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D. A. Blodgett Home for Children

Recognizing the growing needs of shelter and some care for homeless and nameless children, Mrs. M. J. Clark in 1887 founded the Children's Home society. A few women comprised the faithful group that carried on until 1892, when Delos A. Blodgett purchased and presented to the organization the Isaac M. Clark property on Cherry street, near Hollister avenue. Mr. Blodgett, realizing the increasing importance of the work, fifteen years later built and presented to the society the imposing structure which now stands. The name of the society was then changed to the D. A. Blodgett Home for Children association. Reorganization created officers as follows: President, Mrs. Delos A. Blodgett; vice-presidents, Mrs. M. R. Bissell and Mrs. H. D. Jewell; secretary, Mrs. Collins H. Johnston; treasurer, Mrs. Clay H. Hollister. The next year Mrs. John W. Blodgett became head of the directorate and has continued to the present.

The Blodgett Home for Children is one of the best endowed institutions in Grand Rapids and cares for normal dependent children under 12 years of age, nameless, homeless; wards of the juvenile court, sick babies entered in the hospital department, and children of parents temporarily disabled and without means. The home is financed in three ways: Interest from endowment funds, money paid by parents having children in the institution and public subscriptions. In 1921 a camp site was purchased on Lake Michigan to make possible healthful summers for children. The daily summer average was 68 and rapid gains in health and weight were noted.

At present there are 90 children under care, 38 in the home and 52 in boarding homes. A staff of physicians and technicians is in attendance, and 25 staff and affiliated nurses are employed.


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