Rhamy, B. W. The Remy Family in America



The ancient French family of Remi (Remy) was originally a tribe of Gaul (Northern France and Belgium). The family was represented in French history by Bishop Saint Remi of Rheims (437-533), Abbot Remi of Strasbourg who died in 768, Archbishop Remi of Rouen who died in 771, the King of the Lombards (750-800), and many other famous people. Didier Remy of this French family was ennobled 13 Sept. 1554 and died in 1556. His son George Remy was also ennobled. George's son Jacques Remy was born in Ivoy in the Department of Ardennes about 1545-7. Jacques Remy became a Huguenot and was killed in Ivoy. His son Pierre Remy who was born about 1600 was also a Huguenot and was killed. Pierre's son Jacques Remy was born about 1630 in Picardy, Lorraine. Jacques Remy married Francoise, daughter of Antoine Haldat II, Seigneur de Bonnet, and Madelaine Marchand. Jacques and Francoise fled to England because of Huguenot persecution. Jacques Remy, a huguenot refugee and a nobleman by birth, was brought to Virginia in 1654 by Nicholas Spencer, Esg., under the indenture system. His wife Francoise started for Virginia under indenture to John Brayton also in 1654, but died at sea.

Jacob (his name was anglicized in Virginia) Remy served his indenture in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Then he worked as a free man for other people until he was able to become a landowner in that county in 1671, and married Mary Miles that same year. Jacob died in 1721. Jacob was naturalized in 1680. The following is a copy of his Naturalization Papers: State of Virginia, County of Westmoreland, Deed Book 3, pg. 94

Jacob and Mary's children
1. William Remy b. 1672 - d. 1737
2. Jacob Remy, Jr. b. 1675 - d. 1726


Descendants of William Remy and his wife Catherine Asbury, daughter of Henry and Mary Asbury, migrated ever westward in Virginia. Early in the1800's a fifth generation Jacob Remy descendant, another William Remy, and his wife Anna Samlins, settled near the present Elkhorn City on the Virginia-Kentucky line in the present Pike County, Kentucky. He built a home near the mouth of Elkhorn Creek; this build was the beginning of Elkhorn City. William laid claim to large tracts of land containing coal, timber, oil and gas, around Elkhorn City. He acquired thousands of acres of land through Land Surveys secured by State Land Grants and by County Court Orders, he also bought and traded for other land. At one time he owned all the land from the Forks of the Russell and Levisa Rivers to the Headwaters of Grassy Creek in Virginia, which included a good part of the Breaks region.

Pike County Rameys of today state that William owned more than 40,000 acres of land, but a fire in his home, or in the land office, destroyed some of his records in 1838. Since he was not able to prove his ownership, other individuals and large Companies claimed much of the land. However, at his death in 1865 he left much land to his children as is shown by his will found in Pike County Will Book B on page 50.

William Ramey (the spelling of Remy was changed in Kentucky) was born in 1782 and died in 1865. He was married to Anna Samlins who was born in 1784 and died 18 Nov. 1865. Anna was the daughter of Elizabeth Samlins, William and Anna are buried in the Elkhorn City Cemetery.

William and Anna's children --

Born Married

1. Mary Ramey 1803 Richard Potter

2. John Ramey 1805 1.) Malinda Powell

2.) Emily Stratton

3. Nancy Ramey 1807 Joseph Belcher

4. Daniel Ramey 1809 Lucinda Carty

5. Moses Ramey 1811 Jane Fuller

6. Elizabeth Ramey 1813 Lazarus Hunt

7. Rebecca Ramey Aug. 1818 1.) William Bentley

2.) Hiram Osborn

8. Easter Ramey 1821 Abraham Stewart

9. Charles Ramey 1822 1.) Lucinda Rowe

2.) Susan Henson

10. William Ramey Jr. 1824 1.) Elizabeth Stapleton

2.) Polly Henson

11. Anna Ramey 1827 Benjamin Bentley


Daniel Ramey, son of the Pike County William Ramey, was born in 1809 and died in 1892. He married Lucinda Carty, the daughter of Sarah Carty, 13 Feb. 1840; Lucinda was born in 1820 and died in 1895. Daniel and Lucinda are buried in the Elkhorn City Cemetery. Daniel was a stone cutter, and was and expert in making millstones. He was also a carpenter, a logger and a farmer.

Daniel and Lucinda's Children --

Born Married

1. Henry Ramey 1841 Adaline Tackett

2. Andrew Jackson Ramey 1842

3. Rebecca Ramey 1843 Alexander Salyers

4. Martha Ramey 1848 William B. Ball

5. Mary Ramey 1848 Reuben Stewart

6. George Washington Ramey b. 18 Dec. 1849 Elizabeth Looney

7. Abraham Cantrill Ramey b. 29 Sept. 1851 Angeline Adkins

8. Sarah Jane Ramey 1853 Henderson Looney

9. Marinda Ramey 1862


Abraham Cantrill Ramey was born 29 Sept. 1851 in Pike County, the son of Daniel Ramey and Lucinda Carty. He married Angeline Adkins 17 Mar. 1872; she was born 8 Dec. 1852, the daughter of Jefferson Adkins and Lovina Austen. The marriage ceremony was performed by Elder James Johnson. Abraham was a farmer and a carpenter, and was an itinerant preacher in the Christian Church. During 1873 and 1874 he was enrolled in the state militia. From his mother he learned about herb medicines, and practiced herb doctoring among his family, friends, and neighbors fro many years; he was especially good on diagnosis.
In appearance, Abraham was a tall, rangy man with a cat-like walk; he had coal black hair, black chin whiskers, and piercing black eyes. From Pike County he moved to Floyd County, where he lived for a few years. Then he moved to Greenup County, where he farmed near Anvil Rock and on Ulen Branch. He died in Wurtland 3 Feb. 1912 and Angeline died 5 Sept. 1926 in Russell. They are buried in the Worthington Cemetery near Greenup, Kentucky.

Abraham and Angeline's children --

Born Married

1. John Wesley Ramey 15 Jan. 1873 Myrtle Mae Franz

2. Sarah Lucinda Jane (Sally) Ramey b. 7 May 1875 Thomas Sanford (Tom) Stafford

3. Daniel Eugene Ramey 7 Mar. 1878

4. William Pierce Ramey 24 Sept. 1880


John Wesley Ramey was born in Floyd County 15 Jan. 1873, the son of Abraham C. Ramey and Angeline Adkins. He taught school in Kentucky and Texas, having received his education in Kentucky schools. For many years he was a salesman for a wholesale grocery firm. Later he went into business in Russell, Kentucky, as a wholesale and retail merchant of groceries and dry goods.
John married Myrtle Mae Franz 28 June 1905 in the Wurtland Union Church; she was born 9 Nov. 1886, the daughter of Edward Herman (Ed) Franz and Eleanor (Ella) Worthington.
John was a church, civic, and business leader of Russell; he served as a police judge for many years. He died 13 Oct. 1953 and Myrtle died 8 Jan. 1976; they are buried in the Ashland Cemetery.

John and Myrtle's children --

Born Married

1. Eleanor Angeline (Ella) Ramey 6 Apr. 1906 John Martin Millis

2. Mable Evelyn Ramey 21 Jan. 1908 James Calvin (Jim) Fisher

3. John Edward Ramey 22 Jun. 1910

4. Gladys Louise Ramey 28 Aug. 1912

5. Woodrow Wilson Ramey 20 Nov. 1914 Claudia Gibbs

6. Dorothy Lee Ramey 28 Jun. 1921 Russell Reisman Brandon

7. Lloyd Francis Ramey 9 Aug. 1923 Suzanne Huggins

8. Kenneth Douglas Ramey 14 Sept. 1927 Julia Laytham Stears

Eleanor Angeline (Ella) Ramey was born 6 Apr. 1906. She attended Transylvania University. Eleanor married John Martin Millis 27 Apr. 1927. He was born 20 Jan. 1893, the son of Charles L. Millis and Sarah Ross. John died 7 Jun. 1969. Eleanor was postmistress at Russell for 19 years. She is retired, and lives in Russell.

