Some Early Physicians

The first physician to settle here permanently was Dr. Stephen A. Wilson, who arrived in August, 1835. In 1837 he formed a partnership with Dr. Charles Shepard, which lasted until Dr. Wilson died in 1839. Dr. Shepard came October 20, 1835, only two months after Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Gravelle, a French physician, came in the spring of 1836, but remained only until the fall of that year.

Dr. Jason Winslow came from Gull Prairie in the spring of 1837. He died March 15, 1843.

Dr. F. J. Higginson, the fifth medical practitioner of the village, arrived in 1839, but remained only two years.

Other early physicians and the dates of their coming were: Alonzo Platt in 1842; Philander H. Bowman in 1846; Charles L. Henderson in 1847; Wenzel Blumrich in 1848; Alfred Garlock in 1849; C. J. Fearing in 1851; Oscar H. Chipman in 1852; Sterling W. Allen in 1852 and D. W. Bliss in 1854.


Transcriber: Ronnie Aungst
 Created: 14 December 1999