Browning Hotel (1917)
Corner of Sheldon and Oakes Streets

New Managers of Browning Hotel Grand Rapids Herald, June 3, 1818

While the ownership underwent no change the active management of the Browning Hotel passed into other hands Saturday afternoon. Alvah Brown, manager of the hostelry since its opening about a year ago gives way to Robert E. Jones, of Little Rock, Arkansas, a hotel man of many years experience. The latter will conduct the Browning on the family apartment plan, and is contemplating many internal changes. He has leased the property for five years at a rental said to be about $30,000 a year.

Mr. Jones and his wife with their son, Raymond E. Jones and his wife, will be in active charge of the hotel. Mr. Jones will be manager, Mrs. Jones will take personal supervision of the "house" management, while young Mr. Jones will be in charge of the office. Miss Lola C. Jones, a daughter, will assist in a general way.

The new proprietor was formerly in charge of the "Frederica", a family apartment hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas, built especially for him. This was continued for five years. He then took charge of the "Sterling" a family hotel for 216 apartments at St. Louis, MO. Since disposing of that property he has been searching for a desirable location and the Browning Hotel came under his attention. After considerable negotiation the Browning Hotel proprietors decided to lease the property, and the deal was closed.

The Browning Hotel was built about a year ago under direction of Alvah Brown who organized the Browning Hotel Company. He directed the destiny of the institution up until Saturday, and in the year of its history the hotel has a record of never having one empty apartment. Mr. Brown remains as president and treasurer of the company and David A. Warner as secretary.

(Side note: The hotel fell on poor times when families started buying houses instead of living in the hotels which was quite the fashion at certain income levels.)

Grand Rapids Press January 2, 1939

The Browning Hotel at Sheldon Avenue and Oakes Street is celebrating its formal opening this week. The place has been closed from early summer until a month ago.