Eleanor's children --

Born Married

1. Ruth Bantherville Millis 17 Apr. 1928 1.) Charles Edward Perry

2.) Walter Paul Vallance

2. Marilyn Lee Millis 25 Oct. 1930 George Daniel Corum, Jr.

3. John Martin Millis, Jr. 9 Jul. 1934 Sharon Kay Gallaher

4. Jane Eleanor Millis b. 9 Jul. 1934 d. 12 Jul. 1934

5. James Snow Millis b. 20 Mar. 1941 d. 23 Mar. 1941


Ruth Bantherville Millis was born 7 Apr. 1928. She married Charles Edward Perry 18 Jul. 1946; he was born 15 Oct.1928, the son of Ralph Richard Perry and Ida Marie Brumfield. Ruth married secondly Walter Paul Vallance 21 Aug. 1971; he was born 10 Aug. 1921, the son of John Franklin Vallance, Sr., and Frances Marion Boggess. Walter died 12 May 1973.

Marilyn Lee Millis was born 25 Oct. 1930. She attended Transylvania University. Marilyn married George Daniel Corum, Jr., 30 May 1955. He was born 16 Oct. 1923, the son of George Daniel Corum, Sr., and Frances Wilson. He died 16 Oct. 1961.
Marilyn married secondly Harry Richard Perry 8 Oct. 1965. He was born 24 Jan. 1924, the son of Ralph R. Perry and Ida Brumfield. Marilyn works for the Chessie System, Inc., and lives in Russell, Kentucky.

John Martin Millis, Jr., was born 9 Jul. 1934. He attended Eastern Kentucky University, and served in the U.S. Army for two years. He works for the Armco Steel Corporation. John married Sharon Kay Gallaher 24 Sept. 1960; she was born 21 Jun. 1938, the daughter of Charles Clifford Gallaher and Ruth Howell.

Mable Evelyn Ramey was born 21 Jan. 1908. She attended Transylvania University and Morehead State University. Evelyn married James Calvin (Jim) Fisher 2 Jun. 1927. He was born 30 July 1906, the son of Jacob William Fisher and Amanda Bartley McCormick. Evelyn and Jim had one child, Johnda Lee Fisher, who was born 6 Jun. 1928. Jim died 5 Feb. 1938.
Evelyn married secondly Martin D. Flaherty 30 Jun. 1938. He was born 21 Feb. 1909, the son of Thomas Joseph Flaherty and Daisie Hallas.

Johnda Lee Fisher attended Long Beach State University and the University of Southern California. She married Lyle C. Brooks 22 Jun. 1949; he was born 13 May 1925, the son of Lyle Brooks and Winifred West. Johnda and her family lived in Long Beach, California; she died 1 Jan 1978.

John Edward Ramey was born 22 Jun. 1910. He attended the University of Kentucky, and has been a bookkeeper for many years. John is now retired and lives in Russell, Kentucky.

Gladys Louise Ramey was born 28 Aug. 1912. She was graduated from Morehead State University with an A.B. Degree. Gladys has taught in the Russell Schools for 43 years.

Woodrow Wilson Ramey was born 20 Nov. 1914. He married Claudia Gibbs 27 Oct. 1953. She was born 28 Feb. 1914, the daughter of Reeves Newton Gibbs and Neenah Pugh

Dorothy Lee Ramey was born 28 Jun. 1921. She married Russell Reisman Brandon 8 Apr. 1940; he was born 23 Jul. 1920, the son of George Elmer Brandon And Clara Russell Smith.

Lloyd Francis Ramey was born 9 Aug. 1923. He has served in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946. Lloyd has a bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Southern California. He is employed as a deputy insurance commissioner for the state of Oregon. Lloyd married Suzanne Huggins, who was born 31 Jan. 1930, the daughter of Charles Hardin Huggins and Dorothy Adeline Byler. Lloyd and his family reside in Salem, Oregon.


Sarah Lucinda Jane (Sally) Ramey was born 7 May 1875 in Floyd County, Kentucky, the daughter of Abraham C. Ramey and Angeline Adkins. She married Thomas Sanford (Tom) Stafford 11 Jul. 1894; he was born 1 Mar. 1875, the son of Francis Marion Stafford and Marietta Hager Lavender of Paintsville.Sally and Tom had one child, Thomas Clifford Brooks Stafford, who was born 18 May 1895 in Paintsville. Tom was killed in an altercation on the streets of Paintsville 25 Dec. 1895. In a few years Sally moved to Greenup County where she married secondly Alva Jackson Cochran. Sally died 5 Aug. 1925, and is buried in the Stafford Cemetery in Wurtland, Kentucky.

Thomas Clifford Brooks Stafford was born in Paintsville, Kentucky, 18 May 1895. He married Nellie Franz 10 Nov. 1912; she was born 3 Jun. 1897, the daughter of Theodore Bernard Franz and Nora Ann Fox. Clifford was educated in the Greenup County Schools, and is self-educated in law, accounting, theology, personnel administration, music, and journalism. He worked as a clerk for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company for many years, and later was employed by the federal and state governments for twenty years. Clifford has long been active in religious endeavors. Prior to 1949 he operated a mission, performed evangelistic work, and for four years was supply minister for the Methodist Church. He is still active as guest minister in several churches. He is a member of the Kentucky Historical Society, the Wurtland Lions Club, the Mark Twain Society, and was the first president of the Greenup County Historical Society. Also, he is a Kentucky Colonel.
Clifford is the author of two historical novels about early iron furnaces in Greenup County. Presently he lives in Wurtland, where he operates an antique shop.

Clifford's children --
Born Married

1. Ella Louise Stafford 28 Aug. 1913 Lawrence Hardiman

2. DeWitt Clifford Stafford 17 Jul. 1915 Laurabelle Riffe

3. Glenn Theodore Stafford 14 Jul. 1917 Garnet Dell Sullivan

4. Nora Marie Stafford b. 26 Jan. 1919 d. 26 Dec. 1934

5. Margaret Ethel Stafford 12 May 1921 James Wurts Cochran

6. Philip Thomas Stafford 4 Sept. 1924 Leola Stacey

7. Gwendolyn Jane Stafford 27 Jun. 1926 Ernest Edison West

8. Daniel Wesley Stafford 24 Jan. 1931 Catherine Gladish

Ella Louise Stafford was born 28 Aug. 1913 in Wurtland. She received her A.B. Degree in biology from Berea College, and did graduate work at the University of Kentucky and Morehead State University. Louise was a schoolteacher and a high school librarian in the Greenup County School System for 29 years. She married Richard Lawrence Hardiman 18 May 1941. He was born 16 May 1912, the son of Randolph Lawrence Hardiman and Bertha Celeste Henderson. Louise is now retired and lives in Bellefonte.

DeWitt Clifford Stafford was born 17 Jul. 1915 in Russell. He was graduated from Berea College with an A.B. Degree in geology. DeWitt taught school for many years in the Greenup County School System, and also worked for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company. He served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. DeWitt married Laurabelle Riffe 24 Dec. 1941. She was born 22 Jul. 1915, the daughter of Orville Riffe and Nancy Martin. DeWitt and Laurabelle had one child, Ruth Ann Stafford, who was born 13 Sept. 1952. DeWitt died 21 Jun. 1959.

Ruth Ann Stafford was graduated from Morehead State University. She has been a kindergarten teacher in Greenup County. Ruth married Roger Ray Cantrell 8 Nov. 1974. He was born 1 Sept. 1945, the son of Bruce Cantrell and Maxine Miller.


