The Board of Police and Fire Commissioners

As constituted in July, 1905 was as follows:

President, Alvah W. Brown

Secretary, B. F. McReynolds

Property Committee: Charles H. Bender, Willard F. Keeney

Men and Discipline: Willard F. Keeney, Sidney F. Stevens

Finance Committee: Sidney F. Stevens, John S. Lawrence

Rules Committee: John S. Lawrence, Charles S. Bender

House Committee: John S. Lawrence, Charles S. Bender


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Board of Police and Fire Commissioners
George C. Briggs 1881-1883
George W. Gay 1881-1883
Lewis H. Withey 1881-1889
Wm. H. Powers 1881-1890
Israel C. Smith 1881-1883
A.D. Rathbun 1883-1886
Israel M. Weston 1883-1887
A.J. Rose 1883-1886
John Killean 1886-1886
L.E. Hawkins 1886-1891
I.S. Dygert 1886-1888
John E. More 1887-1892
Adolph Leitell 1888-1893
Frederick Loettgert 1889-1894
Ira C. Hatch 1890-1893
Charles H. Bender 1891-1896
Lewis H. Withey 1892-1901
S.G. Ketchan 1896-1898
Lester J. Rindge 1894-1899
Wm. B. Weston 1895-1900
Stephen A. Sears 1896-1901
Charles A. Hauser 1898-1903
William H. Boyns 1899-1904
Dennis L. Campau 1900-1902
Charles A. Phelps 1901-1905
Philip Corrigan 1901-1902
David E. Uhl 1902-1905
Alvah W. Brown 1902-1907
Willard F. Keeney 1903-1908
Sidney F. Stevens 1904-1909
Charles H. Bender 1905-1910
John S. Lawrence 1905-1906

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Created: 29 July 2004