Grand Rapids Societies


Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1869

Kent Scientific Institute, 1865

Public Library, 1872

St. Markís Home, 1872

Old Residentsí Association, 1858

Medical and Surgical Society, 1864

Kent Sportsmanís Club, 11875

Ladiesí Literary Society, 1873

West Side Ladiesí Literary Society, 1875


Grand Rapids Lodge, No. 34; instituted March 19th, 1840

Valley City Lodge, No. 86, 1856

Humboldt Lodge, No. 276, 1869

Grand Rapids Chapter, No. 7; chartered 1851

Tyre Council, R. & S. Masters, No. 10, 1876

Masonic Mutual Benefit Association, 1875

Knights Templar, De Molai Commandery, 1856

A.A. Scottish Rite, Moriah Lodge of Perfection, 1869

Cyrus Council of Princes, 1869


The Pioneer Lodge was Irving Lodge, No. 11, of Michigan, chartered in 1846. It had an active existence for a number of years, when, owing to some unpleasant feeling, indifference to the lodge succeeded, and it ceased to be an acting body. In 1858, it was, under fairer auspices, re-organized as "Grand Rapids Lodge," and continues to be a live institution. Its present membership in 102.

Enterprise Lodge, No. 212, Organized 1873. Membership, 70

Walballa Lodge (German), No. 249. Members, 40. Organized, 1870

West Side Lodge, No. 250. Organized, 1875. Members, 60.

Grand Rapids Encampment

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