Ruth's children --

1. Sara Marie Cantrell 10 Oct. 1975

2. Jennifer Ann Cantrell 3 Mar. 1978

Glenn Theodore Stafford was born 14 Jul. 1917 in Russell. He served in the U.S. Air Force during World War II. Glenn married Garnet Dell Sullivan 27 Jul. 1942. She was born 10 Mar. 1923, the daughter of James Emanuel Sullivan and Zerilda Nichols. Glenn has served on the Greenup County School Board for many years. He is a farmer and lives in Wurtland.

Margaret Ethel Stafford was born 12 May 1921 in Worthington. She married James Wurts Cochran 6 Aug. 1941. He was born 15 Mar. 1921, the son of James Cochran and Mary Chinn. After her children were reared, Margaret graduated from the Ashland Beauty College, and is now a beautician in Wurtland.

Philip Thomas Stafford was born 4 Sept. 1924 in Wurtland. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II in the European Area. Philip received a B.S. Degree in geology from the University of Kentucky. He has done geological exploration in the United States, in Libya, and in Australia. Presently he works for the Bureau of Mines in Washington, D.C., and lives in Sterling, Virginia. Philip married Leola Stacey of Hazard 5 Nov. 1950. She was born 24 Jul. 1930, the daughter of Dewey Stacey and Ethel Cornett.

Gwendolyn Jane Stafford was born 27 Jun. 1926 in Wurtland. She received her A.B. and A.M. Degrees from Marshall University with majors in English and chemistry. Jane has taught school for many years in the Greenup County School System. She married Ernest Edison West on the "Bride and Groom" television show in New York City 23 Jun. 1954. Ernest was born 2 Sept. 1931, the son of James Harvey West and Clementine Louise Johnson. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor in the Korean War.

Daniel Wesley Stafford was born 24 Jan. 1931 in Wurtland. In high school he was valedictorian of his class and a star athlete in football and basketball. He served in the U.S. Army in 1953 and 1954. Daniel attended the University of Kentucky, where he was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. He also attended the University of Kentucky School of Law. Daniel married Catherine (Kay) Gladish 5 Sept. 1959. She was born 24 Apr. 1939 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the daughter of Raymond Marshall Gladish and Catherine Robertson.


Sarah Lucinda Jane (Sally) Ramey Stafford married secondly Alva Jackson Cochran 20 Nov. 1899 in Ironton, Ohio; he was born 23 Apr. 1870 in Guyandotte, West Virginia, the son of Jacob Cochran and Amelia Butcher. Alva died 30 Jan. 1947 and is buried in the Heaberlin Cemetery in Wurtland.

Sarah and Alva's children --

Born Married

1. Margaret Amelia (Maggie) Cochran 25 Sept. 1900 Tolbert Byrd (Tob) Enyart

2. Grace Cochran b. & d. 1902

3. Sanford Marion Cochran 23 Apr. 1904 Nettie Inez Williams

4. Eugene William (Gene) Cochran 1 Aug. 1906 1.) Hazel Marie Boggs

2.) Audrey Mullins Boggs

5. Hershel Wayne Cochran 22 Dec. 1908 Minnie Wallace

6. Raymond Jackson Cochran b. 3 Sept 1911

d. 15 Oct. 1914

7. Ida Angeline (Angelee) Cochran 12 Jun. 1917 Claude Benson Jamison

Margaret Amelia (Maggie) Cochran was born 25 Sept. 1900. She married Tolbert Byrd (Tob) Enyart 20 Nov. 1920; he was born 29 Feb. 1892, the son of Thomas Jefferson Enyart and Rebecca Elswick. Tom died 5 Apr. 1975. Maggie presently resides in Wurtland. Maggie's children --

Born Married

1. Rebecca Pauline Enyart b. 10 Jul. 1921

d. 17 Nov. 1921

2. Sarah Maxine Enyart b. 10 Jul. 1921

d. 31 Dec. 1921

3. Thomas Jackson (Tom) Enyart 12 Mar. 1923 1.) Mabel Spocht

2.) Virginia Opal Waller

4. Paul Edwin Enyart 24 Oct. 1927 1.) Freddie Merle (Jerry) Sprague 2.) Peggy A. Roberts Blankenship

5. Tolbert Byrd Enyart, Jr. 10 May 1929 Patty Ray Mowery

6. Clifford Neal Enyart 18 Oct. 1930 Mildred Idabell Veach

7. Infant Boy Enyart b. & d. 1 Apr. 1939

Thomas Jackson (Tom) Enyart was born 12 Mar. 1923. He married Mabel Spocht in 1948; they were divorced and he married secondly Virginia Opal Waller 12 Mar. 1955. Virginia was born 5 Apr. 1932, the daughter of John and Leora Waller

Paul Edwin Enyart was born 24 Oct. 1927. He married Freddie Merle (Jerry) Sprague who was born 22 Sept. 1929,

Tolbert Byrd Enyart, Jr., was born 10 May 1929. He married Patty Ray Mowery 16 Sept. 1949. She was born 15 Jul. 1933, the daughter of Kirk Mowery and Mae Burgess. Tolbert and his family live in Piketon, Ohio.

Clifford Neal Enyart was born 18 Oct. 1930. He married Mildred Idabell Veach 3 Dec. 1954. She was born 20 Sept. 1933, the daughter of Francis Veach and Louise W. Howland. Clifford has served in the U.S. Air Force. He works for the Armco Steel Corporation, and resides in Greenup.

Sanford Marion Cochran was born 23 Apr. 1904. He married Nattie Inez Williams 11 Sept. 1926 at Catlettsburg. She was born 9 Mar. 1907 in Russell, the daughter of James Howard Williams and Anna May Lawson. Sanford worked for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company for 41 years. He is now retired and lives in Pemberville, Ohio.

Sanford's children --

Born Married

1. Sanford Eugene (Sam) Cochran 22 Jun. 1928 Montez Jimison

2. Inez Marion Cochran 11 Aug. 1930 Kenneth Weaver

3. James Wulbur Austin Cochran 14 Jul. 1932 Janet Jensen

4. Rodger Lee Cochran 21 Oct. 1938 Carolyn Jean Garn

5. Charles Patrick (Pat) Cochran 17 Mar. 1943 Patricia Loraine (Patti) Rygg

Sanford Eugene (Sam) Cochran was born 22 Jun. 1928 in Wurtland. He married Montez Jimison 9 Apr. 1950; she was born 27 Sept. 1926, the daughter of Allen Jimison and Ruby Loomis. Sam attended college for two years, and served in the U.S. Army. Presently he is chief airplane pilot for a charter aircraft company, and resides in Swanton, Ohio. near Perrysburg, Ohio.

Inez Marion Cochran was born 11 Aug. 1930 in Wurtland. She married Kenneth Weaver 24 Sept. 1948; he was born 13 Sept. 1926, the son of Frank Weaver and Thelma Weldon. Marion is comptroller for the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments. She resides in Toledo, Ohio.

James Wilbur Austin Cochran was born 14 Jul. 1932 in Wurtland. He married Janet Jensen 3 Dec. 1955; she was born 15 Mar. 1936, the daughter of Henry Jensen and Enid Mock. Wilbur has served in the U.S. Army. Presently he works for the Chessie System, Inc.; he is a shop foreman (mechanical). Wilbur and his family reside in Pemberville, Ohio. Teresa has been graduated from Capital University in Columbus.

Rodger Lee Cochran was born 21 Oct. 1938 in Pemberville, Ohio. He married Carolyn Jean Garn 15 Mar. 1970; she was born 20 Oct. 1942, the daughter of Leonard H. Garn and Myrtle Jacob. Rodger has served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps. He attended college for two years and was graduated from a school of electronics. Presently he is Deputy Sheriff of Wood County, Ohio; he lives in Pemberville.

Charles Patrick (Pat) Cochran was born 17 Mar. 1943 in Pemberville, Ohio. He married Patricia Loraine (Patti) Rygg 6 Oct. 1969; she was born 7 Dec. 1944, the daughter of Curtis Palmer Rygg and Phyllis Swelland. Pat served in the U.S. Air Force and also in the U.S. Army. He was graduated from Bowling Green College with a B.S. Degree in physics and mathematics. Presently he works for the Hartford Insurance Company, and lives in Maitland, Florida.

