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In 1849 the Wendell residence, situated on the northwest of Fulton and Lafayette Sts., occupied by Judge Mundy, burned together with nearly all of its contents. Within a week the following petition, the original of which is in the historical room of the Ryerson Library was presented to the village council:

To the Honorable Board of Trustees of the Village of Grand Rapids:

The undersigned citizens of Grand Rapids would respectfully petition your honorable body to tae immediate measures to procure for the village a good fire engine and other necessary apparatus for the extinguishment of fires.

Signed: C.H. Taylor, Wm. H. McConnell. L.N. Wade, Wm. Bemis, C.P. Calkins, C.W. Hathaway, S.F. Perkins, W. Woodward, Jas. M. Smith, Geo. F. Jones, E.B.Smith, Wm. L. Waring, Ira S. Hatch, W.P. Coggeshall, A. Roberts, J.T. inney, W.D. Porter, G.C. Nelson, C.Smith, John C. Buchanan, W.N. Cook, W.H. Godfroy, Leonared Snyder, John Mathison, W.A. Richmond, T.W. Parry, John King, Jas. D. Lyon, Wm. W. Hatch, Jas. McCray, A.H.Proctor, A.B.Turner, Wm.H. Stewart, Alexander McColl, P.R. Jarvis, Chas. Burnhan, Cyrus Bennett, J.M.Stanley, Richard Sterling, John I. Ellis, Edward E. Sargeant, L.R. Atwater, Geo, Martin, R.W.Cole, George Fitch, J.W. Pierce, F.H. Cuming, John W. Squier, A.H. Smith, T. Campau, J.M. Nelson, W.P. Mills, D. Burnett, Ben Haxton, J. Morresy, James Miller, John Clancy, Henry Martin, Wm. L. Coffinberry, H. Dean, W.A. Brown, J.J. Baxter, Henry R. Williams, John Bemis, Jas. Lyman, E.C. Putnam, D. McConnell, R.C. Luce, G.B. Rathbone, G.M. Mills, Barker and Almay, Alonzo Platt, R.I. Shoemaker, Geo. Kendall, J. Morrison, H.P. Gale, W.G. Henry, John Westcott, Samíl Buchanan Sr., Michael Connolly, J.P. Hanchett, Jacob Barnes, R.M. Collins, Wm. Haldum, Joseph Marion, Wm t. Powers, Gains S. Dean, John F. Wyman, E.S. Marsh, B.S. Hanchett, E.T. Nelson, P.H. Bowman, John M. Connell, Wm. I. Blakely, Baker Borden, Samuel Howland, Geo. Stevenson, A.W. Pike, Benjamin Teller, C.B. White, H.H. Ives, F. Everitt, H. S. Wartrous, A.X. Cary, J.W. Robbins, Daniel F. Tower, Chas. Shepard, L. Moore, John T. Holmes, Harry Eaton, William Clancy, B. Noble, H.K. Rose, H.C. Patten, J.L. Clements, Z.G. Winsor, Charles C. Grompe, J.W. Sligle, J.W. Wallace, T.H. Lyon.

Ö.While awaiting the coming of the apparatus early in the fall of 1849 Alert Fire Co. No. 1 was organized with the following members:

Charles H. Taylor, Solomon O. Kingsbury, John Clancy, Wm. D. Roberts, Daniel McConnelll Frank N. Godfroy, William H. Almy, Thos. W. Parry, Wilder D. Foster, Ira S. Hatch, Benjamn Haxton, Geo. H. White, William Clancy, Harvey K. Rose, James W. Sligh, T.S. Rock, Justin M. Stanly, Willima N. Cook, George C. Fitch, John C. Buchanan, Charles Trompe, William B. Renwick, M. Sparlin, Ruben Wheeler, Samuel F. Perkins, Robert M. Collins, Jacob Barnes, C.W. McKenzie. Of this company Charles H. Taylor was elected foreman.

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In the preparation of this chapter thanks are due to Fire Marshal Lemoin, Mr. Bettinghouse, the captains of the various engine houses, W.N. Cook, Charles Belknap and others.

