Kent County Clerk's Office

Births: 1867 to present.  Anyone may obtain a birth record more than 110 years old.  If the desired record is less than 110 years old, a death certificate must be provided along with proof of relationship to the deceased.  Birth indexes are not open to the public.  Staff will assist in birth record searches as time permits.

Birth Records must be 110 years old, you must prove direct relationship or get a court order
Marriage and Death Records: You may look at records over 75 years old.  Otherwise the clerk will have to read the information to you from a particular record.

Deaths: 1867 to present.  Statewide death records 1867-1882 - link to GENDIS (Genealogical Death Indexing System).

Marriages: 1845 to present

Divorces: Call or contact the Kent County Circuit Court Clerk's office for information: 180 Ottawa Ave. NW, Ste. 2400, Grand Rapids, MI 49503;  Ph# (616) 632-5480

Adoptions: Adopted persons searching for their original birth record should contact the Adoption Central Registry, P.O. Box 30037, Lansing, MI 48909

Naturalization/Citizenship Records: The State Archives of Michigan has the naturalization/citizenship records for Kent County for 1860-1929.

Transcriber: Evelyn M. Sawyer
Created: 14 April 2003

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