Eugene William (Gene) Cochran was born 1 Aug. 1906. He married Hazel Marie Boggs 20 Jun. 1929; she was born 30 Jan. 1913, the daughter of Martin Van Boggs and Hester Ann Thompson. Hazel died 13 Dec. 1963.

Gene and Hazel's children --

Born Married

1. Vonda Deloris Cochran 5 Jul. 1930 Carlyle Dave Charlton

2. William Eugene (Bill) Cochran 9 Mar. 1932 Betty Lou Taylor

Gene married secondly Audrey Mullins Boggs 29 Dec. 1968; she was born 24 Feb. 1920, the daughter of Charles Garfield Mullins and Genoah Frances Gussler. Gene has been a preacher in the Nazarene Church for 37 years. Presently he is in business in St. Albans, West Virginia; he also has a farm and raises cattle. He resides in St. Albans and Ashland.

Vonda Deloris Cochran was born 5 Jul. 1930. She married Carlyle Dave Charlton 19 Dec. 1953; he was born 22 Feb. 1928, the son of Erick Carlyle Charlton and Nancy Francess Hall. Vonda has attended college for three and one-half years; she has an associate degree in dental hygiene. She is a dental hygienist and lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

William Eugene (Bill) Cochran was born 9 Mar. 1932. He married Betty Lou Taylor 26 May 1961; she was born 31 Jan. 1937, the daughter of the Rev. C. D. Taylor and Arlie Pendleton. Bill has served in the U.S. Navy. He attended Sumter Tech Welding School and is now a welder. Bill and his family live in Bishopville, South Carolina.

Hershel Wayne Cochran was born 22 Dec. 1908. He married Minnie Wallace 19 Jul. 1931; she was the daughter of John Wallace and Elma Souson. Hershel and Minnie were divorced; he married secondly Janice Copley, who was born 20 Jul. 1923. She is the daughter of Wayne Copley and Emma Lois Ball. Hershel and Janice had one child, Robert Raymond Cochran.

Ida Angeline (Angelee) Cochran was born 12 Jun. 1917. She married Claude Benson Jamison 12 Apr. 1941; he was born 8 Apr. 1919, the son of George Berry Jamison and Effie Eudora Smith. Angelee attended Trevecca Nazarene College for two years. She lives in Waverly, Tennessee, where her husband is a dentist.


Daniel Eugene (Gene) Ramey was born 7 Mar. 1878 in Floyd County, the son of Abraham C. Ramey and Angeline Adkins. He was a carpenter and a salesman. Gene never married. He died 6 Apr. 1907 and is buried near Greenup in theWorthington Cemetery.


William Pierce Ramey was born 24 Sept. 1880 in Floyd County, the son of Abraham C. Ramey and Angeline Adkins. He was a carpenter, a salesman, and a store clerk. Pierce never married. He died 3 Feb. 1928 and is buried near Greenup in the Worthington Cemetery.


George Washington Ramey, a brother to A. C. Ramey, was born 18 Dec. 1849, the son of Daniel Ramey and Lucinda Carty. He married Elizabeth Looney 21 Apr. 1872 at Ferrells Creek; she was born 9 Aug. 1855, the daughter of John Looney and Emerita Rowe. George was a farmer and lived near Elkhorn City. He died 28 Sept. 1904, and Elizabeth died 12 Aug. 1908; they are buried in the Elkhorn City Cemetery.

George's children --

Born Married

1. Sarah Frances Ramey 24 Feb. 1873 Enoch F. Senter

2. Cindesta Florence Ramey 6 Dec. 1874 Lewis Clevenger

3. James Henderson (Bud) Ramey 12 Mar. 1877 Marcella Belcher

4. Basil Jackson Ramey 31 Jan. 1897 1.) Bertha Salyers

2.) Rosa Ratliff

3.) Florence Adkins

5. Henry Wilson Ramey 12 Dec. 1880 Melvina (Mella) May

6. Joseph Nelson Ramey b. 2 Dec. 1882

d. 1888

7. Grover Cleveland Ramey 27 Oct. 1884 Cora E. Slone

8. Virgie Ramey 1 Oct. 1886 Columbus Ratliff

9. Nevada (Vada) Ramey 12 Dec. 1888 William H. (Bill) Vance

10. Maude (Maudie) Ramey 17 Aug. 1891 Basil Slone

11. Italy Ramey 17 Mar. 1893 Alex Potter

12. George Washington Ramey, Jr, 7 May 1895 Mary Potter

13. Christian Jennings Ramey 24 Jul. 1897 Mary Catherine Young

14. John Daniel (Jonnie) Ramey 29 Jan. 1899 Luella Sarah Fisher


Sarah Frances Ramey was born 24 Feb. 1873. She married Enoch F. Senter 7 Aug. 1889; he was born 20 Mar. 1871 in Clintwood, Virginia, and died in 1928. Enoch was a farmer in Dickenson County, Virginia, and near his father's farm at Blowing Rock Gap. Frances died in 1913.

Frances' children --

Born Married

1. James Madison Senter b. 24 Aug. 1890 Bertha Rowe d. 1953

2. Lowemma Florence Senter b. 15 Nov. 1892 John Sluss d. 1936

3. John Weldon Senter b. 12 Feb. 1895 Dolly Mullins d. 1952

4. Landon Lawson Senter b. 18 Feb. 1897 1.) Dixie Childers

2.) Hulda Sanders

5. G. Joseph Wheeler Senter b. 22 May 1899 Italy Powers

6. Elizabeth Senter b. 3 Aug. 1901 William (Bill) Reese

7. G. Aguin Aldo Senter b. 27 Sept. 1903 Omega Branham

8. Mary Magdalene Senter b. 28 Feb. 1906 Kenos Sluss

9. Monroe Hearst Senter b. 12 May 1908 Cossie McFall

d. 1926

10. Roland Elsworth Senter b. 8 May 1910 Ruby Robinson d. 1955

11. Enoch F. Senter, Jr. Stillborn


Cindesta Florence Ramey was born 6 Dec. 1874 at Little Beaver; she married Lewis Clevenger who was born 6 May 1873 at Belcher, Kentucky, and died 28 Aug. 1936. Florence died 19 Nov. 1928. Both lived and died in the Elkhorn City area of Pike County, where Lewis was a farmer.

Florence's children --

Born Married

1. Virgie Clevenger 12 Dec. 1893 Noah Nathaniel Ramey

2. Alpha Clevenger b. 27 Jul. 1895 George Belcher

d. 1948

3. Ida Clevenger b. 13 Apr. 1897 David Wright d. 1977

4. Lillie Clevenger 15 Mar. 1899 Jonah Skeens

5. Claude Clevenger b. 5 Dec. 1901 Rusha Childress

d. 1962

6. Ella Clevenger b. 13 Jan. 1904 1.) Dewey Ramey d. 1976
2.) Everett Hawkins 3.) Roscoe Mullins

7. Joseph Clevenger b. 6 Jan. 1906 1.) Mary ?? d. 1958
2.) Florence Ramey 3.) Jettie Swiney

8. Ernest Clevenger 18 Apr. 1909 Bessie Davis

9. Tressie Clevenger 8 Apr. 1911 1.) Mitchell Skeens
2.) Tilden Collins

10. Monnie Clevenger 26 Dec. 1913 Noah Collins

11. Woodrow Clevenger 8 Jun. 1916 Belva Hogsten

12. June Clevenger 10 Jun. 1913 Nelson Tackett

Virgie Clevenger, was born 12 Dec. 1893 and died 23 Sept. 1963, married Noah Nathaniel Ramey, the son of Calvin R. Ramey and Cora Jane Breeding. Noah Nathaniel was born 9 Dec. 1894 and died 1 Jul. 1970; he and Virgie lived in Pike County near Elkhorn City.

