Acting Postmaster 02/25/1954  
H. Wayne Parker Postmaster 07/28/1954  
Mrs. Lillian E. Kiel Acting Postmaster 09/29/1967  
Charles E. McGinn Officer-in-Charge 02/14/1969  
Lewis J. McNaughton Jr. Officer-in-Charge 01/13/1970  
Lewis J. McNaughton Jr. Postmaster 02/20/1971  
James M. Blankenship Officer-in-Charge 09/03/1971  
James M. Blankenship Postmaster 06/24/1972  
?? Officer-in-Charge    
A. Cooper McCauslen Postmaster 07/11/1981  
?? Officer-in-Charge    
Wayne D. Rogers Postmaster 09/14/1985  
Robert S. Bates Postmaster 03/29/1986  
James A. Wescott Postmaster 07/02/1988  
?? Officer-in-Charge    
Paul E. Vogel Postmaster 06/16/1990  
Charles E. Howe Postmaster 01/23/1993  
Murry E. Weatherall Postmaster 03/04/1995  
Kimberly J. (Goebel) Peters Postmaster 07/01/2000 Kimberly J. Goebel's surname changed
to Peters by marriage on July 27, 2002.

Source: Postmaster Finder, United States Postal Service,

Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin
Created: 3 July 2003