Henry W. Lemoin, fire marshal of the city of Grand Rapids, was born January 28, 1844, in the township of Stow, Summit county, Ohio, and was the youngest of eleven children, who were left fatherless and penniless when he was but a year old. His educational advantages were those of the common district schools. Dependent from the first upon his own exertions, to aid in the care and support of the family as well as himself, he worked on a farm from the age of twelve until he was twenty-two years old. Meanwhile, in 1861, the burning of the family residence, involving the total destruction of the building and household goods, gave him his first experience in fighting fire. Afterward he learned the trade of carpenter and joiner. In 1868 he came to Grand Rapids, where for several years he worked at his trade; after which he took a position in the well-known business house of Shriver, Weatherly & Co., as collector and shipping clerk. While at his trade, in 1873 he entered the fire services as part-pay pipe-man in No. 1 Hose Company. There he very soon had his abilities put to test; taking an active part and serving with conspicuous gallantry at the great conflagration in July of that year, on East Bridge and Kent streets, under Chief Shields. Upon reorganization of the department he was appointed foreman of Steamer Company No 2, and served in this capacity until 1880, and on September 6 of that year was elected by the Common Council chief engineer of the fire department; which position he has since filled with zeal and good judgment. Mr. Lemoin married May 21, 1874, Harriet J. Findlay, of Ada, Michigan. They have four children, two sons and two daughters, named Roy, Bessie, Ray and Florence. In his youth the major part of the expenses and care of his mother fell upon him, and to her ever kind and constant watchfulness and advice does he attribute the success he as attained in life. Mr. Lemoin became a member, in 1871 of Valley City Lodge No. 86, of Free and Accepted Masons, and is still in that fellowship; also is a member of Valley City Council, No 611, Royal Arcanum, of this city. The orderly and well disciplined condition of the fire department, its efficiency and its high standing among organizations of that kind, amply attest the abilities of Mr., Lemoin as a manager in the important and responsible position which he has held for many years and still holds at its head, and his integrity and fidelity as a citizen and a public officer. His home is at 223 Barclay Street, and his official headquarters are at Engine House No. 4. For a quarter of a century he has been the head of the fire department, watched its growth and guarded its interest.