Virgie's children --

Born Married

1. Edna Ramey 12 Oct. 1916 Evertt Senter

2. Ellen Ramey 17 Sept. 1917 Quincy Milem

3. Cora Alma Ramey 15 Jan. 1919 1.) Elzie Lee Adkins

2.) George Kurdts

4. Orpha Ramey 1 Jun. 1920 Donald Huddleston

5. Paul Douglas Ramey b. 19 Feb. 1922

d. 3 Jan. 1976

6. Ruth Ramey 24 Jul. 1924 James E. Matney

7. Betty Ramey 8 Aug. 1926 Homer Belcher

8. Edith Ramey b. 16 Mar. 1928

d. 27 Dec. 1928

9. Madeline Ramey 25 Nov. 1929 Lonnie Johnson, Jr.

10. Mason Clifton Ramey 1 Oct. 1931 Marlene Zoya

11. Joanne Ramey 29 May 1933 Robert R. Hensley

12. Jeanette Sue Ramey 25 Dec. 1934 Basil Jackson Ramey,Jr.


Edna Ramey was born 12 Oct. 1916; she married Everett Senter and has two children, David Andrew Senter and John Paul Senter. David Andrew who was born 1 Aug. 1941 married Phyllis Ann Murphy and they have one daughter, Meredith Ann Senter. John Paul who was born 5 Jul. 1944 married Frances Martin and they have one son, John Martin Senter

Ellen Ramey who was born 17 Sept. 1917 married Quincy Milem; they have one son, Quincy Milem, Jr. who was born 25 May 1947. He married Linda Neal; they have two sons,

Brian Milem and Kevin Michael Milem.

Cora Alma Ramey was born 15 Jan. 1919; she married Elzie Lee Adkins. They had one son, Billy Ray Adkins, who was born 11 Dec. 1940. Cora Alma married secondly George Kurdts; They have one son, Marion L. Kurdts, who was born 7 Jun. 1944.

Orpha Ramey was born 1 Jun. 1920; she married Donald Huddleston. Orpha and Donald have two sons, Kenneth Huddleston and David Nathan Huddleston. Kenneth, who was born 1 Mar. 1948, married Jeanette Ramsey and has one son, Christopher Huddleston, who was born 27 Oct. 1972. David Nathan was born 26 Mar. 1950.

Ruth Ramey was born 24 Jul. 1924; she married James E. Matney, and they have three children: James Douglas Matney, Monty Morris Matney, and Diana Ruth Matney.
James Douglas, who was born 31 Oct. 1943, married Linda Moore and they have one son, Brian Patrick Matney, who was born 18 Aug. 1976. Monty was born 13 Mar. 1955.

Betty Ramey, who was born 8 Aug. 1926, married Homer Belcher. They have these children --

Born Married

1. Sammy Thurman Belcher b. 18 June 1945

d. 12 Feb. 1946

2. Donna Lynn Belcher 13 Dec. 1946 Gary Kocis

3. Michael Wayne Belcher 1 Aug. 1950

Joanne Ramey was born 29 May 1933; she married Robert R. Hensley and they have two children --

1. Karen Ruth Hensley 24 Dec. 1955

2. Steven Roland Hensley 9 Jun. 1966

Ernest Clevenger, who was born 18 Apr. 1909, married Bessie Davis; she was born 15 Mar. 1911, the daughter of Andrew and Ida Davis. Ernest and Bessie live in Clearfield, Kentucky.

Ernest's children --

Born Married

1. Ernest Clevenger, Jr. 14 Oct. 1929 Bernice I. Perry

2. Gerald Clevenger 20 Jun. 1931 1.) Dixie Plant? 2.) Gladys Prewitt

3. Clayton Clevenger 5 Mar. 1937 Lillian J. Prewitt

4. Betty Lou Clevenger 22 May 1941 Gus Workman

5. Carl Clevenger 25 Aug. 1946

Ernest Clevenger, Jr. Who was born 14 Oct. 1929 married Bernice I. Perry. They have these children --

1. David Bruce Clevenger
2. Pamela Nanette Clevenger
3. Rosemary Clevenger
4. Sheila Gay Clevenger
5. Barbara Ann Clevenger

Gerald Clevenger was born 20 Jun. 1931; his first wife was Dixie Plank, and he secondly married Gladys Prewitt. Gerald has one child, Wendeline Clevenger, who is married and has one child.

Clayton Clevenger was born 5 Mar. 1937; he married Lillian J. Prewitt They have two children, Melissa Diana Clevenger and Michael Clayton Clevenger.

Betty Lou Clevenger was born 22 May 1941 and married Gus Workman; they have three children: Sherri Kay Workman, Karen Marie Workman, and Belinda Sue Workman.

Monnie Clevenger, who was born 26 Dec. 1913, married Noah Collins, and lives in Printer, Kentucky. They have the following children --

Born Married

1. Delores Collins 30 Oct. 1934 James C. Goines

2. Noah Lee Collins b. 14 Oct. 1940 d. 6 Jan. 1972

3. Carl David Collins 29 Mar. 1942 1.) Peggy Sue Patton

2.) Launa Garrett

4. Earl Dennis Collins 25 Apr. 1944 Diana Music

5. Judith Lynn Collins 15 May 1953

Delores Collins was born 30 Oct. 1934 and married James C. Goines; they have these children --

1. Kathy Ann Goines 2 July 1952

2. Carol Sue Goines 9 Aug. 1953

3. Donald Clinton Goines 9 Dec. 1954

4. James Steven Goines 24 Apr. 1957

5. Robert David Goines 22 Jun. 1959

6. Dennis Lee Goines 23 Oct. 1961

7. Timothy Goines 13 May 1964

8. Lynne Goines 29 Jan. 1966

Carl David Collins was born 29 Mar. 1942 and his first wife was Peggy Sue Patton; they had two children --

1. David Duane Collins 22 Apr. 1963

2. Larry Keith Collins 15 Jan. 1965

Carl and his second wife Launa Garrett have one son, Carl Douglas Collins, who was born 5 May 1973.

Earl Dennis Collins was born 25 Apr. 1944 and married Diana Music; they have these children --

1. Brian Keith Collins 22 Sept. 1967

2. Shaun Alan Collins 26 Jul. 1973

Woodrow Clevenger was born 8 Jun. 1916 and died 25 Jan. 1961; he married Belva Hogsten who is the daughter of Jackson Hogsten and Stella Looney. Woodrow and Belva had two children,

Betty Sue Clevenger and Larry Blake Clevenger, Betty Sue was born 4 Jul. 1938 and married Goebel Owens; they have one daughter, Lisa Carol Owens, who was born 23 Jun. 1966. Betty Sue and her family live in Belcher, Kentucky. Larry was born 22 Jun. 1948 and married Sharon Sue Hunt.

June Clevenger was born 10 Jun. 1918. She married Nelson Tackett 18 Sept. 1935; he was born 12 Jan. 1913. June and Nelson reside in Lancaster, Kentucky.

June's children --

1. Lois Jean Tackett 6 Mar. 1937

2. Donna Louise Tackett 29 Nov. 1938

3. Larry Nelson Tackett 9 Feb. 1941

Lois Jean married David Nedrow 18 Nov. 1955.

Donna Louise married Fred Custer 23 Feb. 1957.

Larry Nelson married Karol Way 7 Dec. 1963, and married secondly Mary Lee Sutter in Jul. 1972.


James Henderson (Bud) Ramey was born 12 Mar. 1877 and died 1 Sept. 1932. He married Marcella Belcher 28 Oct. 1897, and secondly married Janie Dutton 20 Sept. 1899. He thirdly married Elizabeth Swiney Salyer 28 May 1904; she was the daughter of James Swiney and Malinda Potter. Bud Ramey was a farmer and a surveyor; he held the office of County Surveyor I Pike County for 18 years.

