J. C. Reice
Pg. 314,  Fisher's 1918 History

The finding of a groove in life in which one's heart and mind are emphatically enlisted assures success to nine out of ten toilers of earth. The farm is the largest and most beneficent camping ground for the survey of life's possibilities, for here the farmer is too busy to dream other than with eyes wide open and senses alert, while health is being endangered by muscular action, regular hours and wholesome diet. It has been among these fortunate and congenial surroundings that the career of J. C. Reice has been passed, and it has been his fortune to have accumulated a handsome competence and to have gained a substantial position among his fellows. Mr. Reice was born on an Ohio farm, Jan. 1, 1862, son of Jacob Reice. His father was an agriculturist, and when not attending the public school the youth was called upon to assist the elder man in the numerous duties incidental to the farmer of the Middle West during that period. At the time of attaining his majority he decided up!
on an independent career, and eventually came to Solon Township, Kent County, where he has since remained in the enjoyment of a constantly increasing prosperity. His home farm is a valuable property and in its appointments, improvement and fertility reflects credit upon its owner. Mr. Reice is a man affable by nature, and has gained and held many friendships in his community. In the time he has lived here his strict probity in business transactions has given him an excellent reputation, and his public spirit makes him known as a useful and valuable citizen. On a number of occasions his friends have endeavored to secure his permission to place his name on the ticket as a candidate for one or other township office, but he has always refused, having preferred to pass his life as a private citizen. Politically he is a strong adherent of Republican principles.

From Fisher's 1918 History - Biographies
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Created: 9 April 2002

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