Matthews Family Generations

  1. James Matthews - born 5 May 1752, served in the New Jersey Volunteers, unknown where he was born, a Loyalist who moved to Canada, died 1848.  Married Margaret Force born 1766.  They married about 1787/8

  2. Phillips Matthews - born 1791/3 in New Brunswick, Canada prior to them coming to Upper Canada.  He had a sister, Ann born in 1789 in New Brunswick.  He married Anna Stanley about 1816.  He applied for his crown land on 13 Nov 1816.  His first child, John, was born in 1820.  They came to Kent County, Michigan from Woodhouse Tp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada.  They had three children:  John, b. 1820, d. 1909, James b. 1823 and Margaret b. 1838.  James lived in Walker Township.  No more is known about him or his sister, Margaret.

  3. John Matthews - born in 1820.  He married Charity Smith (See will below) in Michigan in 1844.
    Children: James E., b. 1847, m. Martha ?, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Sparta, MI
    Anna and Phoebe, twins, died 16 Jun 1848
    Albert B., b. 31 Dec 1849;
    George P. b, 17 May 1852;
    Abraham H., b. 16 Jul 1854, m. Addie Pinckney (she is buried at Greenwood Cemetery with James and Martha Matthews.  He is buried in Rockford with his daughter, Barbara Wilkinson using Abram instead of Abraham).
    Anna E. b, 31 Jan 1857, d. 8 May 1890
    Elnora, b. 2 Feb 1852, d. 11 Aug 1859 (George born May 1852??)
    Acelia, b. 17 Jun 1863
    Emmet, b. 8 Feb 1861, d. 10 May 1880
    Luella, b. 26 Aug 1865, m. Iven W. Magoon
    *Chileon, b. 26 Mar 1868, m. Sarah Wood (they are buried in Broadhaven Cemetery), died 1954
    Amelia, b. 27 Aug 1870, d. 18 Apr 1871
    Cecilia, b.        , m. ? Moore

  4. *Chileon Matthews - born 1868, died 1954

  5. Clarence Chileon Matthews, Sr. - born 1903, died 1963

  6. Clarence Chileon Matthew, Jr. - born 1939, residing in the state of Washington.

Added material 10 January 2006 -
Obituary for James Matthews

James D. Matthews, aged 78 years, a Civil War veteran and member of the G. A. R., died Sunday, 8 March 1925 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carl Lovelace, of Rockford.  Besides his widow, Martha, he leaves three daughters, Mrs. Carl Lovelace of Rockford, Mrs. Delilah Taunis of Grand Rapids, and Mrs. Dora Westcott of Casnovia and one son, Claude L. Matthews of Detroit.  He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Luella Magoon of Grand Rapids, and Mrs. Celia Moore of Oden, Mich., and three brothers, Chileon of Grand Rapids and Albert and Abraham of Kent City.
Burial took place Tuesday, March 10th at Greenwood Cemetery at Sparta.

Obituary for Albert B. Matthews, Monday at 10 a.m. from the Clarence D. Sullivan funeral home.  Internment in Alpine Cemetery.
(Grand Rapids Herald, Monday, 21 October 1929)

Charity Smith Matthews
Will of Benjamin Smith, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada

Date: 10 April 1878, File No. 761, MFNO 1381
Residing in Michigan
Lived in the Township of Alpine, Kent County, Michigan, a widower with no will.


  1. Charity Matthews, wife of John, Township of Alpine, Michigan

  2. Mary Elizabeth Blackall, wife of Benjamin, Sparta, Michigan

  3. Ebenezer C. Smith, carpenter, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  4. Jesse Smith, harness maker, White River, Newago County, Michigan

  5. Esther E. Gillett, wife of Washington, Ottawa County, Michigan

  6. Phoebe A. Anderson, wife of John, who was a stage driver, Newago County, Michigan

  7. Harmon B. Smith, farmer, Newago County, Michigan