Born Married

1. Lula Ramey 1 Jan. 1902 Waldon Phipps

2. Emma Ramey 6 Mar. 1905 J. E. Belcher

3. Cecil Ramey 28 Jun. 1906 Thelma Burke

4. Clinard Ramey 2 July. 1908 1.) Elsie Belcher 2.) Clara Matney

5. Mason Ramey 28 Apr. 1910 Clara Holley

Lula Ramey, was born 1 Jan. 1902 and died 18 Jan. 1972, married Waldon Phipps in Dickison County, Virginia. She was Bud's daughter by his second wife Janie Dutton.

Emma Ramey was born 6 Mar. 1905 and married J. E. Belcher 25 Jan. 1921; he was born 1 Apr. 1900. Emma and her family live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Emma's children --


1. Peter Belcher Ruth Belcher

2. Clara Belcher ?? Phillips

3. Mason Belcher
4. Homer Belcher
5. Herbert Belcher
6. Mary Belcher Moral Bartley

7. Peggy Belcher

8. Madeline Belcher William Johnson

Cecil Ramey was born 28 Jun. 1906; he married Thelma Burke 29 May 1929 at Pikeville. Cecil and Thelma live at Myra, Kentucky.

Cecil's children --

1. Barbara Sue Ramey 5 Apr. 1930

2. Kermit C. Ramey 25 Mar. 1932

3. Betty Jean Ramey 3 Aug. 1934

4. Charles E. Ramey 6 Jun. 1937 d. Aug. 1979

5. James W. Ramey 12 Apr. 1944

6. William T. Ramey 27 Jan. 1950

Clinard Ramey was born 2 Jul. 1908 and died 25 Jan. 1952. His first wife was Elsie Belcher, a daughter of Vincent and Louise Belcher; his second wife was Clara Matney, a daughter of Henry Matney.

Clinard's children --

1. Lora Lee Ramey ?? Ratliff

2. Orbie Ramey

3. Louise Ramey4. Nesta Ramey5. Frieda Ramey6. Mary Ramey7. Janice Ramey8. Jerry Ramey9. Cheryl Ramey

Mason Ramey, who was born 28 Apr. 1910, married Clara Holley, a daughter of Luther Holley. Their children are

Born Married

1. Robert Mason Ramey 2 Oct. 1931 Lois Slone

2. Peggy Joyce Ramey 19 May 1936 Elmer Robinson

3. Vena Marguerite Ramey 22 Apr. 1941 Alvin Dixon



Basil Jackson Ramey was born 31 Jan. 1879 and died in Nov. 1944. He married Bertha Salyers, and secondly married Rosa Ratliff; thirdly he married Florence Adkins. Basil and his family lived in the Little Beaver section of Pike County, where he was a farmer.

Basil's children --

Born Married

1. Myrtle Ramey 18 Dec. 1909 1.) Estel Bartley 2.) Palmer Coleman

2. Maxie Ramey Jan. 1912

3. Chloa Ramey 20 Mar. 1913 Otis Bartley

4. Woodrow Wilson Ramey 19 Feb. 1916 Thelma Salyer

5. Martha Ramey Dec. 1917

d. Feb. 1918

6. Roland Ramey 1 Sept. 1919 Dorothy Potter

7. Ruby Hazel Ramey 28 Mar. 1922 Arnold Isaac Epling

8. Jerry Julius Ramey 28 May 1924 Jerusha Mae Hunt

9. Rushia Joan Ramey 8 Feb. 1927 Joseph Hendrickson

10. James Clayton Ramey b & d 1930

11. Basil Jackson (Jack) Ramey, Jr 12 Nov. 1933 Jeanette Sue Ramey

Myrtle Ramey was born 18 Dec. 1909. She was married 9 Jun. 1934 to her first husband, Estel Bartley, a son of James Bartley and Celia Coleman. He died 16 Mar. 1960 and Myrtle married secondly Palmer Coleman, a son of James Coleman and Parsada Rowe.

Myrtle's children were Hollis Bartley, Basil Lloyd Bartley, Goebel T. Bartley, and Michael

D. Bartley. Myrtle lives in Elkhorn City and West Palm Beach, Florida. Hollis Bartley, who was born 12 Apr. 1935, married Rosa Belcher. Their children are --

1. Sharon Bartley 2 Feb. 1958

2. Sandy Lynn Bartley 31 Aug. 1961

3. Estel Dwayne Bartley 11 Dec. 1962

Basil Lloyd Bartley was born 12 Feb. 1937 and married Betty Thompson. Basil and Betty have these children --

1. James Franklin Bartley 16 Nov. 1958

2. Veronica Bartley 13 Jul. 1963

3. Leonard Ray Bartley 16 Jan. 1970

Goebel T. Bartley was born 5 Jun. 1939 and married Judy Stewart. They have two children, Joey Bartley who was born 6 Mar. 1962, and Cindy Bartley who was born 11 Mar. 1964.

Michael D. Bartley was born 2 Mar. 1955 and married Givelene Chaney.

Chloa Ramey, who was born 20 Mar. 1913, married Otis Bartley, the son of Joel Bartley and Mary Jane Slone. They have two children, Harold Clayton Bartley and Sandra Joyce Bartley. Chloa and her family reside in West Palm Beach, Florida, and Elkhorn City.

Harold Clayton Bartley was born 5 Apr. 1942 and married Fayetta Adams. They have two children, Joel Clayton Bartley who was born 2 Oct. 1972, and Gennia Crystal Bartley who was born 10 May 1976.

Sandra Joyce Bartley was born 25 Oct. 1946 and married Richard Tate. They have two children, Richard Hale Tate who was born 22 Jan. 1975, and James Ashley Tate who was born 10 May 1976.

Woodrow Wilson Ramey was born 19 Feb. 1916 and died 27 Mar. 1973. He married Thelma Salyer 24 Dec. 1936; she was born 2 Mar. 1920, the daughter of John Salyer and Maggie Dutton. Woodrow and Thelma had three Children: Imogene Ramey, Hubert Wesley Ramey, and Herman Leslie Ramey.

Imogene Ramey was born 25 Apr. 1938 and married William Earl Ward. They reside at Lick Creek, Kentucky. Imogene and William have these children --

Born Married

1. John Wayne Ward 25 Dec. 1958 Patricia Lunn Williams

2. Jena Rena Ward 5 Dec. 1965

3. Angela Ward b. & d. 11 Jun. 1971

Hubert Wesley Ramey was born 9 May 1940 and married Nancy Tubbs 11 Jun. 1960. They have two children, Gregory Allen Ramey who was born 25 Feb. 1962, and Lora Ann Ramey who was born 22 Oct. 1963.

Herman Leslie Ramey was born 3 Mar. 1943; he married Palestine Thompson. They have two children, Steven Allen Ramey who was born 20 Apr. 1968, and Cynthia Lynn Ramey who was born 7 Oct. 1971.

Ruby Hazel Ramey was born 28 Mar. 1922 and married Arnold Isaac Epling 4 Jun. 1938. He was born 22 May 1914, the son of Grant Epling. Arnold died 29 Mar. 1974 and is buried in the Annie Young Cemetery. Hazel resides in Elkhorn City.

Hazel's children --

1. Margaret Lucille Epling 22 Aug. 1939

2. Gary Arnold Epling 22 Jun. 1945

3. Ronald Joseph Epling 13 Dec. 1951

Jerry Julius Ramey was born 28 May 1924; he married Jerusha Mae Hunt 26 Jul. 1945. She was born 20 Dec. 1924, the daughter of Patrick Hunt and Cynthia Ann Wallace. Julius and his family live in Akron, Ohio.

Julius' children --

1. Margaret Ann Ramey

2. Susan Ramey

3. Basil Patrick Ramey

Rushia Joan Ramey was born 8 Feb. 1927 and married Joseph Hendrickson, who was born 18 Apr. 1923, the son of Edward Hendrickson and Minnie Kate Crumbly. Joan and her family reside in Pensacola, Florida.

