History and Charter Members, 1849  

First Congregational Church was organized in Cascade, September 24, 1849, under the name of Cascade. The original members were:

Sherman S. Bailey John A. Barker

Christian Denison Delia G. Bailey

Hezekiah Howell Margaret Howell

Caroline Barker Charles Coger

Rev. T. Jones, of Grand Rapids, Chairman of Council, and Rev. H. Roote, of

Grandville, Scribe, presided at the organizational meeting. In April, 1860, the church voted to be known thereafter as the "First Congregational Church of Ada," the place of worship having changed to this place.

Early Pastors were:

Rev. R. J. Hess 1849-Aug.,1859

Rev. James Ballard 1869-1863

Rev. Nathaniel H. Evarts Oct.,1863-1866

Rev. Danforth L. Eaton Jan., 1, 1867-

Rev. Edwin Booth 1870-

Rev. Jesse A. S. Worden Oct., 1, 1876-

Rev. Austin H. Norris May 28, 1880-

Early Deacons were:

S. J. Bailey Sept. 24, 1849-

Jesse A. Barker Sept. 24, 1849-

Abraham Heaton June 25, 1854-

John Foster July 8, 1865-

John Foster Mar. 27, 1870-

Stephen H. LaBarge July 6, 1872-

W. G. Schenck July 6, 1872-

The church services were held in what is now the village of Cascade. The population of the township increased until there were enough people to organize in the township of Ada. More of the congregation lived in Ada, so the church was moved to the new Ada village.

The church voted to build a house of worship September 26, 1870. The house was dedicated January 10, 1872. Rev. J. Morgan Smith, of Grand Rapids, preached the sermon; $500 was raised on the day of dedication and the house was called The Booth Congregational House of Ada. The house is 32 x 50;modern English style, brick on stone foundation, with stained glass windows.

Present officers (1880) comprise A. H. Norris, Pastor; Stephen H. LaBarge and

William G. Schenck, Deacons.

The church met and adopted the Article of Association for the formation of alegally incorporated society November 8, 1870. The first Board of Trustees was comprised of:

H. Howell Mrs. E. Bradfield

William G. Schenck

The present Board of Trustees is composed of Anderson Wride, George Crowe and

Mrs. S. H. Livingstone. The present membership is 54. The number attending

Sunday-school is 80, under Deacon Stephen H. LaBarge as Superintendent.

Created: 13 July 2005