Solon Center Wesleyan Church


Solon Center Wesleyan Methodist Church

Placing the Bell on the Church

Rev. Frederick Welcome Teachout, First Pastor of the Church

Solon Center Wesleyan Methodist Church
(later known as Solon Center Wesleyan Church)

The church was established in 1883 with the Rev. Edwin Potter as the first minister to serve the congregation.. 
The above building was erected in 1902 on Algoma Avenue, just north of 19 Mile Road. 
At that time the community was known as Velzy.  Later, there was a name change to Solon Center.
The Rev. Frederick W. Teachout came in 1901.

This building was torn down and replaced by a new brick building in 2002. 

Contributed by: Kathy Mabie
Created: 19 February 2008