Joan's children --

Born Married

1. Patricia Ann Hendrickson b. & d. 22 Sept. 1947

2. Judy Hendrickson 4 Nov. 1948

3. Trudy Hendrickson b. & d. 4 Nov. 1948

4. Teresa Gail Hendrickson 10 Jan. 1951 Bennett Stewart

5. John Chester Hendrickson 8 Apr. 1954

Basil Jackson (Jack) Ramey, Jr., was born 12 Nov. 1933; he married Jeanette Sue Ramey, who was born 25 Dec. 1934, the daughter of Nathaniel Ramey and Virgie Clevenger. Jack and Sue have one child, Donald Bruce Ramey, who was born 21 Jun. 1955, he married Bambi Lynn Potter 24 Nov. 1977. Jack and his family reside in Elkhorn City.


Henry Wilson Ramey was born 12 Dec. 1880 and died 24 Jan. 1962. He married Melvina (Mella) May who was the daughter of James May and Anna Dulcinda Slone. Mella was born 17 Feb. 1883 and died 28 Oct. 1948. Henry resided in Elkhorn City until 1927, he moved to Floyd County where he lived for 12 years, and then moved back to Elkhorn City; he was a farmer and a logger.

Henry's children --

Born Married

1. Joseph Turner Ramey b. 14 May 1903 Dorthea Booth d. 4 May 1942

2. Teddy Roosevelt Ramey 27 Jul. 1904 Gypsie Chaney

3. James Otto Ramey 7 Aug. 1906 Edna Potter

4. Nancy Bessie Ramey b. 25 July 1908 Donald Church d. 1952

5. Lettie Ramey b. 28 Aug. 1910 ; d. 19 Jun. 1920

6. Florence Ramey b. 22 Feb. 1913 Joseph Clevenger ;d. 6 Sept. 1948

Teddy Roosevelt Ramey was born 27 Jul. 1904 and died in Mar. 1979; he married Gypsie Chaney, who was born 2 Nov. 1903, the daughter of Abraham Chaney and Allie Belcher.

Teddy's children --

Born Married

1. Jeanette Ramey 5 Jul. 1925 Kenneth Hudson

2. Geneva Ramey 13 Mar. 1927

3. William J. Ramey 28 Mar. 1929

4. Jesse Ramey 11 Mar. 1931 Sue Reagan

5. Teddy R. Ramey, Jr. 11 Jul. 1933

6. Lillian Ramey 19 Mar. 1935

7. James T. Ramey 14 Aug. 1937

8. John P. Ramey 21 May 1943

9. Gay Lynne Ramey 30 Sept. 1945


James Otto Ramey was born 7 Aug. 1906; he married Edna Potter, who was born 9 Apr. 1911, the daughter of Moses Potter, Jr., and Cora Hamilton. Otto is a miner and resides in Elkhorn City.

Otto's children --

James Allen Ramey was born 24 Jun. 1928 and married Pearles Ratliff 29 Jul. 1959.
Cora Leona Ramey was born 28 Jun. 1930 and married Jack Thomas 24 May 1948


Grover Cleveland Ramey was born 27 Oct. 1884 and died 25 Feb. 1967. He married Cora E. Slone who was born 19 Dec. 1887 and died 4 May 1972; she was the daughter of Morgan Slone and Liza Ann Salyers. Grover and Cora lived in Elkhorn City. Both are buried in the Ramey Cemetery on Little Beaver Creek, where Grover farmed for many years.

Grover's children--

Born Married

1. Roy Columbus Ramey 1 Jan. 1908 Ellen Potter

2. Ralph Morgan Ramey 28 Jan. 1910 Bessie Belcher

3. Stella Gladys Ramey 29 Nov. 1912 Oliver Martin

4. Rex Ray Ramey 18 Nov. 1915 Tiny Potter

5. Opal Hazel Ramey 23 Jan. 1917 Irvin Cool

6. William Luther Ramey 11 May 1920 Rosa Laurino

7. Beulah Mae Ramey 20 Apr. 1922 Paul Belcher

8. Vada June Ramey 12 May 1924 Leo McGuire

9. Gay Nola Ramey 6 Aug. 1927 Ray Robinson

10. Allen Hassel (Bill) Ramey 4 Jan. 1930 Grace Salyers

Roy Columbus Ramey was born 1 Jan. 1908 and married Ellen Potter, the daughter of George Potter, Jr., and Bertha Jane Spradlin. Roy died May 1984 and Ellen died in 1981.

Ralph Morgan Ramey was born 28 Jan. 1910 and married Bessie Belcher, the daughter of Vinson Belcher and Louisa Potter. Ralph has been a former postmaster at Elkhorn City.

Opal Hazel Ramey was born 23 Jan. 1917; she married Irvin Cool 9 Oct. 1937, who was the son of Jasper Cool and Lydia Matney. Irvin died 7 Oct. 1976. Opal and her family live in Elkhorn City.

William Luther Ramey was born 11 May 1920 and married Rosa Laurino, the daughter of Nicolla and Cathy Laurino. William Luther and Rosa live in El Paso, Texas

Beulah Mae Ramey was born 20 Apr. 1922 and married Paul Belcher 22 Jul. 1939; he was born 23 Aug. 1918, the son of Ona Belcher and Roma Potter. Beulah and her family reside in Elkhorn City.

Allen Hassel (Bill) Ramey was born 4 Jan. 1930. He married Grace Salyers. Presently he is the postmaster at Elkhorn City.


Virgie C. Ramey was born 1 Oct. 1886 and died 10 Dec. 1910. She married Columbus Ratliff and lived in Pike County; she died following childbirth and is buried in the Wilson Cemetery at Draffin, Kentucky.

Virgie's children --

Born Died

1. Clinard Ratliff 12 Aug. 1908 Mar. 1934

2. Clint Ratliff 8 Dec. 1910

Clint Ratliff was born 8 Dec. 1910 and married Jane Boggs 15 Sept. 1934; she is the daughter of John Boggs and Rebecca Horton. Clint and Jane reside in Pierceton, Indiana


Nevada (Vada) Ramey was born 12 Dec. 1883 and died 20 Jun. 1948. She married William H. (Bill) Vance who was the son of Walter Vance and Pricey Ann May; he was born 6 Mar. 1886. Vada and Bill moved from Pike County to Wurtland when Verda was six months old. They lived in Wurtland and Raceland, and both are buried in the Vance Cemetery in Wurtland.

Vada's children --

Born Died Married

1. Verda Vance 29 Jun. 1906 Charles E. Fisher

2. Lester Vance 27 Nov. 1910 28 Apr. 1971

3. Donald Vance 21 Oct. 1912 Verna Mae Franz

4. Alden V. Vance 21 Sept. 1916 28 Nov. 1971

5. William Allen Vance 25 Apr. 1919 23 Jun. 1923

6. Madeline Frances Vance 22 Aug. 1924 William (Bill) McCulan


Maude (Maudie) Ramey was born 17 Aug. 1891 and died in 1968. She married Basil Slone who was born in 1883 and died in 1945; he was the son of Morgan Slone and Liza Ann Salyers. They lived in Elkhorn City where Basil was a carpenter.

Maudie's children --

Born Married

1. Goldie Slone 2 Feb. 1910 Delbert Savage

2. Everett Slone 1912 Oma Belcher

3. Rushie Slone 1914 Otto Puckett

4. Asia Ann Slone 1916 1.) Everett Hawkins 2.) Hencel Wright

5. George M. Slone 5 Nov. 1918 Elmo Salyers

6. Italy Slone 1920 d. 1928

7. Howard Slone 1922

d. 1963

8. Frances Slone 1925 Eugene Stiltner

9. J. Edward Slone 27 Jul. 1928 Ella Marie Kilgore

10. Delbert E. Slone 3 Mar. 1936 Rita Edwina Logan

Goldie Slone was born 2 Feb. 1910 and died 2 Feb. 1979; she married Delbert Savage who was born 3 Apr. 1910

Rushie Slone was born in 1914; she married Otto Puckett 9 Jul. 1931. He was born 4 Jul. 1911, the son of Marion Columbus Puckett and Mary Viola Raykes. Rushie and her family reside in Elkhorn City.