Goss History of Grand Rapids

List of Firemen, 1905

Members of the Fire Department
Abbott, Justin 1891 Branigan, James 1890
Addison, Wm. 1882 Breamer, Frederick 1888
Adrien, Homer 1884 Bremer, William 1891
Aldrich, Joel 1890 Brewton, Wm. 1902
Aldridge, Edgar 1891 Bredenstine, Charles 1902
Apted, William 1892 Brodberg, John 1903
Armstrong, Arthur 1894 Brown, J. Anthon 1880
Bailey, Harris 1893 Brown, Joe 1890
Baker, Eddie 1882 Brown, Frank 1883
Baker, Samuel J. 1893 Buck, Guy 1890
Baker, William 1902 Bullis, Avery 1885
Ball, Ezra 1902 Burtelson, Andrew 1890
Barendse, John 1902 Butler, Thomas 1881
Barker, Silas 1890 Byrne, James 1876
Barrett, Wm. 1900 Calkins, Fred 1903
Bates, John 1895 Callahan, A.F. 1881
Baxter, Edward 1902 Canfield, W.G. 1897
Baxter, Solon 1872 Carlin, Harry 1898
Baxter, Ernest 1902 Carner, Oscar 1903
Beach, Emery 1888 Carr, Michael 1891
Beckwith, Henry 1893 Chard, Leory 1897
Beebe, Frank 1899 Chase, John W. 1881
Beebe, Charles N. 1886 Chism, Chisholm 1882
Beekman, Henry 1884 Christie, Geo. 1900
Belknap, T.R. 1870 Clark, Fred W. 1887
Bellaire, Theodore Edward ? Clayton, John 1899
Berger, Charles 1880 Colberg, Charles 1900
Bettinghouse, Henry 1880 Cole, Emery 1899
Bigelow, Wm. 1895 Cole, Geo. 1891
Billsborrow, Fred 1891 Collins, James 1882
Bird, George 1882 Collins, Philip 1880
Bischoff, Charles 1897 Collins, Wm. 1881
Bischof, Wm. 1897 Collins, Justus 1894
Bissonette, Joseph 1884 Colson, Boyd 1902
Blake, John, Jr. 1880 Condon, Charles 1902
Bliss, Frank 1888 Connor, Harry 1900
Bonser, Thomas 1893 Cooney, Charles 1883
Boughner, Edual 1891 Corbin, Walter 1902
Boughner, George 1888 Corbin, Wm. 1889
Bovee, Lloyd 1902 Corbin, Charles 1889
Branch, John 1886 Corboy, James 1900
Corby, Wm. 1904 Fortier. John 1880
Cotton, Geo. 1890 Foster, James 1882
Cotton, Frank 1892 Fox, A.D. 1902
Crawford, Ray 1894 French, Ralph 1892
Crissey, A.S. 1881 From, Oliver 1871
Croll, Wm. 1900 Fryant, Dwight 1888
Crump, Geo. 1903 Fulkson, Wm. 1882
Cummings, Lewis 1888 Galligan, Andrew 1902
Cummings, Frank 1892 Galloway, Edward 1894
Cummings, Julius 1886 Garnet, James 1881
Cunningham, W.J. 1880 Gavity, Newton 1891
Curry, Robert 1901 Gibbons, Thomas 1854
Curtis, Michael 1890 Gilmartin, Martin
Curtis, Wm. 1894 Glidden, Herbert 1892
Davenport, Harry 1894 Goodrich, John 1887
Davis, Wm. 1903 Gordon, Louis 1899
DeBoer, Peter 1893 Gorham, Edwin 1886
DeCells, Eugene 1883 Griffith, Edgar A.James 1899
Delaney, William 1892 Griffith, James 1901
Denney, Christopher 1887 Grom, Charles 1905
Denton, Edgar 1896 Groskopf, August 1885
Deurloo, Herman 1904 Guild, Elliot 1882
DeWolf, Andrew 1881 Guzzenbauer, George 1890
Dickerson, Charles 1887 Haggerty, John 1900
Donahue, Thomas 1880 Hall E.F. 1873
Downs, J.W. 1881 Hamlin, M. J. 1881
Duncan, Feorge 1890 Hammer, John 1885
Dunn, Eugene 1888 Hammer, P.N. 1897
Eddy, James 1886 Hammerslag, L. 1905
Emmer, A.J. 1880 Haner, Wm. 1888
Emmerson, Thomas 1884 Harris, Wm. H. 1883
Emmons, John 1881 Harter, Clarence 1895
Emmons, Oscar 1878 Hartson, Louis 1881
Emans, Ben 1899 Hathaway, James 1882
Eness, Wm. 1892 Hawk, W.T. 1884
Engel, John V. 1880 Hayes, Dennis 1892
Esterhill, Wm. H. 1894 Hazeltine, Bert 1886
Farwell, Peter 1886 Hembling, S. 1881
Faulkner, James 1887 Hensler, Fred 1892
Faulkner, Thomas 1895 Heyman. Luke 1893
Felton, Fred 1899 Higgin, Fred 1895
Fenn, Frank 1888 Higgin, Robert 1901
Findlay, Theodore 1897 Higgins, Patrick 1882
Fisher, John 1894 Hill, Frank 1894
Fitzpatrick, Wm. 1880 Hilton, Edward 1882
Fitzpatrick, John 1895 Hohn, Peter 1888
Fitzpatrick, Michael 1887 Horton, Titus P. 1880
Fitzpatrick, Thomas 1896 Horton, John 1893
Howard, Charles 1884 Lemon, Frank 1882
Howe, Charles 1887 Lemon, Luther 1886
Howell, Edward 1873 Lewis, George C. 1882
Howell Ed Jr. 1884 Lewis, Charles 1889
Howell, James 1873 Linderman, Herman 1902
Hubbard, Floyd 1886 Lorren, John 1895
Huguenot, Emanuel 1892 Lovell, Robert 1891
Hulf, Wm. 1897 Lucas, Henry 1894
Hun, Andrew B. 1882 Lynch, George 1899
Hungerford, Clarence 1895 Lyons, Wm. 1882
Hyde, Edward 1889 Maddren, Wm. 1903
Hydorn, George 1885 Maher, Michael 1887
Hyman, Luke 1893 Maitland, Walter 1901
Inman, Wm. 1888 Marks, John 1882
Jackman, W.J. 1884 Marvon, Henry 1877
Jenkins, John H. Jr. 1887 Mason, John 1887
