A Railroad Riot Near Lowell !
(Grand Rapids Daily Eagle, 2 March 1858)

Just before we put this paper to the press, a report reached us to the effect that about a mile of the new railroad track above Lowell was torn up yesterday, and other damaging acts perpetrated by a mob of the late employees of the company. We have not, as yet, learned the particulars, nor are we sufficiently informed as to the causes of provocation which have led to this serious outrage to make a fair statement of them; but whatever may have incited them to such a state of exasperation, they cannot be justified in such overt acts as they are reported to have perpetrated, against the peace of society and the safety of the traveling public. Such proceedings must be arrested by the strong arm of the law.

That there is some serious cause of complaint on the part of those who seem to be leagued in opposition to the interests of the railroad managers, we have no doubt; but they must seek their remedy through some other means than an open violation of the laws. They must take such a course as will be sustained by a healthy public sentiment, or they will not only fail in their object, but what is worse for themselves and families, be compelled to suffer the penalty which justly attaches to the commission of high crime.

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