Index of African-Americans 
Listed in Local and Michigan Newspapers
That are Found at the Grand Rapids Public Library

    The information was abstracted from the local Grand Rapids Newspapers and other Michigan newspapers by Professor Carl Bajema.  The information was placed in 9 three-ring binders and placed in the Local History Department of the Grand Rapids Public Library - Main Branch.  These records cover a time period from 1830 - 1935.

    A index was made by Evelyn Sawyer.  This index is on our site with a brief description of the article.  To find out exactly what the article contains you will need to contact the Grand Rapids Public Library.

A-B,  Ca-CoCr-CuD,  E-F,  G,  H-I,  J-K-LM,
N-O,  P,  Q-RS,  T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Newspaper Sources

   The following are the headings:

Main Entry = This is the column that is alphabetized.  The information under this heading includes categories, locations, personal names and organization names.  The categories are: Advertisement, Black, Civil War, Crime, Education, Emancipation, Entertainment, Event, Incident, Military, Miscellaneous, Organization, Political, Race Problem, Railroad, Religion, Slavery, Sports, Underground Railroad and Women.

Ethnic =  AA = African-American,  IN = Indian,  CH = Chinese,  JP = Japanese
Name =  y = name,  n = no name
Title = A short discription of what the article contains
Source = The code for the newspaper in which the article was located
News Date = The date the article was found in the newspaper
Date = The month and day the article was found.
Year = The year the article was found.
Volume = The volume in which the article is located in the 3-ring binders at the Grand Rapids Public
Page = The page on which the article is located in the 3-ring binders at the Grand Rapids Public Library

Created: 21 June 2003