Jennings, Fred N. 1881 Mathie, James 1897
Jennings, Wm. 1892 Matthews, Judson 1886
Jennings, Edward 1897 Maxam, Walter 1892
Johns, George F. 1887 McArthur, Ira 1901
Johnson, George 1888 McCarty, Perry 1902
Johnson, Elmer 1891 McCaul, George 883
Jolsma, Wm. 1902 McCaul, Frank 1882
Kean, Frank 1880 McCormick, Frank 1891
Keeler, Wm. 1888 McDermott, Wm. 1888
Kelley, John 1882 McDonald, George 1881
Kelley, Dell 1889 McDonnell, Thomas 1888
Kennedy, Hugh 1892 McDougal, Archie 1886
Kennedy, John 1885 McGarry, Andrew 1882
Kerwin, John 1884 McGinnis, Kern 1890
Kerwin, Luke 1880 McGuire, Michael 1884
Kerwin, Mike 1880 McMullen, Thomas 1881
Kirkwood, Thomas B. 1880 Medbury, Samuel 1886
Kitts, Charles H. 1880 Merrifield, Preston V. 1875
Klosterhouse, John 1892 Miller, A.P. 1899
Kriser, Frank 1897 Miller, John 1899
Kriser, Anton 1902 Miller, Alex 1881
Krupp, Jakob 1892 Miller, Joseph 1878
Krupp, John 1892 Mitchell George F. 1876
Kyle, Oliver 1883 Mol, C.C. 1905
Lamb. Allen, K. 1888 Montgomery, Jas. 1884
Lamore, Charles 1884 Morgan, Hugh J. 1881
Lamore, Dan 1884 Murphy, Michael 1887
Larson, Mathew 1904 Mutchler, Frank 1892
Leach, Albert 1882 Myers, Warre 1890
Lemoin, Ray 1902 Nagelkirk, Peter 1895
Lemoin, Henry 1873 Nagelkirk, Herbert 1902
Lemoin, Roy 1897 Neal, Albert 1887
Nelson, Paul 1899 Root, Richard 1893
Nerenhouse, John 1883 Rose, Andrew 1899
Newhouse, Joseph 1883 Ross, Alex 1892
Newman, Joseph 1898 Rowley, George 1884
Nicholson, Howard 1895 Ruck, Fred 1899
Nicholson, Eugene 1891 Runions, James 1899
Noel, Geo 1902 Sain, Clinton 1883
Oakwood, Ray 1902 Schenck, Elmer 1895
Ormond, Wm. J. 1878 Schneider, E.L. 1885
Osgood, Wm.L. 1874 Scott, Wm. 1887
Osgood, W.S. 1884 Sergeant, Fred 1887
O'Donahue, Wm 1896 Seymour, Glen C. 1882
O'Neil, John 1893 Shook, Charles 1891
O'Keefe, Morris 1892 Shriver, Fred Jr. 1881
O'Connor, John 1881 Sidell, Charles 1899
Parker, George 1875 Silcott, Wm. 1889
Patterson, Thomas 1882 Simmons, Charles 1890
Peterson, Andrew 1893 Slovinski, Theodore 1897
Petrie, Arthur 1888 Smith, Cecil 1903
Pfeifer, Burton 1890 Smith, Robert 1885
Pierce, Oscar 1883 Smith, John 1873
Pitts, Wm 1890 Smith, Wm 1891
Poe, Amos 1899 Smith, Alden 1882
Pomeroy, Samuel 1891 Smith, Alf 1882
Porter, Edward 1887 Smith, John Jr 1880
Porter, Frank 1881 Smith, Truman 1878
Postmus, Seitse 1900 Smith, Walter 1882
Primean, Frank 1905 Sneeden, Freeland 1884
Prindle, Seth 1882 Sneedman, J.C. 1894
Putnam, R.K. 1872 Snyder, Henry 1882
Quigg, John 1897 Somers, William 1884
Quinn, John 1880 Somers, John 1888
Rafferty,John 1897 Sonke, Garret 1887
Rau, Gottleib 1893 Sonke, Isaac 1885
Rau, Stephen 1891 Soules, Lamont 1891
Reed, Wm 1883 Spencer, Wm 1890
Reed, Reason 1893 Spencer, Charles 1881
Reed, Willliam 1905 Speyer, Roger 1904
Reetsburg, Isaac 1884 Spoelstra, George 1888
Renahan, John 1884 Steinman, John 1885
Rexford, Wm 1900 Stevens, Charles 1900
Richmond, A.J. 1875 Stevenson, Wm 1887
Riley, Leo 1901 Stewart, Wm 1887
Riley, Charles 1896 Stover, Ed. 1881
Rittenberg, John 1904 Sutherland, Eugene 1890
Roberts, E.A. 1874 Swan, W.A. 1882
Roberts, George L. 1878 Swartz, John 1882
Roberts, Richard 1880 Sweet, Iremus W. 1882
Sweetman, Richard 1892 Waller, Wm 1896
Sylvester, Charles 1890 Walsh, Chas. 1897
Tanner, Soloman 1888 Watterson, J.K. 1881
Taylor, Chapin 1900 Weaver, Jacob 1894
Taylor, Geo 1889 Weitbrecht, Fred 1901
Taylor, James B 1885 Wellman, Arthur 1904
Taylor, Thomas 1885 Werkman, John 1895
Thomas. Charles 1882 West, Milo 1894
Thomas, James 1889 Whalen, John 1897
Thurkettle, Harry 1900 Wheeler, Charles 1890
Tolsma, Wm 1894 White, Wesley 1895
Tomsma, Jerry 1893 Wickelson, Eugene 1891
Toren, Jacob 1895 Wieland, P. 1903
Tracy, Frank 1882 Wilcox, Fred 1902
Troy, Frank 1901 Wildberger, Frank H 1895
Tryman, Robert 1880 Williams, Wm H 1883
Tucker, Harry 1874 Winegar, Andrew 1887
Tuffts, Wm 1882 Wise, Wm 1880
Van der Linde, Frank 1899 Witters, Gilbert 1881
Van Haitsema, Titus 1890 Worful, Charles 1885
VanSteinberg, Frank 1881 Wortz, Ray 1898
Veenstra, John 1903 Wriglet, E.O. 1902
Verlin, Michael 1892 Wykes, Newton 1880
Vickeman, John 1899 Younglove, John 1893
Wade, Mathew 1874 Youngs, Wm 1885
Walker, David 1881 Yntema, Hessel 1897

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