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Industrial Statistics for 1923

Statistics of all industries in Grand Rapids as of 1923 are the latest available. Since 1923 Grand Rapids has developed faster than ever before, so the reader may add liberally to all the figures given in the following compilation, which shows the number of establishments, average number of wage earners, wages and value of products for 1923. However, only establishments with an output valued at more than $5,000 a year are included. The statistics have been compiled by the bureau of census of the federal department of commerce.

Furniture industry, including show cases--Establishments-72; wage earners-11,055; wages-$15,859,300; product-$52,855,936.

Bread and other bakery products--Establishments-49; wage earners-519; wages-$545,382; output-$3,657,812.

Foundry and machine shop--Establishments-34; wage earners-998; wages-$1,442,017; output-$4,443,814.

Hardware--Establishments-11; wage earners-1,220; wages-$1,470,671; output-$4,725,357.

Motor vehicle bodies and parts--Establishments-13; wage earners-1,421; wages-$2,430,833; output-$8,707,136.

Printing and publishing newspapers and periodicals-Establishments-16; wage earners-400; wages-$564,856; output-$3,653,427.

Printing and publishing book and job--Establishments-38, wage earners-428; wages-$611,122; output-$1,936,043.

Tobacco, cigars and cigarets--Establishments-15; wage earners-686; wages-$577,291; output-$2,656,810.

Lumber, planing mill products, not made in planing mills connected with sawmills--Establishments-8; wage earners-602; wages-$729,339; output-$3,681,071.

Flour mill and grain mill products--Establishments-4; wage earners-46; wages-$59,695; output-$1,281,334.

Copper, tin and sheet iron work--Establishments-7; wage earners-71; wages-$121,615; output-$461,889.

Wood, turned and carved--Establishments-11; wage earners-196; wages-$279,863; output-$748,466.

Coffins, burial cases and undertakers' goods--Establishments-5; wage earners-73; wages-$84,910; output-$553,025.

Mens' furnishing goods, not elsewhere classified--Establishments-3; wage earners-136; wages-$70,595; output-$509,926.

Shirts--Establishments-4; wage earners-30; wages-$29,501; output-$211,495.

Total number of establishments-473; wage earners-24,033; wages-$32,669,175; value of product-$130,277,997.

Except in the last-named classification, the industries with an annual output of less than $500,000 in 1923 have not been listed.


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