Descendants of James Chambers

(Includes some photos of family members)

NOTE: 2013 - new information has been found showing that the parents of James Chambers is:

-1. William Corydon CHAMBERS, b. 24 Jun 1744, possibly Scotland;, d. 10 Oct 1830
Sarah DUNSHEE, b. 24 Oct 1750; d. 10 Jan 1827

Children of James CHAMBERS and Sarah DUNSHEE are:
(Children's birthdates given but not verified.)

i. Robert CHAMBERS, b. 26 Sep 17--
ii. William CHAMBERS, b. 25 Apr 1774
iii. Mary CHAMBERS, b. 21 Aug 1776
iv. Samuel CHAMBERS, b. 24 Jun 1778
v. Sarah CHAMBERS, b. 14 Aug 1780
vi. James CHAMBERS, b. 18 Aug 1782
vii. Benjamin CHAMBERS, b. 17 Sep 1784
viii. Daniel CHAMBERS, b. 30 Oct 1786
ix. John CHAMBERS, b. 22 Aug 1790
x. Betsey CHAMBERS, 18 Apr 1791
xi. Stephen CHAMBERS, 24 Aug 1794

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES1 CHAMBERS was born 18 Aug 1782 in, probably New Hampshire, and died 16 Mar 1857 in Hartland Village Cem., Livingston Co., MI. He married MIRIAM TAYLOR Nov 1804. She was born 03 Oct 1785, and died in Hartland Village Cem., Lot 104B.


i. HIRAM2 CHAMBERS, b. 16 Aug 1805.

ii. OEL B. CHAMBERS, b. 24 Jan 1808, Vermont; d. 19 Oct 1888, Handy Tp., Livingston Co., MI; m. CHARLOTTE R..

iii. JR. CHAMBERS JAMES, b. 17 Sep 1809; d. 05 Jul 1853.

2. iv. ELIHU T. CHAMBERS, b. 16 Nov 1811, 51y 6m 18d; d. 03 Jun 1868, Kent Co., Mich -Old Alpine Cem..

v. WILLIAM C. CHAMBERS, b. 13 Oct 1814.

vi. LOVEL C. CHAMBERS, b. 14 Mar 1817; d. 05 Jun 1875, Hartland Village Cem., Lt 164C; m. CYNTHIA F. HALL, 03 Nov 1837.

vii. EBENESER E. CHAMBERS, b. 27 Jan 1820.

viii. ABRAHAM F. CHAMBERS, b. 14 Jan 1822.

ix. REUBEN C. CHAMBERS, b. 01 Sep 1824.


Generation No. 2

2. (See Photo) ELIHU T. 2 CHAMBERS (JAMES1) was born 16 Nov 1811 in 51y 6m 18d, and died 03 Jun 1868 in Kent Co., Mich -Old Alpine Cem.. He married (See Photo) LYDIA O. CHASE, daughter of BELA CHASE and ORILLA WHIPPLE. She was born 01 Oct 1820, and died 07 Jul 1891 in Old Alpine Cem.-unmarked grave.


i. HIRAM J.3 CHAMBERS, (see photo) b. 11 Dec 1842, Unmarried; d. 23 Jan 1915.

ii. JULIAETTE CHAMBERS, b. 01 Sep 1844; d. 25 Jun 1873; m. (1) JOHN BROWN; m. (2) JOHN BROWN.

iii. CELESTIANN CHAMBERS, b. 29 Apr 1846; d. 1917, Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem; m. STILLMAN BROWN; b. 1842; d. 1890, Alpine, Kent, MI -Pine Grove.

iv. GEORGE W. CHAMBERS, (see photo) b. 23 Oct 1848, d. 05 Dec 1917, Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.

3. v. ELMER A. CHAMBERS, b. 19 May 1850; d. 27 Jul 1916, Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.

vi. WILLIAM E. CHAMBERS,(see photo) b. 24 Mar 1853; d. 12 Mar 1933, Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem; m. CARRIE PARKHURST, 14 Jun 1893, No children; d. Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.

vii. EDWINNA CHAMBERS, b. 05 Jun 1857; d. 25 Feb 1929; m. GEORGE SNYDER.

Photo of Elihu and Lydia (Chase) Chambers Farm

Generation No. 3

3. ELMER A.3 CHAMBERS (ELIHU T.2, JAMES1) was born 19 May 1850, and died 27 Jul 1916 in Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem. He married MARY D. KELLOGG 25 Dec 1874 in Kent Co., Michigan, daughter of JASON KELLOGG and SARAH SMITH. She was born 07 Dec 1853, and died 09 Apr 1880 in Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.

Notes for MARY D. KELLOGG:

Mary was a teacher in Plainfield Township before her marriage.


i. CLAUDE LLEWELLYN4 CHAMBERS, b. 08 Sep 1876; d. 10 Jul 1941, California.

4. ii. ETHEL MAE CHAMBERS, b. 19 Jul 1879, Hartland; d. 03 Apr 1963, Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.


Two photos of Claude Chambers who became a lawyer.  He moved to San Diego, California in 1906 and served as a city justice. In the 1930's he presided and ruled over one of the nations first successful desegregation of schools cases in the 1930's - the Lemon Grove Incident - involving a school boards attempt to send Mexican children to a separate school.
(Journal of San Diego History, Spring 1986, V. 32:2)

Generation No. 4

4. ETHEL MAE4 CHAMBERS (ELMER A.3, ELIHU T.2, JAMES1) was born 19 Jul 1879 in Hartland, and died 03 Apr 1963 in Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem. She married FRANK J. CAMPBELL, son of JOHN CAMPBELL and MARY STEFFENS. He was born 24 Jul 1874 in 4th of eleven children, and died 16 Oct 1943 in Alpine, Kent, MI - Pine Grove Cem.


i. CHESTER F.5 CAMPBELL, b. 02 Aug 1905; d. 14 Dec 1993.












Elihu and Lydia (Chase) Chambers Farm
Which in 1876 was located on the NE 1/2 of NE 1/4 of Section 16
This was on the southwest corner of Walker Avenue and 8 Mile Road.


                    Grandma Lydia Chambers                                   Grandpa Chambers


       Sons of Elihu and Lydia Chambers: Hiram J., George W. and William E. Chambers

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