Index to Kent County Death Records, 1850 - 1940


      Ba-Bl    Bo-Bz            D       E       F          H

    J                  Ma     Mc     Me-Mi     Mo-My       N       O      
Pa-Pl     Po-Q     R       Sa-Se     Sh-Sr     St-Sz       T      U       V      
Wa-We    Wh-Wi    Wo-Wy       Y - Z

NOTE: These records have to be seen at the Kent County Clerk's Office.
They cannot be photocopied but would have to be hand copied.  From some reason there were two copies kept of the death records from 1867-1940 by two different governmental groups.  After 1940 they were handled by the county clerk's office.  I have not seen the records but only the index to it.

Created: 25 January 2008

County Coordinator: Evelyn Sawyer -