Johnson Furniture Company

(From an article in the Grandville Avenue Record, July 11, 1913, Pg. 4)

New Plant of Johnson Furniture Company

    This splendid new factory as here shown is an addition of merit to this district.  The building is absolutely one of the finest furniture factories in the city.  Located as it is on the corner of Hall Street and Godfrey Avenue, presents a very imposing frontage to the visitor as they view it from the hill top at the east.  It is a factory built in a class by itself; the one feature being the interior mill construction.  In preparing the plans special care was taken to eliminate the obnoxious vibrations which is too often prevalent in every factory.  It is not important that we go into minute detail on this point.  The Company has a floor space fo 218 x 62 1/2 square feet on each floor, and there is five stories to the factory.  Then there is the yards, the dry kiln and sheds covering three and one-half acres; plenty of railroad facilities are afforded.  Passing inside you observe that they have spacious show rooms and are unique in the arrangement.  Covering the entire second floor and tempered by the cool breeze from the west they are certainly inviting.  Concealed lights installed by the Grand Rapids Muskegon Power Co., in the show room is a specific example harmonizing with the modernism of the entire plant.  The office is to be finished in white enamel and mahogany desks.

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