The Second Battery organized in this State, was raised at Grand Rapids, in connection with the Second Cavalry. It left the State on the 17th of December, 1861, clothed and mounted, but without guns. The battery was at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, April 6, and was cut off from its six pieces, and sixty officers and men taken prisoners. The remaining section has since been connected with a Missouri battery but the company has recently recruited with good success, and has been ordered into the field again. In Western Tennessee, where it will soon have, if it has not already been supplied with, a new battery of guns. Its officers are:

Name Rank Date

William H. Ross Captain January 26, 1862
Albert F. Arndt 1st Lieut. January 26, 1862
Cuthbert W. Laing 1st Lieut. July 4, 1862
Edward B. Wright 2d Lieut. August 28, 1862
Bronson C. Meddaugh 2d Lieut. August 28, 1862






This battery, raised in connection with the Third Cavalry, left its rendezvous at Grand Rapids, December 17th, 1861. It was engaged in the siege of Corinth, May, 1862, in the battles at Iuka, September 17th and 19th, and aided in the repulse of the enemy at Corinth, October 14. It has lost by deaths from disease, thirteen; death from wounds, one; discharges, fifteen; desertions, four; missing in action, three. Its forces on the 30th of November, was 108. It is now in West Tennessee, and its officers are:

Name Rank Date

George Robinson Captain November 20, 1862
Carl A. Lamberg 1st Lieut. July 15, 1862
William H. Sinclair 1st Lieut. July 15, 1862
-------- ------------ 2d Lieut.
---------- ----------- 2d Lieut.




Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. April 6, 1862
Siege of Corinth, Miss. May 10, to 31, 1862
Corinth, Miss. October 3,4, 1862
Resaca, Ga. May 9, 1864
Layís Ferry, Ga. May 14, 1864
Calhoun Ferry, Ga. May 15, 1864
Rome X Roads, Ga. May 16, 1864
Cave Springs, Ga. Oct. 13, 1864
Turkey Ridge, Ala. Oct. 26, 1864
Griswold, Ga. Nov. 22, 1864
Ogeechee River, Ga. Dec. 8, 1864
Savannah, Ga. Dec. 11 to 20, 1861
Salkehatchie River, S.C. Feb. 6, 1865
Columbia, S.C. Feb. 15, 1865
Coxís Bridge, N.C. Mar. 20, 1865
Bentonville, N.C. Mar. 21, 22, 1865

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