George M. Slone was born 5 Nov. 1918 and died in 1964. He married Elmo Salyers, the daughter of Ira Salyers and Mary Clevenger

J. Edward Slone was born 27 Jul. 1928 and married Ella Marie Kilgore, the daughter of Hendreson Kilgore and Mary Webb. Edward and Ella, who live near Elkhorn City,


Italy Ramey was born 17 Mar. 1893 and died 3 Jun. 1933. She married Alec Potter who was born 1 Sept. 1887 and died 13 Oct. 1943; he was the son of George Potter and Clarinda (Rendy) Colley. Italy came to Greenup County with her husband Alec and his parents George and Rendy, who bought a farm on Ulen Branch in Wurtland. Alec Potter bought a farm on Smith Branch near Lloyd, Kentucky, where he and Italy made their home. They are both buried in the Potter Cemetery on Smith Branch.

Italy's children --

1. Dicie Potter 4 Dec. 1910 Roscoe Evans

2. Clara Potter 27 Jan. 1912 Dan Stevenson

3. Opal Potter 19 Sept. 1914 Lester Martin

4. Alec Potter, Jr. 26 Jun. 1916 Magadalene Church

5. Mason Potter 8 Apr. 1918 Hattie Bradley

6. Eliza Potter 14 Feb. 1920 Jay Church

7. Maudie Elizabeth Potter 29 Jul. 1922 Frank Bellew

8. Jean Potter 4 Apr. 1926 Charles Stewart

9. Arnold Wilson Potter 21 Feb. 1930 Dorothy Janet Whisman

Dicie Potter was born 4 Dec. 1910 and died 15 Sept. 1965. She married Roscoe Evans.

Clara Potter was born 27 Jan. 1912 and married Dan Stevenson 24 May 1930; he was born 12 Dec. 1891, the son of William Stevenson and Leona Pugh. Dan died 2 May 1962, and Clara resides in South Portsmouth, Kentucky.

Lois Stevenson was born 12 Dec. 1930; she married William Greene 3 Jul. 1948.

Forest Delano Stevenson was born 1 May 1933 and married Jo Ann Hampton 27 May 1952; they reside in South Portsmouth, Kentucky.

Opal Potter was born 19 Sept. 1914 and married Lester Martin. They live in Casey, Illinois, and have these children

Alec Potter, Jr., was born 26 Jun. 1916 and died 31 Dec. 1973. He married Magadalene Church.

Mason Potter was born 8 Apr. 1918 and died 25 Sept. 1968; he married Hattie Bradley, who presently resides in Springfield, Ohio, and works for the International Harvester Company.

Mason's children --


1. Joyce Potter Charles Shellabarger

2. Wilfred L. Potter Nancy Collins

3. Mason Leon Potter

Eliza Potter was born 14 Feb. 1920 and married Jay Church; they live in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Maudie Elizabeth Potter was born 29 Jul. 1922. She married Frank Bellew 4 Jul. 1940; he was born 9 Jun. 1914. Maudie was divorced from Frank; she secondly married Edward E. Mast 18 Oct. 1952. Edward was born 22 Jan. 1916, the son of Jesse Mast and Beatrice Latten. Maudie and her family live in Portland, Indiana.

Jean Potter was born 4 Apr. 1926 and married Charles Stewart; they reside in Homestead, Florida.

Arnold Wilson Potter was born 21 Feb. 1930 at Smith Branch, Kentucky. He graduated from Olive Branch High School in Springfield, Ohio, in 1949, and served in the Korean War. He married Dorothy Janet Whisman 11 Jan. 1951 in Greenup, Kentucky; she was born 4 Jun. 1931 in Portsmouth, Ohio, the daughter of Willard John Whisman and Maude Mae Leadingham. Presently Arnold and Janet reside in Springfield where hi is manager of the used car department of Trevor Motors. He is active in the Northside Baptist Church where he is a deacon and a Sunday School teacher.

Jean Potter's full given name is Wilma Jean. She married Floyd Eugene Stewart on 1 Mar. 1946 in Greenup, Kentucky. Wilma Jean's children - Susan, Donny, Tamara, Patricia --


George Washington Ramey, Jr., was born 7 May 1895 and died 27 Apr. 1959. He married Mary Potter who was born 7 Jul. 1897 and died 25 Jul. 1968; she was the daughter of James Harvey (Babe) Potter and Polly Jane Potter. Both are buried in the Ramey Cemetery on Little Beaver Creek. George was a miner, a farmer, and the operator of a saw mill on Little Beaver. George and Mary resided near Elkhorn City.

George's children --

1. Ample Ramey 31 Dec. 1918

2. Carmen Ramey 30 May 1921

3. Dowzell Ramey 21 Nov. 1924; d. 6 Jan. 1973

4. Raymond Ramey 2 Feb. 1929

5. Pearlee Ramey 4 Sept. 1931

6. John Delano Ramey 12 Jan. 1934

7. Thomas Murray Ramey 2 Aug. 1936

8. Douglas E. Ramey 8 Jan. 1943

Ample Ramey married Hubert J. Kuperman 15 Aug. 1959, has no children. Ample and Hubert reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Carmen Ramey, who married Edna Breeding 17 Aug. 1945, has six children --Carmen and his family reside near Elkhorn City.
Dowzell Ramey, who married Elene Childers 13 Mar.1946, had the five children.


Christian Jennings Ramey was born 24 Jul. 1897; he married Mary Catherine Young 1 Jun. 1918. She was born 8 May 1896, the daughter of Christopher Young and Matilda Wurts.

Jennings states that there were five children living at home when his mother died in 1908; they were Maudie, Italy, George, Jennings, and Johnnie. Basil had returned home and was helping his mother rear these brothers and sisters after his father's death (Basil was divorced from his wife at this time). When his mother died, the older brothers and sisters decided that these children were too young to maintain a home. And so they were sent to live with older members of the family who were married. In 1909, Italy was married, and Maudie married soon afterwards. George, Jennings, and Johnnie continued to live with brothers and sisters until Jennings and Johnnie left Elkhorn City and George was married.

Jennings left Elkhorn City when he was a young boy and came to
Greenup County where he resided with his sister Vada Vance, and
attended the Wurtland School. As soon as he was old enough, he started working for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company, where he worked for several years. Then he worked for the E. I. DuPont Company, and later for the King Powder Company for many years. Jennings is now retired and resides in Wurtland.

Jennings' children --

1. Gertrude Elizabeth Ramey 14 May 1919

2. Kathlene Geraldine Ramey 27 May 1922

3. James Edsel Ramey 2 Jun. 1925; d. 31 Jul. 1925

4. Stanley Wendell Ramey 26 Aug. 1926

Gertrude Elizabeth Ramey was born 14 May 1919. She
married Henry Wright 3 Jul. 1965; he was born 22 Jul. 1912, the
son of James Wright and Lillie Mae White

Kathleen Geraldine Ramey was born 27 May 1922.
Stanley Wendell Ramey was born 26 Aug. 1926.

John Daniel (Jonnie) Ramey was born 29 Jan. 1899
and died 27 Nov. 1946. He lived with older brothers and sisters
around Elkhorn City until he was 18 years old, and then moved
to Greenup County. He lived with brothers and sisters there and
began working for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company, where
he worked until his early retirement due to heart trouble. He
married Luella Sarah Fisher 23 Jun. 1923; she was born 5 Dec.1903, the daughter of William Raleigh Fisher and Sarah Ann Worthington.Luella died 22 May 1961. Jonnie and Luella lived in Raceland,Kentucky.

Jonnie's children --

1. Hargis Daniel Ramey

2. Caroll Randall Ramey

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